Emercoin [EMC] Details + Merged Mining Press Release

  • Emercoin [EMC] Week 12 of 2017

    Viral news.

    Good day, Blockchain Connoisseurs!

    If you take the time and visit our website and Facebook page, you have probably read the press release about the new electronic document flow system on the Emercoin blockchain. In less than a week this news has gone viral all over the net. Even the EconoTimes has written about it: http://www.econotimes.com/Deloitte-demonstrates-new-solution-for-electronic-document-flow-based-on-Emercoin-blockchain-605619

    The news that Emercoin has been included in the Red Hat’s corporate program catalog has not been left unnoticed as well: http://www.econotimes.com/Emercoin-becomes-first-blockchain-to-be-included-in-Red-Hats-corporate-catalog-598045

    April 1 is just around the corner! Nope, we are not urging you to celebrate the April Fools’ Day, but strongly advise to head to Kolionovo and spend that day over there. Our friend and partner Mikhail Shlyapnikov is arranging a festivity – the Bird Day in Kolionovo. Everyone interested is welcome.

    Our Masha extends the warmest of greetings to you and hopes you have laid-back and fruitful days. She has promised to make you feel dizzy with her looks next week. Don’t miss digest 13. And don’t forget to visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/EmercoinOfficial

  • Emercoin [EMC] 13th week of 2017

    We hadn’t noticed at all how the first month of spring flew by. Outside the window—it was already April!

    The merriest celebrations for the first day of April were held in Kolionovo. A big crowd gathered at the house of our friend and partner, Mikhail Shlyapnikov, to enjoy the spring and celebrate International Bird Day. People came to the village of Kolionovo from all corners of the country for a chance to chat with the famous farmer as well as build some bird feeders and just have a good time. Mikhail’s Facebook page is flashing with bright photos from that day: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001802183805&pnref=lhc.unseen

    That day, Mikhail also presented his new project, “Kolionovo Ekosystem” (“The Ecosystem of Kolionovo”), and officially announced the beginning of fundraising for its development. The main purpose of the project is to raise crowdfunding resources for the development of real agriculture. ICO is based on the Waves platform with the use of Emercoin services. https://kolionovo.com

    If you remember, we had written earlier that we are officially switching to merged mining. And it hasn’t taken long to see the results! Throughout March, the growth in the complexity of Emercoin’s mining has increased twenty times over. According to Emercoin’s team, the total network hash rate has exceeded 5 petahashes and continues to growing. How can one not be happy over such news! If you would like to know more, read our press release here: http://www.blockchainengine.org/with-the-transition-to-merged-mining-the-processing-power-of-the-emercoin-network-has-grown-tenfold/

    We are also happy to announce that the updated version of Emercoin-wallet 0.6.1 was released. And it’s even better than before! If you still have not downloaded it, here is the link: http://emercoin.com/#download Downloading won’t take a lot of time. We promise!

    “Here it goes!” is what fans of cryptocurrency must have exclaimed when they heard that Japan has passed a law to recognize digital currencies as a legal payment method. Details: https://www.rt.com/business/383101-japan-law-bitcoin-currency/

    We wish you a good week and a great weekend. Don’t forget to visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/EmercoinOfficial

  • Emercoin (EMC) bug fix Release v0.6.1


  • Emercoin [EMC] 14th week of 2017

    Greetings Emercoin fans!

    Are you in good spirits? You should be flying high, as the Bitcoin rate is recovering confidently. The conflict between the supporters of Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Unlimited has gradually subsided, and now the price of Bitcoin is rising, approaching the $1200 mark. We cannot help but rejoice, because we are now mining in two currencies at once. By the way, the Mergemining.com pool has started joint mining of Bitcoin and Emercoin. http://www.blockchainengine.org/mergemining-com-emercoin/ More and more people are becoming supporters of Merged Mining, which means everything has not been in vain!

    On April 19, Moscow will be hosting a large exhibition of equipment and software for the cryptocurrency industry, and the Emercoin team will be taking an active part in it. We promise to update you with a detailed report!

    Our friend and partner Mikhail Shlyapnikov has successfully launched the ICO of his new project, the Kolionovo Ecosystem. If you are curious about what contribution Emercoin has made to this project, then be sure to check out our press release here: http://www.blockchainengine.org/ico-kolionovo/

    You must have missed our Masha very much. Today she will finally please you with her beauty. Masha sends you her warm greetings and wishes you a quick end to the working week and good cheer!

