WeTrust on Tour: Upcoming Events

As WeTrust launches Spring, a brand new platform for charitable donation, we are hitting the road to spread the word. It’s an honor to be able to meet our supporters in person and to be able to coordinate with industry leaders in the space. Therefore, we are listing all of the upcoming events we will be attending.

Upcoming Events:

EthAtlanta, Atlanta (September 21–23)

Blockchain for Social Impact, San Francisco (October 4)

San Francisco Blockchain Week (October 5–12)

BlockCon, Los Angeles (October 10–11)

Financial Inclusion Week, SF Bay Area (October 29-Nov 4)

Ethereum DevCon, Czech Republic (October 30-Nov 2)

Crypto Economic Security Conference, SF (October 10–11)

Empire Fintech, SF Bay Area (November 12–16)

The WeTrust team will have a presence at cryptocurrency events far and wide as we gear up for the Spring launch. If you will be attending any of these events, please reach out! We look forward to meeting you, and to showing Spring to the world. Hope to see you there.