Emercoin [EMC] Details + Merged Mining Press Release

  • Introducing Emercoin...

    Distributed blockchain services for business and personal use.


    Emercoin (EMC) - Cryptocurrency with hybrid POS + POW mining.

    Total Supply: Algorithmically increasing at approx. 6% per year (see latest stats)

    POS reward: approx. 6% annual with 30 day coin maturity.

    POW Algorithm: SHA-256

    .Block speed: 10 minute average.

    Initial POW block reward: 5020 EMC, decreasing depending on difficulty

    .POW difficulty is recalculated each block

    Confirmations for new block: 32

    Focused mostly on production of coins by POS as POW difficulty will gradually increase. Energy-conservative POS mining algorithm is at the core of EMC.

    Full control and security over your money

    Emercoin is a digital currency that uses the power of blockchain technology to provide the most secure way to send, receive and store money. A blockchain is a distributed database where cryptography is used to ensure that records can not be changed.

    Borderless payments, 24/7 access

    The Emercoin blockchain allows you to store, send and receive money anywhere in the world. When you control your money, you decide when to send it. No one can charge you money, nor can they spend your money when you use Emercoin. International payments now take minutes, not days.

    Low cost solution

    Using Emercoin is extremely affordable. You can securely send any amount of money at any time, anywhere for pennies. The Emercoin blockchain is a safer way to send money than a bank because of the superior technology that gives control back to the owner.

    More than just money

    Emercoin is much more than money, it is information. You can securely store, send and receive ownership and identity information, register censorship-resistant domain names and browse the internet without having to use passwords anymore! These services are available 24/7 on the Emercoin blockchain.

    Own and protect your identity

    When you use Emercoin, you are the sole owner of your money and this means there is no third party who can lose track of your information. No one can steal your identity or impersonate you when using Emercoin, and you can choose how much information you reveal to someone when you send them money or information.

    GUI wallets:


    Linux emercoind daemon:


    Deploy Web Wallet:


    Pool`s: pool.emercoin.com




    Livecoin:https://www.livecoin.net/ :




    Livecoin https://www.livecoin.net/
    Tux Exchange:https://tuxexchange.com/trade?coin=EMC&market=BTC
    OpenLedger :https://bitshares.openledger.info/
    HitBTC :https://hitbtc.com/exchange/EMC-to-BTC

    Emercoin Blockchain Explorer:

    1) https://emercoin.mintr.org/

    Market Capitalization


    Site: emercoin.com

    Press Release
    Emercoin Team Announces Merged Mining


    The Emercoin development team has decided to combine the production of both Bitcoin and Emercoin with a vision to significantly increase the trust and reliability of the Emercoin network. Due to the algorithm used to produce both Bitcoin and Emercoin being a common factor, this is a sound and achievable technical decision.

    The members that comprise the Emercoin team believe merged mining will signal an increase in network difficulty by 500 times or more for the Emercoin blockchain. This increase in network mining power will help to increase the Emercoin network’s credibility, which is a critical asset in today’s cryptocurrency world. In short visibility + activity = legitimacy in the public eye. To this day, visibility has been the primary aspect holding back the adoption of Emercoin by the general public.

    This change will also benefit miners in an economic sense. Currently with the SHA-256 algorithm, if a Bitcoin miner were to “mine” Emercoin or vice versa, the miner would need to divert power away from one blockchain or the other. The addition of merged mining will allow miners to produce both Bitcoin and Emercoin in harmony, without losing the benfit of income from either blockchain.

    The increase in network stability was a major factor in this decision. The most important piece, the growth of the Emercoin blockchain complexity, is also a sign of the growth of trust in Emercoin. As complexity on the blockchain increases, the likelihood and effectiveness of network attacks or deficiencies decreases tremendously.

    The positive effects this change will have are clear. What are the negative effects? The team has confidence that there are virtually none. The fact that the block reward will decrease with a higher complexity/difficulty is a negligible effect, since an enormous increase in difficulty of 10,000 times would only bring about a reward drop of approximately a factor of 10. The Bitcoins a miner will receive will offset any decrease in Emercoin reward per block.

    As stated before, this change is coming about to help bring trust and reliability to name of Emercoin. Where trust exists, further development, innovation, and success will follow.

    Emercoin Public Relations Contact

    Email: [email protected]

    Twitter: @EmerCoin_EMC

    Emercoin Announcement Thread

  • 47-48 week of 2016

    In this information message format the crew of Emercoin development talks about what has been done over the last week.

    1. All the time various Internet resources are blocked here and there around the world. Reasons for that may vary. There are media, social networks, search engines restrictions in some countries. One of the largest porn trackers Pornolab.net announced a new “mirror” in the Emercoin alternate domain name system after Pornolab.net was blocked in Russia. The tracker owners learned about the EMC DNS service and ordered it to provide an additional entry point to their users. The decentralized network of DNS EmerCoin was launched in November 2014. The demand for a service like that has arisen from the fact that in any centralized DNS-based networks all domain records are maintained by network providers, not owners of sites, and the providers can stop resolving the records on their own or by order from authorities. Here is the news: http://forklog.net/pornolab-creates-a-mirror-in-emercoins-decentralized-domain-zone/

    2. The organizers of the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia has just released their long awaited system in English

    3. If you or your friends are system administrators drop them a line as we have something to discuss with them. [email protected]

    4. Waiting for a team of programmers on C++/Qt and python experienced with blockchain technology (Forks Bitcoin) or wanting to master these technologies. We will help, show, teach. Our crew is excellent. Of course, we do not promise BlackJack, but we will pay. Write here: [email protected]

    5. Masha is not available today as she is on vacation.

    Emercoin Public Relations Contact
    Email: [email protected]

  • 49 week of 2016

    In this information message format the crew of Emercoin development talks about what has been done over the last week.

