How To Participate Substratum Network ICO Sale ICO Details:

3,000 SUB = 1 ETH

+ referral & level bonuses

3,000 SUB = 1 ETH

3,000 SUB = 0.08 BTC

3,000 SUB = 1500 XRP

3,000 SUB = 6 LTC

3,000 SUB = 0.5 BCH

Reaches Exchanges September 2017

Important Note Minimum of 0.1 ETH, 0.01 BTC, 150 XRP,  0.6 LTC, or 0.2 BCH to joinMake sure you complete the form at the BOTTOM of this page to complete the process of joining Substratum. Participating in the ICO Do not send funds directly from your cryptocurrency exchange account or you will lose your tokens. You need to have a full Ethereum wallet, not a trading account.If you do not have local Ethereum wallet software like Mist or Parity on your computer, you can use a free web wallet https://myetherwallet.comsee our guide – How to Create a Secure Address in MyEtherWallet). These instructions show you how to participate to the sale using MyEtherWallet, but you can apply the instructions for any personal Ethereum wallet.We do not recommend using Jaxx until they add full ERC20 support.Complete the form at the bottom of this page with your transaction ID and Ethereum Address where you wish to receive your coin How to Join the Network

Using Ethereum 

Amount to Send: Minimum 0.1 ETH ETH

 Address: 0xAF518d65F84E4695A4DA0450eC02C1248F56B668 

Gas Limit: 200000

Using BitCoinAmount to Send: Minimum 0.01 BTC
BTC Address: 1BpouN3sJJZtRpWJM56ZdStp1USvvpmbD4

Using Ripple (XRP)

Amount to Send: Minimum 150 XRP
XRP Address: rPM1aiRCTqUTj8ibZMqBuvvuPm1mWqBHaA

Using LiteCoin (LTC)

Amount to Send: Minimum 0.6 LTC
LTC Address: LVtZehjm5mCd5SWKzSBYZ1tGUNVPq719ZQ

Using BitCoinCash (BCH)

Amount to Send: Minimum 0.2 BCH
BCH Address: 1KhDawtid3v9kdLLVybPQTWTs5FxfXDrMs

Contribution Form