Expanding WeTrust Spring Announcing the addition of 10 new organizations to the Spring directory

On WeTrust Spring, we have begun compiling a master list of all open source and community-driven organizations that accept Ethereum for funding. Over the course of the next two weeks we will be posting the following additional organizations to spring.wetrust.io:

Prysmatic LabsChainSafeCoinCenterRadicalXChangeWorld Privacy ForumBlenderTailsDemocracy EarthDevelop AfricaInternet Archive

Coinciding with the imminent release of a groundbreaking evolution of Spring, called Challenges, the first two organizations (Prysmatic and Chainsafe) are teams focused on Ethereum 2.0 development. With their efforts toward scaling Ethereum, WeTrust’s mission to build innovative crowdfunding mechanisms atop Ethereum will be much more attainable.

Beyond Ethereum 2.0 development, the new batches of organizations added to Spring span the gamut of interests. Coin Center, for example, works to craft thoughtful policy on, and to educate Congress on the difficulties and promises of blockchain technology. Blender on the other hand, is a popular free and open source 3D graphics creator.

Into the realm of internet privacy, World Privacy Forum and Tails are organizations working diligently to fight for this cause. Protecting our digital identities and right to privacy has become more important than ever today. Whether by monitoring and protecting against data breaches, or keeping your cryptocurrency wallet safe, these organizations are making notable efforts toward protecting the human right to privacy:

Beyond privacy, each of these new organizations are fighting for a great variety causes, and we are proud to bring attention to their work in any way possible. For example RadicalXChange, which is a community of activists, artists, economists and academics seeking to craft new free market mechanisms to heal the political polarization of the world today. Influenced by the work of Glen Weyl, WeTrust has successfully experimented with a RadicalXChange-style mechanism called Liberal Radicalism, to drive donations to great causes in 2018. WeTrust is proud to highlight their mission.

Speaking of novel mechanisms to bridge political divides, Democracy Earth is another great technology nonprofit with the mission of building blockchain-based voting applications. Paired with Develop Africa’s robust work toward empowering African communities with IT education, solar power, mosquito nets, and school supplies, and Internet Archive’s efforts to protect and archive all of the world’s most vital information, WeTrust Spring is unveiling a true powerhouse of an expansion.

Check in soon as we release this batch of additions to the Spring directory, and while we prepare for the imminent release of Challenges. In the future of money, we believe that WeTrust can become the eminent list, or directory, of public cryptocurrency addresses. While bold, this can potentially become an important mission for the ecosystem.