    1.Great week! To begin with, I would say that our friends and partners of the HashCoins at the Emercoin blokcheyn created a solution for the automotive industry. Here is the presentation in English. Cars databases exist in different countries in one or another form. But to make such a base on the blockchain was offered for the first time in the world and this solution has a number of advantages. Read more about this in the presentation or here: https://coinidol.com/emercoin-to-launch-a-blockchain-based-car-register/

    2. And here is an interview with Oleg Khovayko CTO of Emercoin: https://www.riskgroupllc.com/blockchain-based-network-security/

    3. Today Masha is away, she is still on vacation.4. Waiting for a team of programmers on C++/Qt and python experienced with blockchain technology (Forks Bitcoin) or wanting to master these technologies. We will help, show, teach. Our crew is excellent. Of course, we do not promise BlackJack, but we will pay. Write here: [email protected] Public Relations Contact
    Email: [email protected]

  • EmercoinV0.5.2EMC Update:

    1) Merged with bitcoin 0.10.4.

    2) RPC now has unicode support. This will display unicode symbols in name value, but please note: do not use it for binary data.

    3) Name commands now have parameter for binary input/output as a hex or base64 encoded strings.


    Source code (zip)

    Source code (tar.gz)

  • emercoin - Week 50 of 2016

    1. Good afternoon, dear admirers of blokchain and cryptocurrencies! Today we have a kind of a celebration digest. It is a celebration, because last week, on 11 December, beloved by all Emercoin was 3 years old! In fact it is a huge term for the sphere of cryptocurrencies. Within 3 years Emercoin has become not another cryptocurrency, but one of the most advanced blokchain platforms. If you look at coinmarketcap you can see the Emercoin during these 3 years was growing in price, more and more new services were appearing, and the users of Emercoin appeared in many countries around the world. And now we will tell a little about the success of Emercoin 2016. And plans for 2017. By the way, I would like to note that Emercoin has no manager, there is no single decision-making center as such, and everything what is done is done by the enthusiasts. So each of you can take any service or developments of Emercoin and start to do with them anything, for home, business, etc. For example, you live in Iceland and suddenly realize that blokchain Emercoin can solve a task in a very important matter. Actually you can simply start doing this business and make money. Everything is open.
    Well, now about the successes:
    – The most significant – the partnership with Microsoft. The piece of news has produced a stunning effect, including the impact on the coins exchange rate. We have became the partners and the first, and I emphasize, the first to place the blokchain at MS Azure having passed all checks and having received all permissions.
    – The entrance to the Chinese stock exchange BTC38 with the contact with the Chinese community of traders. A number of translations of well-known feature articles into the Chinese language has caused a stir among traders, they were buying coins like hot cakes. For the first time in the history of the project the daily trading volume exceeded one million dollars, while the rate was exceeding 75 cents.
    – The launch of Blockchain Engine (Web-wallet and platform for developers) The development of an assembly for the four most the popular OS Linux, including ARM.– Emercoin has begun implementing its DPO technology in the fight against counterfeiting at the watch factory Rocket: https://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/raketa-watches-trials-blockchain-technology-to-fight-counterfeiting-1467905237 – Emercoin has introduced a product for the secure network administration: http://forklog.net/emercoin-releases-a-blockchain-solution-for-network-administration/
    Here you can find the reviews of the actual use: http://forklog.net/hashcoins-cto-about-corporate-use-of-emercoin-services/Emercoin implementation in the agribusiness: https://coinidol.com/world-first-village-to-adopt-blockchain-in-farming-management/The launch of Emercoin implementation in the UN processes: https://cointelegraph.com/news/united-nations-will-adopt-emercoin-for-its-car-fleet-management-projectThe development by our partners Hashcoins of autoclockchain prototype: http://forklog.net/hashcoins-presents-a-blockchain-solution-for-vehicle-title-certification-system/There were many other different events. The most important thing is the begging of blockchain actual implementation in the real business.
    Plans for 2017.100 years ago, in 1917 in Russia, there was a revolution that changed not only Russia, but also a whole world. I think that the blockchain revolution will happen in 2017 and this revolution will also change the entire world. In 2017 Emercoin will have many new implementations in various sectors of business and public administration. It is not everything we can tell for now, but in 2017 we will be glad to have the new implementations much more often. One of the main objectives is to develop the “packaged” services. Everything is done to ensure that any person, if needed, could take the developments of Emercoin and start to use them. And in the very near future we will please you with the first such solution. This means that you can just take the technology and implement it. Or, for example, can study the technology, adapt it to your market and start making money on the implementation for the users. So, with the help of Emercoin you can also earn simultaneously with solving of problems of other people, companies or states with the help of block chain.2. Today Masha is will not come, she is still on vacation. She sends you greetings.