  • Emercoin [EMC] New EmcWeb 2.1

    We’re happy to introduce the new Emercoin Web Wallet v2.1 (EmcWeb). This new version offers a number of improvements and enhancements. EmcWeb is a fully-functional personal Emercoin wallet web interface offering additional features that are accessible anytime, anywhere. We need to emphasize that the new EmcWeb 2.1 gives you much more convenience than traditional PC wallets.

    What’s new in EmcWeb 2.1:

    – Password prompt to unlock the wallet during transactions – Simplified installation and setup Setup and configuration directly from the web interface – Reminders about expiring NVS records – Renewal of existing emcSSL certificates is supported – Streamlined creation and editing of blockchain name values (NVS) – You can create a certificate in the emcSSL wallet and use it for EmcWeb login – A new feature allows you to send an NVS record to an external EMC address

    And some other small but handy enhancements: Github link: (https://github.com/emercoin/emcweb/releases/tag/v2.1 ).

  • Emercoin [EMC] 15th week of 2017

    A CoinTelegraph article, a new wallet version, and striking figures.

    Good day Blockchain Connoisseurs!

    As soon as our friend and partner Mikhail Shlyapnikov launched ICO, one of the most respected magazines in the world, CoinTelegraph, wrote about it right away, and not without mentioning Emercoin. It turned out to be a very good article. Here’s the link for those who have not yet had time to read it: https://cointelegraph.com/news/blockchain-is-like-badass-tractor-how-russian-farmer-launched-ico

    As always, we have a lot going on. Last week, we released a new Emercoin Web wallet version 2.1, which is significantly improved and optimized. We have added an option to transfer net value scores (NVS) to a third-party EMC address, as well as a reminder about expiring NVS. It’s much more convenient to create and edit blockchain name values in the new version. To learn more about the advantages of EmcWeb 2.1, read our press release: http://www.blockchainengine.org/emcweb-2-1/

    Last week, a study by Allied Market Research was published that showed that the global blockchain market will grow to $ 5.4 billion by 2023. The market volume includes the income of all companies from this sector: https://www.alliedmarketresearch.com/blockchain-distributed-ledger-market

    Such figures are a good motivator, so we’ll go back to work. And to raise our spirits, here’s a photo of our Masha.

  • Emercoin [EMC] Release v0.6.2

    The developers of the digital cryptocurrency Emercoin have announced that in the version released on April 26th, an embedded cryptocurrency exchanger has been added and the final remnants of centralization have ceased operation. These were the centralized alerts and compulsory dynamic check-points, passed on to Emercoin as an inheritance from Peercoin. The code was used during the initial development of the Emercoin blockchain.

    In Version 6.2 Emercoin users have the opportunity to choose: to keep alerts turned on; to create a public key independently for a third party, who they trust; or to switch off alerts as a matter of principle.

    In the same way it’s now possible to manage settings for the dynamic check-points. This subsystem, designed to protect the network from some attacks specific to PoS, was also inherited by Emercoin from Peercoin. Now they continue to fulfill the same function, however as the PoW difficulty of the Emercoin network has reached half that of the difficulty of the Bitcoin network, their role is significantly reduced. Therefore users can now decline “the developers’ inescapable check-points”, and use a check-point source that they personally trust, or switch them off altogether.

    We have crossed the Rubicon, getting rid of the last instruments which affect the health of the Emercoin network. Whether this was the right step or a mistake — only time will tell. We are guided by the ideals and principles which Satoshi impressed on us and which we share. We are in favor of decentralization.
    — Evgenii Shumilov, founder and CEO of Emercoin

    Also in Emercoin 6.2, there is now an exchanger for basic cryptocurrencies embedded in the wallet. Now you can make transfers directly from your wallet Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero, Namecoin, Peercoin, and Blackcoin addresses. The exchange is carried out through the online-exchanger CoinReform. If there turns out to be a high demand for this option, then the developers will expand both the number of currencies available for exchange, and the list of exchangers.

    Github: https://github.com/emercoin/emercoin/releases

    Wallet download: https://emercoin.com/#download

    For questions from the press and bloggers, please contact:

    Ivan Kuznetsov — PR Manager


    [email protected]

  • Emercoin [EMC] Release v0.6.2.1


  • Emercoin weekly digest #19

    Good day, blockchain experts!

    We hope that your workdays are turning out to be as productive as ours. Last week had no shortage of good news!

