DoorsCoin [DOOR] | Hybrid |X11|POS/POW

  • About:

    The evolution of cryptocurrency has always been a product of great
    innovation, challenges, and discoveries that fuel new technologies and
    creative ideas. It is the spirit of invention that drives new altcoins
    to seek out and master new methods of security and effectiveness, to
    continually strive for greater degrees of efficiency, and to ultimately
    deliver something that is truly praise-worthy to the community and to
    the world.


    X11 PoW/PoS
    Name: DoorsCoin
    Ticker: DOOR
    Premine (19%)
    Total coins: 2,100,000,000
    Block reward: 800 DOOR
    Halving height: block 1075011
    Min. stake age: 1 hours
    Max. stake age: unlimited
    PoS: Yearly Interest 40

    Block structure

    1-10: 38.000.000 (premine)
    11-1075010: 800 DOOR
    1075011-3225010: 400 DOOR

    Ports used:

    rpc 35290
    port 35292



    More Details Coming Soon!

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