  • # Week 51 of 2016 ## 1. Good day, friends! Incredibly happy that you (our Digest readers) are becoming more and more, then all we are doing is not in vain. ## Emercoin would like to wish all our users a merry Christmas. Thank you for staying with us, thank you for using our services and telling your friends about them. ## Remember that one of the most important values of Emercoin are users of our technology. We really appreciate everyone. ## 2. By the way, we have the profile in Facebook, so follow us and find out quickly what we have going on https://www.facebook.com/EmercoinOfficial ## 3. Today Masha is not here, she went skiing. But for the Digest seemed completed, we decided to show you an interesting picture: The photo shows the loading of the memory card the size of 5 megabytes in the plane, 1956 year. It will have the whole picture. ![0_1482766618710_emr.jpg](https://i.imgur.com/cQa9E6j.jpg)

  • 2nd WEEK OF 2017

    Launch of a new project and even more…

    Good day to all blockchain fans!

    We hope that you are finally over the New Year holidays and that this will be an easier work week. The main thing to remember is: the more you work, the better the result. We know that for sure. For example, there are those great guys from HashFlare who never take a break. They have developed Authorizer, which will free you from having to keep dozens of passwords in your head. They have also been working on a project which you haven’t heard of yet. But we’re ready to tell you about it now.

    Blockchainizer will be launched very soon. In short, it is the same well-loved blockchain technology, but it has an important advantage — no blockchain wallet. To be honest, we consider this project really promising.

    This week we’ve prepared 10 paragraphs about cryptocurrency for you. You’ll find out how to earn and where to spend cryptocurrency. What types of exchanges exist and how can one start mining? Facts, terms, tips… We’ve tried to cover everything. http://www.blockchainengine.org/whats_crypto-currency_is/

    Have a good week and enjoy every day.

  • ChronoBank announces technical partnership with Emercoin

    time-based cryptocurrency initiative will be working closely with the
    Emercoin team across a number of key areas to bring added value to both

    ChronoBank, a blockchain project designed to disrupt the
    short-term recruitment sector by connecting employers with those
    selling labour, will be partnering with Emercoin — a well-known and
    established cryptocurrency platform — across several elements of shared

    Emercoin offers diverse blockchain services for
    businesses and individuals, providing a wide range of facilities that
    increase transparency, security and reliability. ‘ChronoBank recognises
    the contribution that Emercoin is making to the blockchain
    infrastructure that will in future underpin many varied applications,
    and looks forward to leveraging that knowledge and capability for our
    own business,’ commented Sergei Sergienko, CEO of ChronoBank. Reflecting
    the importance of Emercoin to the ongoing success of the project,
    ChronoBank is now accepting the EMC currency as part of their crowdfund,
    with the intention of holding it on a long-term basis and working
    together to bring greater value to it.

    Areas of collaboration

    will be working with three separate elements of the Emercoin platform,
    each of which brings something new and valuable to the project.
    Additionally, Emercoin will consult with ChronoBank concerning advanced
    financial instruments.

    is a scalable infrastructure
    for passwordless authorisation of web services. Certificates are
    created locally, with the blockchain acting as a decentralised trust
    store for hash sums. This unique approach means that emcSSL is immune to
    system-wide disruption caused by technical failure or malicious attack.
    Neither is it possible for a single authority to interrupt activity for

    emcSSH provides a bridge between OpenSSH and the
    Emercoin blockchain, allowing for secure and decentralised management of
    public key infrastructure (PKI). OpenSSH can be configured to retrieve
    SSH credentials from the Emercoin blockchain, which can either be
    managed directly by users, or managed on behalf of a group by
    administrators in charge of specific services.

    emcDNS is a
    new service that enables the storage of universal name-value pairs on
    the blockchain, in broadly the same way that NameCoin does (though
    without the specialisation on .bit extensions). Emercoin also supports
    distributed DNS services, and every Emercoin wallet contains a built-in
    DNS server.

    ‘Working with Emercoin to implement and further this
    suite of blockchain-based technologies will put ChronoBank in a very
    strong position to decentralise our infrastructure and provision of our
    services to the greatest extent appropriate — with benefits for up-time,
    security and confidence,’ comments Sergienko.

    To find out more about ChronoBank, or to participate in the ICO by depositing EMC, BTC, LTC, WAVES, ETH, ETC or NEM, visit https://www.ChronoBank.io

  • 4th week of 2017

    We overtook the bitcoin, we worked smart and were happy with the long-awaited return

    Good day, all the blockchain’s fans and simply good people!

    Blue Monday is behind us, and this means that, from now on, working will become easier, more interesting, more joyful and more fruitful. Last week, we shared with you the news about the cooperation with a blockchain platform ChronoBank. Our interaction is picking up speed. A revolution in the field of short-term employment is around the corner. Stay tuned for the news. If you are interested in the details about our joint project, go here: http://www.blockchainengine.org/chronobank-announces-technical-and-financial-partnership-with-emercoin/

    A curious rating was published on a foreign Internet benchmark resource. It provides the most popular crypto-currency in the year 2016. We can bet that you are not able to guess even the first five. Emercoin took ninth place on this list, overtaking even bitcoin. We understand that the crypto-currency market is extremely fragile, and yet were sincerely pleased with having achieved ninth place. The complete rating list is found here: http://www.benchmark.pl/aktualnosci/nie-tylko-bitcoin-kryptowaluty-w-2016-roku.html

    In the news, we often write about our friend and partner Mikhail Shlyapnikov. Many of our readers have repeatedly requested a detailed story about how the blockchain platform Emercoin actually functions at the Kolionovo farm. The material is ready, this is not only a detailed story, but also contains valuable tips from Mikhail Shlyapnikov: http://www.blockchainengine.org/ru/blockchain_kolionovo/

    And now the most important news – our Masha is returning. Last week, it was very hot in one of the photo studios. The results of the hot photo shoot will be posted in stages. Don’t miss the next digest )

  • Emercoin V 0.6.0 release

    1) Add merged-mining support. Merged-mining blocks will be accepted once 950 of last 1000 blocks are mined by 0.6.0 clients.
    2) Fix a couple of freezes due to locking.
    3) Use last block hash in PoS mining to prevent atackers ability to premine a chain of PoS blocks at certain times.
    Note: you may have to reindex blockchain by using -reindex flag. In emercoin-qt it should automaticaly show a checkbox with this choice.