    The major event was the inclusion of the Emercoin cryptocurrency into F2pool, one of the largest global bitcoin mining pools. According to blockchain.info, F2pool today is the second largest pool after Antpool. The co-founder of F2pool, Wang Chun, was the first to announce this terrific news on his Twitter account: https://twitter.com/f2pool_wangchun.

    On May 12, a Business and Development blockchain meet-up was held in Moscow where various issues were discussed relating to both blockchain technology and the decentralized economy, as well as the testing and streamlining of smart contracts. A great deal of consideration was given to the practical aspects of the Emercoin blockchain platform. The Emer Team was represented by CMO Stanislav Polozov and CTO Oleg Khovaiko, who was live streamed from Washington D. C.


    Eugene Shumilov about Emercoin

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  • HashCoins and Emercoin launched passwordless authorization system Authorizer.io

    Authorizer.io was officially launched on May 18. This is an open non-commercial project intended to increase the security of user accounts, mitigate the risks of password interception and demonstrate the advantages of open blockchain technologies.

    Authorizer.io was created through the efforts of three teams: HashCoins, Aspanta and Emercoin.

    The main goal of the project is to draw the attention of users to password-free authorization technologies and to the advantages of blockchain certificates for daily use.

    Authorizer.io enables website owners to integrate the authorization system quickly and easily through Emerсoin SSL certificates.

    Authorizer.io is based on the oauth2 open authorization protocol and Emercoin blockchain technology. Blockchain is used to store the encrypted information on user EmerSSL certificates and virtual cards.

    The advantages of Authorizer.io:

    1. Security. No password, and thus no risk of it being captured.

    2. Comfort. It is not necessary to fill out any forms, as authorization is made with one click.

    3. Anonymity. Only you own your data, which means that it is impossible to steal or falsify it.

    4. Freedom. The service is absolutely free for website users and owners.

    5. Usability. Daily use of certificates significantly saves you time.

    6. Flexibility. You have the possibility to use SSL certificates in any browser and on any device, including on smartphones and tablets.

    7. The human factor. Authorizer is intended only for people. Bots cannot use it, and spam is completely excluded.

    8. Innovation. There is no place for passwords in the 21st century.

    Anyone who wants to may create and get free a certificate: https://getssl.authorizer.io/en

    Official project website: authorizer.io

    More about the developers:

    HashСoins is a team of ambitious developers of crypto-equipment and the creators of different services based on blockchain technologies.

    Aspanta is an expert in the field of development of high-load web and mobile full-cycle applications, the reliable cloud resources of Microsoft Azure, and decentralized systems based on Emercoin.

    Emercoin is one of the world’s leading crypto-platforms with a large number of blockchain applications. It enables users to exchange money and valuable data at any time anywhere in the world.

    Official websites of the developers:

    Hashcoins — www.hashcoins.com

    Aspanta — www.aspanta.com

    Emercoin — www.emercoin.com

  • Emercoin weekly digest #20

    High Exchange Rate of Emercoin, Launch of a Tough Project and Entry to a New Exchange Office

    Good day, blockchain experts!

    It’s becoming warmer not only outdoors but also at the crypto-currency stock exchanges. Last week the Emer team announced some amazing news. The Emercoin exchange rate hit a historic high of 1.04 dollars. The growth of the exchange rate was significantly influenced by the inclusion of Emercoin into the largest mining pool of F2pool.

    Everybody was also shocked by the news about the Bitcoin exchange rate growth. Its new historic high is 2,000 dollars. This year, the Bitcoin price has increased by more than 100 %. You can find the details on the Fortune portal: http://fortune.com/2017/05/21/bitcoin-2000/

    Last week Emercoin was added to the exchange office of CryptoDAO. It is not only a professional site for e-commerce, but also the first platform that grants crypto-credits. https://cryptodao.com/

    We also have other positive news for the past week. On May 18 Authorizer.io was officially launched. This project was created by the efforts of three teams: HashCoins, Aspanta, and Emercoin. The main goal of the project is to draw the attention of users to password-free technologies of authorization and the advantages of blockchain certificates for daily use. https://medium.com/@emer.tech/hashcoins-and-emercoin-launched-passwordless-authorization-system-authorizer-io-8661689a039b

    On this we finish, let’s go on working. Have a nice and easy week and don’t forget to check out our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/EmercoinOfficial


    Eugene Shumilov about Emercoin

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  • Emercoin Consortium to Offer Blockchain-Based Solutions to Customers of the Largest System Integrator in Russia

    The Emercoin Team, in collaboration with Estonian company Hashcoins OU and Russian system integrator I-Teco, signed a Tripartite Agreement for the founding of the Emercoin Consortium.

