• The world's first blockchain-led media company

    The world's first block chain technology-driven media platform
    Sales and distribution of HD/4K 3D video resources
    Universal 3D Display all-in-one solution

    Highly Accessible:

    Transfer BTC/ETH at specified address during crowdsale period to enjoy a discount;

    Purchase at public trading market after the crowdsale;

    Beyond the traditional shareholder rights:

    Based on the idea of blockchain, complete voting and dividend rights;

    Stock swap with iSunMediaCoin can be completed with company’s assistance;

    iSunMediaCoin Crowdsale proposal

    SunMediaCoin is issued according to iSunMedia's dividend rights for a total amount of 100 millions.
    This crowdsale will release up to 10 millions of iSunMediaCoin with a standard price of 1 BTC = 200 iSunMediaCoin

    Starting time: 27/6/2016

    Duration: 180 days

    Multistage discount:

    First 30 days, participating users can earn a 10 percent bonus, i.e. 1 BTC = 220 iSunMediaCoin

    The second 30 days , you can enjoy a 5% bonus, that is 1 BTC = 210 iSunMediaCoin

    The following 60 days, 3% bonus, this is 1 BTC= 206 iSunMediaCoin

    Last 60 days, 2% bonus, that is 1 BTC = 204 iSunMediaCoin

    Crowdsale will end automatically when sales reaches 10 millions

    Crowdsale first phase

    Not launched yet

    BTC reference price


    BTC transactions


    BTC total amount

    ฿ 20.60 / $ 13560.98

    BTC payment address:


    ETH reference price


    ETH transactions


    ETH total amount

    Ξ 0 / $ 0

    ETH payment address:


    Crowdsale agreements

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