  • Emercoin [EMC] 5Th Week Of 2017- Russian 5 неделя 2017 года

    У блокчейна появился путеводитель, Шляпников придумал грандиозный проект, а у доменных зон Emercoin новые пользователи.

    Добрый день, ценители и знатоки блокчейна!

    Как вам работается в такой мороз? Бодрит? Или все мысли лишь о теплом одеяле и кружечке с чем-нибудь погорячее да покрепче? Мы всячески гоним прочь мысли об отдыхе, ведь работы у нас через край. Кстати, из-за переизбытка дел совсем забыли рассказать о том, что известное расширение для браузеров FriGate теперь поддерживает альтернативные доменные зоны Emercoin, чему мы искренне рады! Ведь, по данным интернет-магазина Chroome, пользователей у этого плагина более 700 тысяч человек. Подробнее о сотрудничестве FriGate и Emercoin можете прочитать на Forklog: http://forklog.com/plagin-frigate-nachal-podderzhivat-domennye-zony-emercoin/

    Позавчера вышел интересный путеводитель по решениям на базе блокчейна, в котором упоминаются и наши технологии. Путеводитель разбит на тематические блоки, в каждом из которых предлагается по одной или несколько альтернативных платформ. Блокчейн популярен в абсолютно полярных областях: от музыки до сельского хозяйства, от рекрутинга до пиара, от сферы развлечений до электроэнергетики. Не поленитесь почитать источник, наверняка найдете для себя какое-нибудь интересное технологическое решение: https://habrahabr.ru/post/321194/

    У нас скоро станет доброй традицией в каждом дайджесте упоминать об успехах Михаила Шляпникова. Его неуемной энергии можно только позавидовать. На этот раз нас всех ждет нечто грандиозное. В Колионово запускают новый криптопроект. Его главная задача – привлечение и рациональное использование инвестиций. Средства будут потрачены на расширение производства, увеличение ассортимента товаров, услуг, модульных производств, инфраструктуры, а также создание многофункционального производственного и социального устойчивого комплекса в деревне Колионово и окрестностях. Проект пока находится в разработке. Но уже сегодня известно, что специально для проекта будет создана новая криптомонета. Команда Emercoin планирует принять активное участие в развитии этого проекта. Подробности найдете здесь: http://forklog.com/v-kolionovo-zapuskayut-novyj-kriptoproekt-dlya-investirovaniya-i-pokupki-tovarov-i-uslug/

    Наш коллега Станислав Полозов недавно провел очень интересную лекцию о секретах блокчейн-технологий. Будет свободных 15 минут — обязательно посмотрите это видео: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIXNVc9en8c&feature=youtu.be

    Мы знаем, что некоторые из вас с нетерпением ждали выхода этого дайджеста. И нас совсем не обижает, что ждали его вы не столько из-за новостей, сколько из-за нашей прекрасной Маши. Мы свои обещания сдерживаем.


    Маша Вас обнимает и желает каждому легкой и счастливой недели.

    P.S. Высказаться, пообщаться или просто прислать открытку вы всегда можете сюда: [email protected]

  • 5th week of 2017

    Blockchain has a new guide, Shlyapnikov has conceived a grandiose project, and Emercoin domain zones have new users. Good day to you all, dear connoisseurs and experts in blockchain!

    Are you well, how do you find this unholy freezing spell? Bracing, isn’t it? Or are your only thoughts about a warm blanket and a mug of hot, strong drink? Let us make every effort to drive away all thoughts about rest – we have way too much to do yet. By the way, what with being far too busy, I have completely forgotten to tell you that the well-known browser-based extension FriGate now supports the alternative Emercoin domain zones, and we are genuinely happy about it! The reason is that, according to the data of the Chroome Internet store, over 700,000 people use this plug-in. You can read more about the collaboration of FriGate and Emercoin at Forklog: http://www.blockchainengine.org/ru/fri-gate_dns_emercoin/

    The day before yesterday, a curious guide to blockchain-based solutions was published, mentioning our technologies among other things. The guide is divided into thematic areas, each of them offering one or several alternative platforms. Blockchain is popular in diametrically opposite spheres: from music to agriculture, from recruiting to PR, from the entertainment industry to the power supply industry. Do not neglect reading this source; you will undoubtedly find some interesting technological solution for yourself: https://habrahabr.ru/post/321194/

    Mentioning the successes of Mikhail Shlyapnikov in each newsletter will soon become a tradition. His irrepressible energy is to be envied. This time, prepare to be astounded. They are launching a new crypto-project at Kolionovo. Its main objective is to attract and rationally distribute investments. The funds will be spent on production line expansion, increase of the range of products, services, modular production units, infrastructure, as well as the creation of a multifunctional, sustainable production and social complex at the village of Kolionovo and its neighborhood. The project is still under development. However, even now we know that a new crypto-coin will be created just for the project. The Emercoin team intends to take an active part in the development of this project. More details can be found here: http://forklog.com/v-kolionovo-zapuskayut-novyj-kriptoproekt-dlya-investirovaniya-i-pokupki-tovarov-i-uslug/

    Our colleague Stanislav Polozov recently read a very interesting lecture on the secrets of blockchain technologies. If you have a free quarter of an hour, make sure to watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIXNVc9en8c&feature=youtu.be

    We are aware that some of you were eagerly waiting for the publication of this newsletter. And we see that no harm was done, that you have been kept waiting, not so much because of the lack of news, but rather because of our beautiful Masha. We stand by our promises.

