Darcrus (DAR) April Update — Mercury and beyond

  • Waves token Mercury

    Welcome to what is now a monthly update :) There is a lot of information, so let’s get to it.

    A few untracked milestones have been completed in the past month. Mercury was airdropped to Waves and Darcrus holders unexpectedly. I wanted a fair and free distribution for these tokens. Mercury will power cross-chain communications from Jupiter to Waves and Waves to Jupiter. Any funded Jupiter node will have the ability to send messages to Waves using Mercury. Depicted below demonstrates Jupiter Titan sending blockhashes to Waves for dual provenance of information stored on the Jupiter Nodal System (JNS).

    Depiction of Jupiter Titan using Mercury for Waves communication

    This bidirectional cross-chain communication opens the door for the public to store information in Jupiter without having access to Jupiter’s tokens. Any business will have the ability to add this to a purchased dAppsheet. Waves does not have the ability to store complex data sets or small files like Jupiter can, but they allow for asset paid transaction fees, Waves’ shining achievement thus far. This opens the door to allow paid services to track items, such as antiquities or artwork that need undeniable proof of the originator or original works. As I’ve stated before, Jupiter’s tokens come with a software subscription of a Sigwo Technologies’ product. Mercury can be purchased on Tidex, Cryptopia, or on Waves’ DEX. This is a big deal for Sigwo Technologies, Jupiter, and Darcrus.

    1. More customers
    2. More sales
    3. Higher demand for Mercury
    4. Higher amounts of Darcrus buyback and burns

    In between working on Jupiter Titan, Mercury, and partnerships, I have been working on a marketing handout for conferences and meetups. The marketing is paramount for getting the word out about Darcrus and Sigwo Technologies. I’ve started handing out business cards (chips) and everyone has remarked how unique it is. That’s how I like it.

    There is now an organized FAQ site to allow newcomers the ability to research Darcrus and get official answers, all in one place. There is also a Slack bot you can query…very cool feature. Just type /faq [keyword] and if there are multiple hits, a drop down selector will be presented for additional granularity.

    Another great news story is Sigwo Technologies LLC now has all of its’ infrastructure under Jupiter monitoring and logging services. All web servers, firewalls, development servers, Waves node, even the Jupiter nodes themselves are under monitoring. All logs are sent securely and encrypted to all Jupiter nodes for storage. This was paramount for showing the power of Jupiter to other businesses, organizations, and crypto projects.

    Ok, so great, what does this mean? Well, it means people are noticing our little project. I can announce that C3 Technologies is an official partner and authorized channel partner for Sigwo Technologies. This is essential for growing Jupiter products. The signed non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is signed and the information posted to Jupiter’s chain. C3 Technologies is wasting no time and will be attending the Bitcoin Meetup held by Cooley, LLP in their New York office. Stan will be handing out Sigwo Technologies new marketing material, collecting and answering questions about our technology and product offerings.

    In other efforts, I have sent a personal message to Poloniex and requested via their official page for adding Darcrus. I have also sent messages and information to ShapeShift and Changelly. This will allow ease of use and on boarding new participants from fiat directly to Darcrus. I also hope you will look at Darcrus’ Twitter feed to retweet your support and send requests on Poloniex’s site.

    Entrant Security, Inc. (formerly ECCS) deployment is ongoing and will be finished by the end of April. They are friends, so I’m not pressuring a lot to move fast. Payment will be incoming soon. I will announce PRIOR to any burning. I project the burn from this deal to be May 15th, 2017.

    The new Sigwo Technologies website is nearing completion! I have been hard work to lay the framework of the new site. There will be a tweet, message, etc across the platforms when it is live. This improvement will put forth the professional face I desire when customers visit the site.

    I’ll also be visiting the @shitcointalk as a guest to shoot the shit about crypto, trading, mining, and whatever else comes up this Saturday at 4PM EST.

    The price has steadily increased since last month. I attribute this to our hard work, spreading the word of Darcrus, and keeping a positive attitude. I am always working hard to provide value for your tokens. The Q&A from March 31st can be found here.

    To recap:

    1. Mercury cross-chain communication enables public dAppsheets.
    2. New marketing material for Cooley, LLP Bitcoin meetup Thursday
    3. Official Channel Partner C3 Technologies (resells Jupiter software)
    4. New https://sigwo.com close to launch
    5. Entrant Security integration, buyback and burn around May 15th
    6. New FAQ site and integrated Slack bot
    7. Poloniex, ShapeShift, and Changelly requests sent (please send yours!)
    8. Guest appearance on @shitcointalk
    9. Steven is still alive!

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