WeTrust - Donate in Crypto? 77 Percent Say Yes.How generous are crypto holders? According to a new survey, very.

The results of a Pollfish survey of 1000 crypto holders found that 77 percent are interested in making a donation in cryptocurrency.

There were three results from the survey that really stood out to us.

77% Want to Donate in Cryptocurrency

The most striking result of the Pollfish survey was that a vast majority of crypto holders want to donate cryptocurrency — 77 percent. That’s more than three-quarters of those surveyed.

One of the reasons we started WeTrust Spring is because we thought there were crypto holders out there who would want to donate cryptocurrency. We asked our friends and other crypto companies if they agreed with us, but this unbiased survey seems to prove it.

24% Are More Likely to Donate in Crypto

The survey found that 24 percent of people would be more likely to donate to a charity if they were able to do so in cryptocurrency.

This is the reason we started WeTrust Spring. There are crypto holders out there who are not only interested in donating their cryptocurrency, but they’re more likely to donate at all if they can do so in cryptocurrency.

If charities aren’t accepting cryptocurrency donations, they’re missing out on a population of people who want to donate, but can’t donate how they want to. WeTrust Spring makes it easy for nonprofits to begin accepting cryptocurrency donations and taking advantage of those donors who only want to donate in cryptocurrency.

Donate to Charity or Buy a CryptoKitty?

Cryptocurrency is a new and changing field. As new technology is developed, the market is shifting to understand what cryptocurrency can do and what’s important to those participating. One such thing to come out of the new technology is a CryptoKitty. A CryptoKitty is part of a blockchain-based game, where players can purchase, collect, breed, and sell various virtual cats. Each cat has a unique signature, making some inherently more valuable than others.

Respondents to the Pollfish survey showed a stronger interest in donating cryptocurrency to charity than purchasing a CryptoKitty. 79 percent are interested in donating to charity while only 71 percent are interested in buying a CryptoKitty.

Other findings from the survey include:

55 percent of respondents believe that crypto holders are more generous than the general population.90.5 percent of those surveyed reported that they had made a donation to a charitable cause in the past.63 percent of respondents have made a charitable donation in the last 12 months.62 percent of respondents believe that charities and nonprofits should embrace cryptocurrency as a new source of funding (in comparison to those who said charities are doing fine without cryptocurrency donations.)63 percent of those who responded to the survey said they would like to donate more money to charities

If you’re not yet familiar with our new platform, WeTrust Spring is a platform that allows nonprofits to raise funds in cryptocurrency. On Giving Tuesday, we did a donation-matching campaign for anyone who donated Ethereum to one of our nonprofit partners.

The Pollfish poll was sponsored by WeTrust. Pollfish applies machine learning and programmatic delivery to survey its network of over 550 million people. Their network can be specifically targeted across their 140,000 vetted partner apps, giving the results unprecedented accuracy.

If you’d like to know more about our donation-matching campaign or WeTrust Spring, you can go to https://spring.wetrust.io/.