EncryptoTel Secure VoIP and B2B blockchain communications infrastructure


                                                   About EncryptoTel:

    Encrypto Telecom offers radical new solutions for communication, contributing extensively to the ongoing global debate around privacy and civil liberties. Encrypted communication is the logical future for all traditional telecommunications.

    Your privacy is in good hands with EncryptoTel. Our company offers a full range of telecommunications services based on an innovative cloud PBX. We use cutting-edge solutions in the sphere of digital technologies, including encryption through open, proven algorithms and the use of blockchain technology.

    A rapid increase in connectivity via technologies such as the internet, social networking and smartphones has brought about a step-change in our ability to communicate. At the same time, current audio and video calling software and instant messaging are insecure and prone to surveillance and exploitation by governments, corporations and malicious third parties, as well as being less efficient and cost-effective than might be expected.

                                                   The opportunity

    We will be occupying the telecommunications market among cryptocurrency and blockchain companies within a year, and will attract a large number of individual users by means of low tariffs, broad functionality and an aggressive advertising policy. Having established a presence we will consolidate and expand this amongst regular users and large companies alike.

    We have already completed a working beta of our core software that is actively being tested. The EncryptoTel application will ultimately be a multiplatform solution that enables users to connect and make VoIP calls using any device (desktop or Android SIP, Zoiper, 3CXPhone, X-Lite and more), and gain access to their PBX via popular messaging apps such as Telegram and Facebook Messenger.

    EncryptoTel will charge users for services on both a subscription and pay-as-you-go basis. Sales and revenues statistics will be clearly visible thanks to the transparency of the blockchain. Although different cryptocurrencies will be used, ETT will offer discounts over other currencies, placing it in demand as a way of paying for services. It will be possible to buy ETT directly from the EncryptoTel interface.





    Services based on Blockchain technology


    Fully-fledged automatic cloud PBX

    Coverage area

    Direct-dial numbers in more than 100 countries all over the world


    Integration with external services

     Call Mining

    Earn rewards for communicating

     Unlimited communication

     Free number and unlimited communication inside the network


    Proprietary MITM attack-resistant encryption protocol


    Phone number substitution/masking, conversations encryption, absence of logging


     Distribution of assets and escrow

     Partnership program

    Earn benefits for on-boarding new clients


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  • EncryptoTel crowdsale update

    Firstly, a very big thank you to all of our investors so far! We are hugely grateful that you have enabled us to reach our three major milestones, backing us with over $1 million on day 1. Any further funding will allow us to accelerate our development and marketing programmes. We will end the crowdsale on 31 May, or when the $3 million cap is reached. We know that a number of investors have experienced problems with their accounts in the crowdsale portal. In particular, balances for one or other coin deposited occasionally disappear and are not included in the total funds raised, or in personal transaction histories. These issues are linked to the APIs used to access price and blockchain data. When it is not possible to connect to these, the display is left blank. We stress that there is nothing to worry about when this occurs: all investor funds are held safely in escrow, and all deposits are recorded on the blockchain. ETT balances are calculated from blockchain data, including timestamps. There have been reports of a handful of other people experiencing issues of various kinds for one reason or another, which are being dealt with on an individual basis. If you require any assistance, please contact us on the EncryptoTel Slack or email us on [email protected], and we’ll address it as fast as we can.

  • EncryptoTel:Development Update #1

    The success of our crowdsale to date means that we’re able to move forward on a number of fronts — something we plan to start doing immediately.

    Whilst there is still up to another 4 weeks left of our crowdsale, we have collected enough funding to know that we are in a strong position to move forwards with our business and development plan.

    To date, investors have been generous enough to back us with over $1.8 million. This total is subject to change due to the rapid rise in the value of BTC, and resulting volatility in the alts — we are also collecting WAVES, ETH and ETC. At the moment, funding is split roughly equally between BTC and everything else. Anyone familiar with the dynamics of the cryptocurrency markets will know that things can movevery fast, and although there are never any guarantees there is now a good chance we will meet our $3 million cap. If this occurs, the crowdsale will end and it will only be possible to buy tokens on the secondary market.

