The Platform is intended to allow video game publishers to maintain their own in-game credits
on the NEM blockchain. This is made possible upon after the video game publisher downloads
the Xarcade SDK from the platform and integrate it.
The Platform enables users to exchange, purchase and transfer the in-game credits, which

would be accessible from:
(a) The desktop;
(b) Mobile devices;
(c) An in-game browser window.

The Platform facilitates the buying of in-game credits and in-game products with XAR, enabling
users to purchase “outside” of the game.
The Platform supports game publishers to create an ecosystem of spending and earning by
paying through a two-way exchange ability model, and circumvents the requirement of in-app
purchases for game points, so that game publishers do not need to rely on payment solutions
such as Google/Apple in-app payment solutions.
XAR can be used to buy XEM, however XEM can only be exchanged through the use of XAR,
which is effectively the “gateway token,” for all users on the Platform.
XAR can also be purchased on designated exchanges or purchased directly from the Platform.
Users must purchase XAR for in-game purchases. Accumulated in-game tokens can be
exchanged for XAR.
Platform users may use the NEM universal e-wallet and the SDKs will automatically detect the
e-wallet once it is in tegrated into a publisher’s game.