Emercoin [EMC] Details + Merged Mining Press Release

  • Introducing Emercoin...

    Distributed blockchain services for business and personal use.


    Emercoin (EMC) - Cryptocurrency with hybrid POS + POW mining.

    Total Supply: Algorithmically increasing at approx. 6% per year (see latest stats)

    POS reward: approx. 6% annual with 30 day coin maturity.

    POW Algorithm: SHA-256

    .Block speed: 10 minute average.

    Initial POW block reward: 5020 EMC, decreasing depending on difficulty

    .POW difficulty is recalculated each block

    Confirmations for new block: 32

    Focused mostly on production of coins by POS as POW difficulty will gradually increase. Energy-conservative POS mining algorithm is at the core of EMC.

    Full control and security over your money

    Emercoin is a digital currency that uses the power of blockchain technology to provide the most secure way to send, receive and store money. A blockchain is a distributed database where cryptography is used to ensure that records can not be changed.

    Borderless payments, 24/7 access

    The Emercoin blockchain allows you to store, send and receive money anywhere in the world. When you control your money, you decide when to send it. No one can charge you money, nor can they spend your money when you use Emercoin. International payments now take minutes, not days.

    Low cost solution

    Using Emercoin is extremely affordable. You can securely send any amount of money at any time, anywhere for pennies. The Emercoin blockchain is a safer way to send money than a bank because of the superior technology that gives control back to the owner.

    More than just money

    Emercoin is much more than money, it is information. You can securely store, send and receive ownership and identity information, register censorship-resistant domain names and browse the internet without having to use passwords anymore! These services are available 24/7 on the Emercoin blockchain.

    Own and protect your identity

    When you use Emercoin, you are the sole owner of your money and this means there is no third party who can lose track of your information. No one can steal your identity or impersonate you when using Emercoin, and you can choose how much information you reveal to someone when you send them money or information.

    GUI wallets:


    Linux emercoind daemon:


    Deploy Web Wallet:


    Pool`s: pool.emercoin.com




    Livecoin:https://www.livecoin.net/ :




    Livecoin https://www.livecoin.net/
    Tux Exchange:https://tuxexchange.com/trade?coin=EMC&market=BTC
    OpenLedger :https://bitshares.openledger.info/
    HitBTC :https://hitbtc.com/exchange/EMC-to-BTC

    Emercoin Blockchain Explorer:

    1) https://emercoin.mintr.org/

    Market Capitalization


    Site: emercoin.com

    Press Release
    Emercoin Team Announces Merged Mining


    The Emercoin development team has decided to combine the production of both Bitcoin and Emercoin with a vision to significantly increase the trust and reliability of the Emercoin network. Due to the algorithm used to produce both Bitcoin and Emercoin being a common factor, this is a sound and achievable technical decision.

    The members that comprise the Emercoin team believe merged mining will signal an increase in network difficulty by 500 times or more for the Emercoin blockchain. This increase in network mining power will help to increase the Emercoin network’s credibility, which is a critical asset in today’s cryptocurrency world. In short visibility + activity = legitimacy in the public eye. To this day, visibility has been the primary aspect holding back the adoption of Emercoin by the general public.

    This change will also benefit miners in an economic sense. Currently with the SHA-256 algorithm, if a Bitcoin miner were to “mine” Emercoin or vice versa, the miner would need to divert power away from one blockchain or the other. The addition of merged mining will allow miners to produce both Bitcoin and Emercoin in harmony, without losing the benfit of income from either blockchain.

    The increase in network stability was a major factor in this decision. The most important piece, the growth of the Emercoin blockchain complexity, is also a sign of the growth of trust in Emercoin. As complexity on the blockchain increases, the likelihood and effectiveness of network attacks or deficiencies decreases tremendously.

    The positive effects this change will have are clear. What are the negative effects? The team has confidence that there are virtually none. The fact that the block reward will decrease with a higher complexity/difficulty is a negligible effect, since an enormous increase in difficulty of 10,000 times would only bring about a reward drop of approximately a factor of 10. The Bitcoins a miner will receive will offset any decrease in Emercoin reward per block.

    As stated before, this change is coming about to help bring trust and reliability to name of Emercoin. Where trust exists, further development, innovation, and success will follow.

    Emercoin Public Relations Contact

    Email: [email protected]

    Twitter: @EmerCoin_EMC

    Emercoin Announcement Thread

  • 47-48 week of 2016

    In this information message format the crew of Emercoin development talks about what has been done over the last week.

    1. All the time various Internet resources are blocked here and there around the world. Reasons for that may vary. There are media, social networks, search engines restrictions in some countries. One of the largest porn trackers Pornolab.net announced a new “mirror” in the Emercoin alternate domain name system after Pornolab.net was blocked in Russia. The tracker owners learned about the EMC DNS service and ordered it to provide an additional entry point to their users. The decentralized network of DNS EmerCoin was launched in November 2014. The demand for a service like that has arisen from the fact that in any centralized DNS-based networks all domain records are maintained by network providers, not owners of sites, and the providers can stop resolving the records on their own or by order from authorities. Here is the news: http://forklog.net/pornolab-creates-a-mirror-in-emercoins-decentralized-domain-zone/

    2. The organizers of the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia has just released their long awaited system in English

    3. If you or your friends are system administrators drop them a line as we have something to discuss with them. [email protected]

    4. Waiting for a team of programmers on C++/Qt and python experienced with blockchain technology (Forks Bitcoin) or wanting to master these technologies. We will help, show, teach. Our crew is excellent. Of course, we do not promise BlackJack, but we will pay. Write here: [email protected]

    5. Masha is not available today as she is on vacation.

    Emercoin Public Relations Contact
    Email: [email protected]