Bitshares (BTS) Release GUI v2.0.170418

  • Bug fixes

    • Use Openledger url for blocktrades coins by default (adds missing deposit/withdraw assets)
    • Fix wallet state update after creating new account with password model
    • Fix header update when logging in with password model
    • Make sure the fee asset is set properly for transfers when user only has one asset

    Binary checksums

    bitshares-light_2.0.170418_amd64.deb sha256: f50958434f227004dec89bae85daa6006a291e9b7f1b3a74723fe04a1a5e6be9

    BitShares-light_2.0.170418.exe sha256: 663b18c95549b3e14de3f0daa06d7f57c9b89f9e429c61c1b4dbabd2797e8c95

    Compiled html/javascript sha256: 322c4c5e24c010795c911b7e31d49a9689c2c29cb5851c93c55289930095d47b Uses browser history, requires nginx/apache server with special configuration for HTML5 history API. sha256: bb91bbe546cbcf3ffd973dc48af3e7a75d3d57b0fa67a93a9f76fffa6f8fb316 Uses hash history (#/ in the URL), requires no special configuration.


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