Bitshares (BTS) Release GUI v2.0.170410

  • New features

    • Allow the mini depth chart to be hidden by the user
    • Refactor the MyMarkets component, 'show star only' and revamped search
    • Display up to 20 rows of the orderbook by default instead of 10
    • Add Trade and Borrow links to the default assets in AccountOverview

    Bug fixes

    • Fix an issue with blocktrades deposit addresses being set incorrectly
    • Change positioning of some tooltips
    • Fix password score checker freezing on very long passwords
    • Hide 'something for nothing order history items
    • Update bitsharesjs to fix proposals array undefined error
    • Fix 'Cannot use 'in' operator to search for 'translate'' error in api dropdown
    • Fix order rounding when modifying the 'Total' after clicking an order from the orderbook
    • Improve first-time brainkey lookup to check at least 10 positions
    • Log pub keys when creating a new account
    • Fix some Account permissions css issues and add some loggin
    • Also check if generated active key matches owner key and vice versa
    • Fix account create with faucet not rejecting errors properly
    • Fix password strength meter turning red for long passwords
    • Fix gateway actions in progress return

    Binary checksums

    bitshares-light_2.0.170410_amd64.deb sha256: 75d3c17fdd611c5ed60a70a7ff3145099f37e9d6adcfaed95c987d0db4976000

    BitShares-light_2.0.170410.exe sha256: 5424a1c1cf4539ad41a0f5cfa39f5635a2818d3feedbf4faa9e72666ecba32ea

    Compiled html/javascript sha256: 48482a57a8cf92016a1ed230fa2b2b13773f71b6fdef1acc49b945df92024434 Uses browser history, requires nginx/apache server with special configuration for HTML5 history API. sha256: 93e0ba08a192469afa192167f287f03c6c862ae3456b15519522b47542726326 Uses hash history (#/ in the URL), requires no special configuration.


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