    The task of the Emercoin Consortium will be the joint development and implementation of specific Emercoin-based solutions for the largest Russian and global companies.

    The Emercoin Consortium will offer the customers of I-Teco Innovation Center blockchain-based solutions for the economic sectors that are now adapting to this technology: logistics, document flow, retail, credit operations, and so forth. The implementation of these tasks will require the adaptation of the existing tools, as well as the creation of new tools through the joint efforts of the Emercoin Team, Hashcoins OU, and I-Teco.

    Emercoin has unique experience in the development of non-monetary services as compared to other blockchains. Many developers recognize Emercoin as one of the most user-friendly solutions when becoming acquainted and starting work within this field, as well as the best option for launching blockchain-based projects.

    “The Emercoin Team has been developing a blockchain platform for industrial use for more than four years. We have implemented both crypto-currency and a number of non-monetary services. We offer more than just a speculative bubble, we offer market tested tools to solve tasks for real businesses. But we also understand that it is not enough to only create services. It is necessary to implement and integrate these services into existing business processes, provide maintenance and training, and so forth. We are pleased that I-Teco Innovation Center has become our partner, as they have deep expertise in the implementation and maintenance of complex projects in this field, as well as in the integration of various technologies”,

    said Oleg Hovaiko, the Senior Developer of the Emercoin Team.

    Cooperation with I-Teco within the Consortium will enable the Emercoin Team to combine their development experience with I-Teco’s implementation and support experience; the Emercoin Team will also offer the integrator’s customers and other involved businesses and institutions unique solutions based on one of the most promising blockchain-based technologies.

    “Among hundreds of blockchain platforms, only a few have non-monetary services. Emercoin — precisely one such platform — presents, in addition to its ready-for-work package of non-monetary services, a universally reliable platform for the creation of new ones. Currently, this functionality is most relevant for corporate use, and our customers are heavily interested in such solutions. We thoroughly analyzed the different teams of blockchain solution developers and chose the Emercoin Team due to them being the most experienced team in the implementation of non-monetary solutions based on blockchain”,

    said Yury Kirilchev, the Director for Business Development of I-Teco Innovation Center.

    Consortium Members

    I-Teco Innovation Center, LLC of I-Teco Group is the largest IT integrator out of the Top 20 companies in the Russian market. Among the customers of the Innovation Center are some of the largest Top 10 Russian companies, banks, retail chains, and others.

    HashCoins is an Estonian developer of equipment, technologies, and software solutions based on blockchain. The company owns a number of successful businesses, including HashFlare, a service of cloud bitcoin mining with more than half a million users.

    Emercoin is a powerful blockchain suitable for the development of non-monetary services, especially relevant for the corporate sector. Currently, the following services have been implemented on the Emercoin platform:

    • EmerSSL, EmerSSH — decentralized services of authorization and network security;
    • EmerDNS — a decentralized service of domain names;
    • InfoCard — a decentralized service of electronic business cards;
    • EmerDPO (Digital Proof of Ownership) — a distributed ledger for ownership of products and intangible assets;
    • EmerTTS — a blockchain-based service of document notarization;
    • ENUMER — a decentralized gateway between systems of classical and IP telephony.

    The Emercoin Consortium is open for cooperation, and it invites companies interested in implementation of blockchain technologies in their products and processes, as well as in development of new blockchain solutions to join the Emercoin Consortium. We are interested in cooperation with large system integrators, leading software and hardware IT companies, and large financial and industrial groups.

    As a technology, blockchain demonstrates maximum efficiency in large-scale tasks. Using blockchain, the largest organizations collectively will be able to reduce their costs by billions of dollars.

    Members of the Consortium will get access to the Emer technologies and comprehensive support, including technical advice, analytics, assistance in hiring qualified blockchain developers, and other options of necessary support.


    Eugene Shumilov about Emercoin

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  • Emercoin [EMC] coming soon in Jaxx Wallet

    On May 22, the Canadian company Decentral announced a massive expansion of the functionality of the Jaxx Wallet. Jaxx is building partnerships with dozens of blockchain projects and platforms, exchanges and venture companies, including Emercoin which will soon be added to Jaxx.