  • Merged mining BTC+Emercoin

    Emercoin Switches Over to Merged Mining.

    The Emercoin crypto-platform will officially switch over to merged mining in February 2017. This means that now all its users will be able to make money in two cryptocurrencies at once—Emercoin and Bitcoin.

    Until recently, Emercoin and Bitcoin operated entirely independently. The switch to Merged Mining is not just the whim of developers, but a well-planned move that is sure to be beneficial to both users and Emercoin itself.

    Regular Mining vs Merged Mining Mining is what is required to ensure the proper functioning of a crypto-platform, and can be compared with the generation of lottery tickets. Out of millions of combinations, players must select the winning one. While with regular mining you check your ticket in only one cryptographic network, merged mining offers you several to use at once. Thus you might have a stroke of luck twice!

    Advantages of Merged Mining: – Miners can make money in two digital currencies at the same time, with no extra burden on equipment capacity. – Emercoin will become even more secure, as blockchain complexity skyrockets by over 500 times. – An increased number of Emercoin users. – Increased trust in the network. Trust is one of the most important values in the digital world today.

    To switch to Merged Mining, the consent of 95% of miners must be obtained, thus allowing for the use of an updated protocol. The innovation will not entail any disruptions in the operations of the platforms, as both cryptocurrencies are built on one and the same algorithm—SHA-256. Only one drawback of merged mining has been found to date: lower premiums to miners for their work.

    Technical Features:

    Block mining is only available after a new customer has created any 950 blocks from the 1,000 most recent. Until then, MM blocks are rejected. Compared with client version 0.5.X, the latest 0.6.0 version has undergone significant alterations: Merged mining with Bitcoin is now available. The not critical double-vote PoS vulnerability has been fixed. The rarely experienced freezing of a wallet with a large number of transactions has been eradicated.

  • 6th WEEK OF 2017

    Transition to merged mining, new exchange floor and the first official cryptocurrency bank.

    Greetings to all blockchain enthusiasts!

    This week starts out with good news. Emercoin is switching over to merged mining. This means that now, all the users of this platform will be able to make money in two cryptocurrencies at once — Emercoin and Bitcoin. This idea was being incubated for a long time, and now, finally, the time has come to turn it into reality. With the transition to Merged Mining, the complexity of blockchain will increase 500 times, which means even greater security for Emercoin. Besides this, the level of trust in the network will increase, as will the number of users. More details can be found here: http://www.blockchainengine.org/merged-mining-btc-emercoin/

    The number of exchange floors where you can buy EMC is constantly increasing. Now you can also buy or exchange EMC coins at the USD-X exchange floor. By the way, right now it is trading at a very attractive exchange rate, so do not miss your chance! https://www.usd-x.com/market/EMC/USD

    Very soon, our colleague Stanislav Polozov will be delivering a lecture on the Emercoin blockchain for attendees of Digital October Education Center. For more details about this project, please visit the websites of our partners: http://edu.digitaloctober.ru/courses/blockchain-weekend/

    Last week an article was published that discussed the Emercoin blockchain technology solutions. The article detailed the advantages offered by EMS SSL certificates. A lot of interesting things were told about the Authorizer, a collaboration project between Emercoin and HashCoin. In case you somehow missed it, we placed a link to it here: https://cointelegraph.com/news/strictly-confidential-blockchain-based-solutions-for-securing-user-data

    Emercoin was also mentioned in an article on Microsoft new project being implemented in the Netherlands: https://www.computable.nl/artikel/nieuws/finance/5951836/250449/microsoft-levert-gratis-blockchain-testomgeving.html

    Mikhail Shlyapnikov’s projects are well-known, and not only throughout Russia. Cointelegraph.com published an article called “Spending Bitcoins in Russia…” This article lists a number of places where cryptocurrencies are in circulation, but the main focus was on Kolionovo Village. Information was also presented on our other partners, like Raketa Watch Factory. You can read this article here: https://cointelegraph.com/news/spending-bitcoin-in-russia-part-two-from-bitcoin-village-to-buying-raketa

    And now, a few words about the major event of the last week, which has been widely discussed by the blockchain community. The first Bitcoin bank opened in Vienna, where cryptocurrency can now be exchanged into fiat money and vice versa.


    6 неделя 2017 года

    Переход на объединенный майнинг, новая биржа и первый официальный банк криптовалюты.

    Добрый день, блокчейноведы!

