Nubits (NBT) Release Nu client 5.0.1

  • A wallet containing B&C Exchange shareholder NSR under my control has been compromised. The exact method of compromise is not known, though it is suspected the attack vector was a email account used to register the VPS upon which the encrypted wallet was being used. Sigaint is a Tor based email service that suddenly disappeared recently. While my sigaint credentials were not compromised, it is possible that either the sigaint administrator or a hacker who had compromised the sigaint operation has used their privileged access.

    The release blocks transactions from the compromised wallet addresses and the addresses compromised funds were directly sent to, all of which have been confirmed not to be exchange addresses through correspondence with our exchanges.

    Here is a list of restricted addresses:

    SYrndApJNq5JrXGu83NQuzb3PHQoaeEwx8 SRcyHX5JE1tprmtUNswHFsgWqwciwkqigk SeTPb7fj6PLn2E4aMa5TbR83Pw6MSs37fM SQGuknAk53MpBMy9fuX632Kqi8FWoNMQ2v SXQcdc5THvdUAdfmK4NEYQpvqANwz4iBHg ShGVUEJpyZBTgK6V5ZzBorv899R1LP7pqm SNdbH9sUJ8z33iE8oNBCwCLfwP9tafyZh3 SUgGG6PYXeoXtrUU85rViuWbxsVczwQX7i SMv2C8x41mtkZvv5wNejdqSsBQPPTfPEDj Sb84GHDPxy1dzE4VttDTrLwYLzLw4hEDUV SQTHenWRCF7tZQb5RQAbf3pVYN3Jq5RET4

    SfhbL4Hmkvh8t79wkFEotnGqf64GvvB7HV SY3mR9hhtN6V4JVG8nf466SMr6Vx2asDSp SVZ9C4D78Xmca7S4edFoghJB6znVcjBf9s ST2FF2LybChMcpj5dywaLTG2P4pezvspiJ SV3ZNwQ9CCDaHFb3BjwviUZzq1sDDycDtH SMgrPVqXaVfcrFgMFesJZT37b4VBohWxqr Se3FvyRoshq6zjGbiWLYYAKAJnP3kH4Xvj SeSuCVYzdPT1Biw9cfuK4mHYGTeihqY7Cq SUGfxGPyCgaNg3FjXjcpMwtco1CTNbRSwG SUGCjFktPEdXBquPJdSemuxZFy4AxvbXH4 Sg6aYkT7MP2R6FttKoKAPXqtTw1CHEzkZN SNQ4BWMpiumVtTEmrW4xAYfbJFhxdHZBxz STWUi4iSgpAwJrycwrurn1j7DTS18w7ZDN Sg6aYkT7MP2R6FttKoKAPXqtTw1CHEzkZN SNQ4BWMpiumVtTEmrW4xAYfbJFhxdHZBxz STWUi4iSgpAwJrycwrurn1j7DTS18w7ZDN SickUboc7GTJK7TxF7vfYnunFLk81NLr9p SeDCHvv8VQx1dsZFBJRJEmcjTTEvKU1QxH Sf8xcBTzjxHV7518BE3xuQqHTzTr9BKTfr SNbMQJnVDymEvE2vpyHfqdKzedjekXsGQi ScDYXcJc4TShVLcKBmgRq9rz6ZvqfLrAkv Sh5okqoxnFoiCVAJEdzfxzHqSyunriVPmp SNf4uyshit1fj8dWKVxHsKTgTrNR61RskY SSajkovCPXwdw46nyJ7vpTDkwtRZJzyY2z

    Here the downloads for Linux and Windows:

    Checksums: dff4e8d07dd56f95dcc4e7927e2e10c050c3775af1a33e5089ab4d1ec42b0c80 4ac99b684dfef46e9f7be7787799d2aea85f724c94b4700c7b77920830314111

    @jooize will be providing an OS X build soon.

    I'm really sorry for this. There were ways I could have protected the wallet better which were on my to do list, specifically creating a new wallet and getting a new VPS, but I just hadn't been able to prioritize them yet. I didn't expect this to occur.

    In the coming hours we will be looking closer at the public record of what happened and report additional info about losses.

    Nu 5.0.1 for macOS

    shasum -a 256 Nu-5.0.1.dmg
    48de80c5fed8891bc694eada0a40d26460146249ff4b12275b4ed8ef3d307092  Nu-5.0.1.dmg

    Edit: Hadn't fetched the latest commits in previous build.

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