    The Emercoin cryptocurrency was recently added to the largest mining pools — F2pool and Mergemining. This boosted the complexity growth of Emercoin mining. The Emer team is confident that when Emercoin joins Jaxx Wallet, it will be much easier for users to work with the cryptocurrency, and this will increase the number of Emercoin supporters.

    “We love supporting all projects and the community behind it. Of course, this includes Emercoin. We will continue to expand not only for wallets, but to future project growth..”
    Charlie Shrem, Director of Business and Community Development, Decentral & Jaxx

    The wallet’s creators are confident that Jaxx Wallet will become a tool that will help bring digital currencies and digital assets to the public.

    “We are bringing together all facets of the blockchain ecosystem with Jaxx to provide a universal interoperable interface so that non-technical people, like my dad, can easily use these decentralized technologies.”
    Anthony Di Iorio, founder and CEO of Decentral & Jaxx

    Advantages of the Jaxx cryptowallet:

    • All keys are created on your local device and never sent to any servers. This means that you fully control the wallet and Jaxx does not have access to your money.
    • Simple and friendly interface.
    • Special standards guarantee that if the wallet ceases to exist, the user keys can be imported to another service.

    Jaxx was developed to work and synchronize on all devices. It is available on 9 different platforms including Windows, Apple and Linux, Android and iOS for mobile devices and tablets, as well as Google Chrome and Firefox extensions.

    Official information source: http://decentral.ca/jaxx-announces-massive-expansion-partnering-integrating-70-top-blockchain-projects-exchanges-platforms-make-digital-currencies-accessible-masses/

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  • Emercoin weekly digest #21

    The Consortium Founding and Authorizer.io Success

    Good day, blockchain experts!

    Spring seems to have raced by in the twinkle of an eye. Don’t you think so? With all the hard work and numerous new projects, we seem to have just missed it. Hopefully, our summer will be just as productive as the spring was.

    The last week brought us some good news. We officially announced the creation of the Emercoin Consortium, currently joined by three companies: I-Teco Innovation Center (I-Teco Group of Companies), and our partners, HashCoins, and Emer team.

    The task of the Emercoin Consortium will be the joint development and implementation of specific Emercoin-based solutions for the largest Russian and global companies. For further details, please read our press-release: https://medium.com/@emer.tech/emercoin-consortium-to-offer-blockchain-based-solutions-to-customers-of-the-largest-system-a5c20495c01b

    Authorizer.io is up and running. The news about launching this project has spread rapidly over the network. The CryptoNinjas portal also wrote on the event: https://www.cryptoninjas.net/2017/05/22/hashcoins-aspanta-emercoin-launch-passwordless-authorization-system/

    We’ve found some interesting information to show how strongly the blockchain impacts the web. Some practical thoughts and confirmed facts: http://fortune.com/2017/05/27/blockchain-offers-hope-for-the-broken-internet/

    We wish you a nice and easy weekend, and let the first days of summer be warm and joyful! And don’t forget to check our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/EmercoinOfficial/?fref=ts


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  • Emercoin [EMC] weekly digest #23

    12 million USD in 7 days and “Smart Forecasts” for 2021

    Good day, blockchain fans and experts!

    Have you already invested in the first cryptobank? You still have some time, so don’t miss this opportunity. On the seventh day of our crowdfunding campaign, we’ve raised 12 million USD and covered four of the five main ICO stages. This is significant and means that Polybius Bank, the first fully functional European bank arranged by crypto enthusiasts, is ready to exist. We are very happy to hear this good news. Details: https://www.enterprisetimes.co.uk/2017/06/12/emercoin-support-cryptocurrency-bank/

    Some interesting information appeared on the web about new research done by Cisco, the network-equipment developer and supplier. According to this research, so-called Internet of Things devices will constitute a higher volume of web traffic. By 2021, 51% of devices will be “smart” and will support communication with each other: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/solutions/service-provider/visual-networking-index-vni/index.html

    Earlier, Cisco had been researching the opportunities for blockchain application in the IoT domain. The Emer team is actively working towards this too. So follow our news to stay up-to-date on the latest developments.

    And let’s lift the veil a little bit. Today a lot of interesting things are happening with our Emer team. Sometimes we’re even surprising ourselves by the stunning projects we’re implementing! But, everything in its own time. Stay with us and be the first to know all the breaking news.

    Have a nice weekend! Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/EmercoinOfficial/?fref=ts


    Eugene Shumilov about Emercoin

  • Emercoin [EMC] weekly digest #26

    Welcome lovers of decentralization!