    Неделя начинается с хороших новостей. Emercoin переходит на объединенный майнинг. А это значит, что теперь все пользователи платформы смогут зарабатывать сразу в двух криптовалютах – Emercoin и Bitcoin. Эту идею вынашивали давно, наконец-то пришло время ее осуществить. С переходом на Merged Mining сложность блокчейна увеличится в 500 раз, а это значит, что Emercoin станет еще безопаснее. К тому же значительно увеличится уровень доверия к сети и возрастет число пользователей. Подробности найдете здесь: http://forklog.com/u-majnerov-poyavilas-vozmozhnost-odnovremennoj-dobychi-bitkoina-i-emercoin/

    Количество бирж, на которых можно приобрести EMC, неустанно растет. Теперь купить или обменять монеты EMC можно и на бирже “USD-X”. Кстати, сейчас очень привлекательный курс, так что не теряйте время зря! https://www.usd-x.com/market/EMC/USD

    Совсем скоро наш коллега Станислав Полозов будет выступать с лекцией о блокчейне Emercoin для слушателей проекта Digital October Education Center. Подробнее об этом проекте прочтете на сайте у наших партнеров: http://edu.digitaloctober.ru/courses/blockchain-weekend/

    На прошлой неделе вышла статья о технологических решениях блокчейна Emercoin. В ней подробно расписаны преимущества сертификата EMC SSL. Много интересного рассказано и об Authorizer — совместном проекте Emercoin и HashCoin. Если упустили этот материал, то вот вам ссылка: https://cointelegraph.com/news/strictly-confidential-blockchain-based-solutions-for-securing-user-data

    Упомянули Emercoin и в статье о новом проекте Microsoft в Нидерландах: https://www.computable.nl/artikel/nieuws/finance/5951836/250449/microsoft-levert-gratis-blockchain-testomgeving.html

    Слава о проектах Михаила Шляпникова гремит не только в пределах России. На интернет-портале cointelegraph.com опубликовали материал под названием “Потратить биткоин в России…”. В нем упоминаются те русские объекты, которые принимают криптовалюту, но особое внимание уделяется деревне Колионово. Представлена информация и о других наших партнерах — часовом заводе “Ракета”. Прочитать статью можно здесь: https://cointelegraph.com/news/spending-bitcoin-in-russia-part-two-from-bitcoin-village-to-buying-raketa

    Ну и главное событие ушедшей недели, о котором говорит все блокчейн-сообщество. В Вене открылся первый биткоин банк, где будут обменивать криптовалюту на фиатные деньги и наоборот.

  • Emercoin [EMC] 7th week of 2017

    From scandals to good news Good day, blockchain experts! The last week was a hot one. At one time we were excited with good news, at another we had to deal with unfortunate incidents. Somebody’s trying to ruin Emercoin’s reputation by distributing spam via Slack. These attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated. Spammers mimic the official Emercoin mailout using a popular corporate messenger for this purpose. Our experts have taken every measure required to prevent the attacks in future, but we still encourage you to keep your eyes open and immediately notify us of any suspicious mails. Here you will find our official announcement of the project discredit attempt: http://forklog.net/emercoin-cl... Our team is meeting trouble halfway, since in the end of the day any trouble only makes us stronger and gives us a valuable insight. However, last week we had some pleasant moments as well. Our announcement of transitioning to merged mining was on the top seven events of the last week for Bitcoin and the blockchain industry. The following article was written and published by our partners: http://forklog.com/newsdigest-... Oleg Hovayko, a leading Emer blockchain platform developer, has published an extremely exciting article about the confrontation between the public and private blockchain. All pros and cons are described in a clear and simple language. This one won’t be a waste of time anyway, so just read it! https://geektimes.ru/company/h... By the way, now we’ve got the Telegram news bot. Telegram users can just click the link to install the bot automatically. Now you’re going to be the first to receive the latest Emercoin news. https://telegram.me/EmerNews_b... I don’t know about you, but we have missed you to the moon and back. We wish you a nice and easy week and as much good news as you can get.

  • Emercoin [EMC] 8th week of 2017 (Russian) 8 неделя 2017 года (Русский) 

    Много хороших новостей.

    Добрый день, ценители блокчейна.! Наконец-то пришла весна, теперь работа будет идти легче и быстрее. Ушедшая неделя была плодотворной и принесла немало хороших новостей.

    Начнем с глобальной новости, которая порадовала все биткоин и блокчейн сообщество. 24 февраля курс биткоин достиг нового абсолютного максимума — $1222 на бирже Bitfinex. Предыдущий рекорд был зафиксирован 17 ноября 2013 года на бирже Mt Gox — $1216. Подробнее читайте у наших партнеров — http://forklog.com/http-forklog-com-newsdigest-2017-02-26/

    Наверняка вам известно одно из наших главных технологических решений — EMC DPO. Это система бесспорного доказательства права владения чем-либо, основанная на блокчейне EmerCoin. Она довольно популярна среди пользователей, поэтому не так давно возникла идея создать специальное веб приложение. Если у команды Emer возникает какая-то идея, то ее осуществления не нужно долго ждать. В статье вы найдете и пошаговую инструкцию по его установке: https://habrahabr.ru/post/322696/

    Не сидит без дела и наш директор по маркетингу Станислав Полозов. 28 февраля он выступал на международной конференции “Технология блокчейна”, которая проходила в Москве. А 9 марта его ждут в Таллине на конференции “Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference”. Где он выступит не только в роли спикера, но и в роли модератора.

