Swarm City Dev Update April 18, 2017

  • Last week the Swarm City Dev Team continued to work on improvingTerminal. Their goal was to get it in the hands of testers before publishing the update by week’s end. As mentioned in the last post, the new update will greatly improve load times among other things.

    However, before the update could go to testers an issue with loading swarm.cityon Safari had to be solved. @Sponnet was busy researching fixes and applying them all last week. The good news is as of today the Dev Team cracked that nut, and Terminal is loading normally on Safari.

    The tester group will go through the Terminal update over the next few days while the Devs continue to move through Sprint 2.

    Front End Dev

    Meanwhile @faffy_dee is making steady progress on the front end for Boardwalk. His goal is to be mostly finished with that by the end of this week, which will free him up to work with @matthewcarano and @krisis in the Communication Hive on a more robust version of the website.

    @Bkhawk is a welcome addition to The Dev Team. For the most part he is spending his time auditing and optimizing the code, and will continue to do so through the remaining sprints.

    Connect With The Dev Team

    The Swarm City Dev Team is always on the lookout for other developers who want to get involved. If you have Polymer or Solidity experience feel free to reach out to #devhive on the Swarm City Slack. You can get a peek at the project by reviewing Github, here, or if you’d like to be involved in testing new releases, please join #testersignup on Slack and read the pinned post for instructions.

    More to come next week. Cheers!

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