    Last week kryptolebias was able to rest. Stock charts showed obvious lateral movement. The bitcoin exchange rate had fluctuated between 6–7%, falling to $2510, rising to $2660. Not so obvious, but still a flat period was also observed in the course of the broadcast. It ranged from 11–12%.  Traders look for events or statements that might push the market to a long-awaited “tothemoon”. For example, those — the expert on the cryptocurrency market Ronnie Moas does not exclude that by 2018, the bitcoin price will rise to $5000, and after 10 years… However, it’s better to hear this for yourself: here is the speech of Moesa from the recording material with Bloomberg: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-07-05/bitcoin-to-50-000-is-latest-call-from-prolific-stock-picker

    To some, these numbers seem unreal? How to know: the demand for cryptocurrencies is growing rapidly. In Russia and Japan, 260,000 stores are beginning to accept bitcoins. If you are interested what the reason is, then here is the detailed information that has changed in the tax regulation of the cryptocurrency in Japan from July: http://www.coinfox.ru/novosti/7177-yaponiya-otmenila-nalog-na-bitkoiny

    The Russian government finally saw the potential of the technology. The Economic Development Ministry announced plans to transfer Federal registration service on the blockchain platform, the Bank has proposed to use it for mining, nuclear and hydroelectric power (http://www.coinfox.ru/novosti/7186-veb-ne-isklyuchil-ispolzovaniya-aes-i-ges-dlya-majningovykh-tsentrov-blokchejn-proektov). Indeed, why waste time on trifles?

    However, in parallel to this is Russia’s increasingly discussing the possibility of blocking instant messengers. So I advise you to consider how to make the conversation safe, private and protected. This is a particularly relevant issue for corporations. And then it will help the ubiquitous blockchain. And how exactly? — we will tell you at the seminar in Digital October (http://www.coinfox.ru/novosti/7182-samoe-vremya-v-digital-october-pokazhut-zashchishchjonnyj-korporativnyj-messendzher-ot-rossijskogo-integratora).

    So don’t relax and go to work on making the implementation of criptica into reality! I’ll see you in a week!

  • Nice one. Thanks for the imformatiom 

  • Emercoin [EMC] weekly digest #30

    Hello to all fans of the blockchain!

    This is the week! The closing of the exchanges, arrests of founders, blocking bitcoin sites, the activation of Protocol BIP91… Becomes more and more interesting! What’s new with Emercoin?

    Edward Kevbrin gave an exclusive interview to CoinFox, in which he spoke about his project CryptoCDN — the descendant of the conventional content delivery networks and blockchain and the choice in favor of the Emercoin blockchain: http://www.coinfox.info/novosti/7306-edward-kevbrin-we-like-to-work-where-we-really-important

    After the interview’s publication readers wanted to know more about the blockchain against locks. All about technology EmerDNS in the article: http://www.coinfox.info/novosti/7325-emerdns-blockchain-vs-locks

    We see endless discussions where you can apply the blockchain and where it will be effective. And Emercoin knows the answer. Russian companies Emercoin and Papyrus translate online advertising on the blockchain, details here: http://www.coinfox.info/novosti/7324-russian-companies-emercoin-and-papyrus-translate-online-advertising-in-the-blockchain

    And finally, the most interesting! The Emercoin developers have decided to share with everyone their knowledge in the field of development in the blockchain. In this regard, the question is: what webinar topics would be of interest to you? What do you want to know? We appreciate everyone’s opinion! We wish you a lovely weekend and a happy time!  Stay with us: https://www.facebook.com/EmercoinOfficial

  • Emercoin [EMC] wallet 0.6.3 released

    As promised, we have released a new version of the Emercoin wallet, which introduces a 99% cut on the fee for transactions and new blockchain entries.

    Once we have a 95% consensus (950 new-version blocks closed over the last 1000 instances), the network will switch to the new rules.

    The significant drop in process costs will make it much easier for blockchain-based businesses to adopt Emercoin.

    You can download the new version here.

    By the way, we are now writing a new article that explains what has happened to Ethereum, and why it won’t happen to Emercoin. Stay tuned!

  • Emercoin [EMC] v0.6.3.1emc: Bugfix release

    1) Fixed creation of large names after hard fork
    2) Testneet peers now require other peers to start mining. This is to reduce forks in testnet
    3) Small code changes (removing code that had no meaning in emercoin)


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