    Помните мы вам рассказывали про наш совместный проект с компанией HashCoins — Authorizer. Это инструмент, для получения сертификата, который позволяет беспарольно, и при этом безопасно, входить в различные интернет-системы абсолютно любому пользователю. В основе Authorize технология сертификата emcSSL – это первая децентрализованная система управления цифровыми ключами на основе блокчейна EmerCoin. Сейчас Authorizer активно тестируется, совсем скоро состоится официальный запуск проекта. https://cryptor.net/bezopasnost/authorizer-oauth2-provayder-dlya-emcssl

    Чтобы поднять вам настроение, предлагаем к прочтению необычный способ объяснения работы блокчейна: https://tjournal.ru/41306-samoe-ponyatnoe-obyasnenie-principa-raboti-blokcheina

    Ну и по традиции, горячий привет от нашей Маши. Она желает вам легкой недели и просит вас почаще заходить на страницу в facebook https://www.facebook.com/EmercoinOfficial

  • New Web App by Emercoin

    The Emercoin team has launched the EMC DPO web application. The EMC DPO technological solution appeared two years ago. During this period, the service proved its efficiency and gained user trust. The EMC DPO simple web application has been created with the user’s convenience in mind. EMC DPO is a system of precise proof of ownership based on the EmerCoin blockchain. Blockchain acts as a public ledger where only the record owner can prove the title. The record of ownership is made in the blockchain. This record can be used to confirm rights for any kind of property with a unique ID number, like vehicle identification numbers (VIN), cadastral numbers of land plots, software license numbers, and so on.

    How EMC DPO works: A manufacturer of goods, such as watches or jewelry items, decides to protect their brand against counterfeiting. For this purpose, they add the EMC DPO app on their website, make a record on every product item in the blockchain, and generate a QR code. Then, every customer can scan the QR code for each item they like, go to the website, and see whether an item with the provided serial number exists, and whether it has been already bought by someone else. Thus, the customer makes sure that the product is genuine. The manufacturer does not incur losses and improves their reputation.

    Any manufacturer/product owner may install the app and become an EMC DPO user. Follow the link to install the app: https://github.com/Emercoin/emcdpo The detailed guidelines for installation are also available on the page of Sergey Vakula, IT Director, Emer Group: https://habrahabr.ru/post/322696/ .

    “We’ve created the EMC DPO web app to make the work with the service as simple as possible, and thus, attract new users who may find that EMC DPO is an efficient way to tackle counterfeiting”, Emer Team

  • Emercoin [EMC] 9th Week of 2017 (Russian) 9 неделя 2017 года

    Золотая криптовалюта, пример для подражанья и новый голос. Добрый день, любители эмеркойна и прочих блокчейнов! Как ваше настроение? Мы, как обычно, на позитиве и с боевым настроем! Много работы, много проектов и нас это очень радует. На прошлой неделе мы рассказывали вам о новом web-приложении EMC DPO. Если кто-то упустил эту новость, то ловите наш пресс-релиз: http://www.blockchainengine.or... Или можете зайти на сайт наших партнеров, они тоже опубликовали материал об этой разработке: http://forklog.com/emercoin-ra... Наш друг и единомышленник Михаил Шляпников. Давно стал примером для многих предпринимателей. Вслед за хозяйством Колионово российская ферма “Машкино” выпустит токены, обеспеченные утками, гусями и козлятами. Общее количество токенов составит 10 млн с начальной стоимостью реализации 1 токен = 1 руб. Что тут еще добавить? Хороший пример всегда заразителен. Подробнее читайте здесь: http://forklog.com/po-puti-kol... У нас появилась еще одна площадка, где можно будет следить за новостями команды Emercoin. Мы зарегистрировались в русскоязычной социально-медийной блокчейн-платформе (ну и преамбула) “Голос”. Если вы тоже там есть, то будем рады вас видеть в числе подписчиков: https://golos.io/@emercoin Новость про наш совместный проект с HashCoins разлетается по сети. На прошлой неделе на bits.media вышел материал про запуск Authorizer: https://bits.media/news/hashco... На днях в Эстонии пройдет первая блокчейн-конференция. Emercoin будет представлять Станислав Полозов. Подробнее об этом событии читайте здесь: http://www.blockchainengine.or... Для ценителей блокчейна нашли интересную статью под названием “Блокчейн: есть ли жизнь после хайпа?”. Есть спорные моменты, но в целом интересно: http://bankir.ru/publikacii/20... Биткоин продолжает удивлять. 2 марта все СМИ голосили о том, что биткоин впервые стал стоить дороже унции золота! Чарльз Хейтер главный исполнительный директор и основатель CryptoCompare считает, что рост стоимости криптовалюты связан с увеличением спроса на нее: https://ria.ru/economy/2017030... Кстати, о спросе! Криптовалюты всё больше и чаще проникают в оффлайн, совсем скоро это станет нормой, а пока такие вещи являются событиями о которых пишут. В Санкт-Петербурге появился первый криптовалютный терминал. То-ли еще будет. Не удивлюсь если к концу года биткойны и эмеркойны можно будет купить в банкоматах того же Сбера. Герман Оскарович, что думаете?

  • DocSensus is a new system of electronic document flow on the Emercoin blockchain

    DocSensus, a development from Deloitte, was presented at the BlockchainUA Conference held in Kyiv on March 17. DocSensus is a register of corporate documentation based on the technology of the Emercoin blockchain. This system is able to radically change the existing document flow and protect any document from unauthorized changes, false representations, and losses.

    Unlike many other existing solutions in the field of document flow and legal data storage, the reliability of this system is ensured by blockchain technology. In fact, DocSensus is a complete concept of decentralized document flow for business, individuals, and the state. The developers plan to implement the system gradually, displacing in that way numerous schemes and string pulling, which can be implemented only in paper document flow.

