Radium Update #29 — Radium Bot Update, Paper Wallet Generator and Marketing

  • During the last few weeks we have updated the Radium Telegram chat and tip bot as previously mentioned. This new update contains the following features:

    • /blockchain command displaying most relevant Radium network statistics such as block count and network stake weight
    • /downloads command displaying a list of download links for the Radium Core wallet and the Radium SmartChain
    • /news command displaying links to most recent blog post updates
    • /tx and /addr commands allowing users to search for transactions and addresses on the Radium network, providing block explorer functionality
    • Optimization, tweaks, stability improvements

    We hope this update will help both new and existing Radium users. Telegram is currently our most active communication channel and this update gives users the tools to always stay up to date with Radium! You can find the Radium Telegram chat group here and Radium Bot can be found here.

    We recently shared a RADS vs. FCT comparison graphic on twitter. You can find the tweet and an updated graphic below. We encourage everybody to retweet and share it!

    We are also very proud to share that Project Radium has embarked on a project to record key historical documents on the Radium SmartChain. This is intended to raise general awareness of the SmartChain as part of our marketing effort. You can find more details here.

    We are now also hosting a client-side Radium paper wallet generator on the Radium Core website which you can find here.

    The next few weeks will be mostly focused on getting the next version of the Radium Core wallet ready for release. As stated previously this will not be a mandatory update (i.e. this will not be a hard fork) but is intended as a minor update. We will have more details upon release on the exact features we will include. You can follow progress on our v1.4.6 branch here.

    — The Radium Team

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