Chronobank to release ChronoMint wallet beta1

  • ChronoBank is announcing the release of ChronoMint beta, the test wallet for the ChronoBank ecosystem.

    The Metamask/Mist compatible wallet is available at

    Attention! Ropsten network should be chosen in Metamask

    To run ChronoMint beta users will need the Mist browser, Parity browser or Google Chrome browser with MetaMask extension. Currently the wallet is deployed for the Ropsten testnet. A Kovan testnet deployment will be available soon.

    Using ChronoMint

    To start using the ChronoMint interface:

    • Log in by entering an Ethereum address on the initial screen and pressing the ‘login’ button
    • If this if a first login, users will be prompted to fill in their profile data. This will be stored in the IPFS database Orbit-db and linked to their Ethereum account.

    • A ‘Request TIME’ button has been added to the beta version so that users can acquire testnet TIME tokens.
    • There are also Deposit/Withdraw TIME buttons (currently for testnet TIME) that can be used to lock tokens in a deposit contract balance, enabling users to receive rewards and engage in voting.

    Menu options

    Four options are available in the menu on the left-hand side: Wallet, Exchange, Voting and Rewards.

    Wallet is the ChronoMint implementation of an Ethereum wallet. It is used to send or receive tokens. The wallet currently supports ETH, TIME and LH tokens. In the future this will be expanded to include any ERC20-compatible tokens.

    Exchange is ChronoBank’s implementation of a distributed exchange. This operates using smart contracts between ETH and some ERC20-compatible tokens. At present two smart contracts have been integrated, which can be used to exchange TIME <> ETH and LH <> ETH. Additional contracts will be added in the future.

    Voting is a polling facility for TIME holders. The results of finished polls can be viewed here, and users can vote in any active polls, with their voting power proportional to their share of TIME tokens (these should be sent to the Deposit contract on the profile page first). Users can also create their own polls, though these will need to be confirmed by a ChronoBank manager before they become active.

    Rewards is where TIME holders receive their fees from the network. Users can find information about volumes of ChronoBank’s LH operations and their income for a given period of time. It is possible to calculate the rewards that will be received in current or previous periods, and to withdraw any rewards received.

    Advanced options

    There are additional options within ChronoMint that are only available to ChronoBank managers. Users who would like to test these features and apply for bounties are requested to contact the development team on Slack.

    Functions available for ChronoBank managers include CBE Dashboard, LOC admin, Operations, and Settings.

    CBE Dashboard shows current system metrics and analytics. Future builds will also feature a User dashboard.

    LOC admin stores information about ChronoBank contractors and their obligations. It is possible to create, edit or delete LOC here, and to issue and redeem LH tokens according to LOC IssueLimit.

    Operations contains a log of all ChronoBank operations. Any operation in the ChronoMint environment can be assigned to a multi-signature procedure. The number of required signatures can be set at the top of the page. If the number of required signatures is greater than one, any management operation must be confirmed by one or more further ChronoBank managers.

    Settings is currently used to manage contracts addresses, which are used to run the current ChronoMint build and its settings, and to administrate the ChronoBank managers list.

    For more information, visit

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