    During the presentation, the power of attorney by which Deloitte authorized the project team to present DocSensus was demonstrated. Moreover, conference participants had the opportunity to look at the original digital document signed by an electronic digital signature in the Emercoin block chain.

    As part of the conference, the second All-Ukrainian Blockchain Hackathon took place from March 18-19. Within 30 hours, seventeen technological teams competed in product development with the use of cryptotechnologies. During those two days, the DocSensus team from Deloitte significantly improved their solution and took second place in the competition.

    “We worked to meet a serious business need in the field of document flow, which is process simplification and the provision of legal security. We all want to store documents with maximum reliability, prevent their loss, protect them from false representation and abuse, as well as provide the opportunity to ourselves and to third persons to verify paper documents according to digital originals which are impossible to falsify”. Dmitry Pavlenko, Director of the Tax and Legal Department of Deloitte.

    Testing of smart contract functions will be the following stage of the project. The smart program will trace legal changes in a document’s status and will manage such changes. For example, if an employee who is granted the power of attorney leaves the company, DocSensus will keep track of such information, prepare a decision on the document’s cancellation, and record a new status on the block chain.

    “This is a very interesting and prospective project. Besides solving the task, we gain new experience and pleasure, because we work according to the best development practices: scrum and design thinking. At present, we are ready to discuss and test solutions with our customers who work with a large volume of important paper documents, analyze their needs and risks, and estimate the economic effect from the possible implementation of DocSensus into their business processes”. Dmitry Pavlenko, Director of the Tax and Legal Department of Deloitte.

    Deloitte is an international company that provides services in the field of audit, taxation, and consulting. It is included in the Big Four of audit companies and is the largest professional network in terms of the number of employees (255,000 persons). In 2015, Fortune included Deloitte in the rating of the World’s 100 Most Admired Companies. Official website: https://www2.deloitte.com/ru/ru.html

    Emercoin is not only one of the world’s leading digital currencies, but also a distributed system of trusted information. It allows users to exchange money and valuable data at any time, no matter where they are. Official websites: www.emercoin.com and www.blockchainengine.org

    Information source. The official press release of Deloitte: https://www2.deloitte.com/ua/uk/pages/press-room/press-release/doc-sensus.html


    DocSensus — новая система электронного документооборота на блокчейне Emercoin

    17 марта на конференции BlockchainUA, проходившей в Киеве, была представлена разработка компании «Deloitte» — DocSensus DocSensus — это реестр корпоративной документации на базе технологии blockchain Emercoin. Эта система способна в корне изменить существующий документооборот и защитить любые документы от несанкционированных изменений, подделок и потерь.

    В отличие от множества имеющихся решений в сфере документооборота и хранения правовых данных, надежность этой системы обеспечивает технология блокчейн. По сути, DocSensus — это целая концепция децентрализованного документооборота для бизнеса, граждан и государства. Разработчики планируют постепенно внедрять систему в жизнь, тем самым вытесняя многочисленные схемы и закулисные махинации, которые могут быть реализованы только в бумажном документообороте. В ходе презентации была продемонстрирована доверенность, которой Deloitte уполномочила команду проекта презентовать DocSensus, кроме того, участники конференции получили возможность увидеть цифровой оригинал документа, подписанный электронной цифровой подписью в блокчейне Emercoin.

    В рамках конференции 18-19 марта проходил второй всеукраинский Blockchain Хакатон. Семнадцать технологических команд в течение 30 часов соревновались в разработке продуктов с помощью криптотехнологий. Команда DocSensus от Deloitte за эти два дня существенно доработала свое решение и заняла второе место в этом соревновании.

    «Мы работали над удовлетворением серьезной потребности бизнеса в сфере документооборота — упрощением процессов и обеспечением правовой безопасности. Мы все хотим максимально надежно хранить документы, предотвратить их потерю, защитить от подделок и злоупотреблений, а также дать возможность себе и третьим лицам верифицировать бумажные документы по цифровым оригиналам, которые подделать невозможно». директор налогово-юридического департамента Deloitte Дмитрий Павленко.

    Следующим этапом проекта станет тестирование smart-contract функций. Умная программа будет отслеживать юридические изменения в статусе документа, и будет управлять такими изменениями. Например, если компанию покинет сотрудник, на которого выдана доверенность, DocSensus отследит это, подготовит решение о ее отмене и запишет новый статус в блокчейн.

    «Это очень интересный и перспективный проект. Помимо решения самой задачи, мы получаем новый опыт и удовольствие потому, что работаем по передовым методикам разработки — scrum и дизайн-мышления. На текущем этапе мы готовы обсуждать и тестировать решения с нашими клиентами, которые работают с большим объемом важных бумажных документов, анализировать их потребности и риски, оценивать экономический эффект от возможного внедрения DocSensus в их бизнес-процессы ». директор налогово-юридического департамента Deloitte Дмитрий Павленко.

    Deloitte — международная компания, оказывающая услуги в области аудита, налогообложения и консалтинга. Входит в «большую четвёрку» аудиторских компаний и является самой крупной профессиональной сетью по количеству сотрудников (255 000 человек). В 2015 году журнал Fortune включил Deloitte в рейтинг 100 самых выдающихся компаний мира. Официальный сайт: https://www2.deloitte.com/ru/ru.html

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