WeTrust Community Update - WeTrust out and about , More positions open

Greetings WeTrust fam, it’s time for another Community Update. We’ve made some great progress on the Trusted Lending Circle app, and the Alpha build is now complete! At this point, the product supports all 3 ROSCA formats: Random Flow, Predetermined Flow, and the Bidding Flow. Our work this week has focused on restructuring the way new participants are invited to join a Trusted Lending Circle, a very important part of the process that we want to make sure we get right. At the same time, the team is hard at work testing the Alpha build. We finished our third Team Testing session this week, and are finding and resolving many bugs.

WeTrust out and about

Recently, Mivsam attended the 10th anniversary gala of our non-profit partner, Qualitas of Life in New York and made some exciting progress on our partnership. She met many people, ranging from business people to Federal reserve officers, all following and interested in the blockchain movement and eager to see where WeTrust’s product could be used to benefit immigrants to the US. These efforts with Qualitas are just the start of our ramped up promotional plans as we refine and execute our go-to market strategy, follow our blog to find out what we do next!

In addition, Leon and Damo attended the Crypto-Consciousness Conference in San Francisco. It was a great chance to network with some like-minded people who believe in the power of blockchain, and Damo took the opportunity to meet in person with the rest of the team. Take a look at Damo with the robot Sophia, who made an appearance at the conference!

More positions open

Finally, as our product moves ever closer to a beta launch, we are hiring more people to help us usher our Trusted Lending Circles into the communities they can benefit. To that end, we are hiring a Director of Operations and a Business Operations Strategist, please send any referrals for these positions to [email protected]. At this point, between our teams in the Bay Area and in Vietnam, we have filled our needs for new developers, but we’re always on the lookout for talented techies who want to join our team also, please send referrals our way! As always, we truly appreciate any referrals we get from our wonderful community.

Yours in Financial Inclusion,

The WeTrust Team