    Whilst the total we will collect is still unknown, the funding we have already secured has enabled us to start making key decisions. We are looking to hire new talent, including developers, and are also seeking the right country in which to register our company and offices. As well as the milestones detailed in our roadmap, we also have enough funding to begin development of our investor dashboard — more on this in due course.

    We are aware that some investors are still experiencing issues with the crowdsale portal. Many of these have now been addressed, though there are still some display problems with regard to certain balances. Whilst we wait for these to be fixed, we would like once again to reassure investors that all deposits are securely logged on the blockchain and all funds are safely held in escrow. If you are experiencing issues,please add your details to this formand we will aim to address them as soon as possible.

  • EncryptoTel crowdsale ends with the collection of $3 million!

    We would like to take this opportunity to say a very big ‘thank you’ to all of our supporters for making this project possible.

    The EncryptoTel crowdsale is over! The generosity of our investors and some extremely favourable market conditions have meant that we hit our $3 million cap before the formal end of the crowdsale.

    Demand for ETT proved overwhelming, and we are extremely grateful for all the support the community have shown us. In the coming weeks and months, we look forward to rewarding your commitment to us by working hard and disrupting a sector we believe blockchain technology has much to offer.

    The next step is a thorough audit of all deposits made during the course of the crowdsale, before the EncryptoTel Token is created on the Waves and Ethereum blockchains. You will appreciate that, as a one-off event, this is something that must be done right and can consequently take some time as the required checks are undertaken.

    Once this has been completed, investors will be able to withdraw their tokens from their crowdsale accounts. As a Waves token, ETT will immediately be available to trade on DEX, as well as Ethereum’s decentralised exchange. If you missed out on the crowdsale or were hoping to pick up more ETT, these are the best places to buy in the short term. We’ll be looking for further exchange partners and hope to announce additional listings as soon as possible.

    The cryptocurrency markets are extremely volatile at the moment, with BTC, WAVES, ETH and ETC experiencing significant movements in price. Due to this factor, it’s likely that the dollar equivalent of the funds collected will fluctuate above and below the $3m mark. We also understand that display issues have prevented some investors from making deposits. In recognition of these factors, will will be leaving the crowdsale open for a final 24 hours, before closing it for good. We consider this the fairest way of ensuring investors all get a chance to commit funds, without unduly diluting our market cap.

    Once again, thank you for your support and we look forward to a bright future together!

  • EncryptoTel crowdsale: update #3

    We have come to a solution that we believe will be mutually acceptable for all parties: buying back and burning a proportion of ETT using the additional funds collected.

    After our surprise over-funding at the end of the EncryptoTel crowdsale, we have worked to try to find a solution that keeps as many of our stakeholders as possible happy. Initially, we thought we would conduct a vote to see whether we should return the 1 million WAVES to the investor, and never issue those ETT. However, this has flaws: it imposes a one-size-fits-all solution on the whole community, meaning that it would likely upset almost as many people as it pleased.

    A better solution, we believe, is to set a buywall using a proportion of the additional funds. If holders prefer not to remain in the project, they can exit their investment without loss. However, if they decide they would like to stay on board, believing the additional funding to be a benefit to the project, there is no onus on them to do this. Decisions can be made on an individual basis.

    Any tokens bought back in this way will be burned, removing them from the market permanently. (Burning is a straightforward matter — the tokens can simply be sent to a provably unspendable address.)

    It is not yet clear how many investors will choose to sell their tokens in this way. Initially, we propose to place a buywall of 200,000 WAVES for ETT, using the Waves DEX. This is important for several reasons:

    • The additional investment was made in WAVES, so this is the currency we feel we should use to buy back ETT.
    • We do not want to place this amount of funds on a centralised exchange, where it could be stolen. As a peer-to-peer exchange, the Waves DEX is completely secure.
    • It will be possible to trade tokens on DEX immediately after distribution, without waiting for exchange listing.
    • We want to foster greater adoption for Waves.

    We hope that the buywall will prove sufficient to allow dissatisfied investors to exit their stake, whilst instilling confidence for the rest of the market.

    The buywall will remain in place for one month after token distribution. Should it become necessary to use more funds to buy back ETT, we will of course consider doing this and will set a buywall of up to another 200,000 WAVES. On the other hand, if ETT trades above the buywall for an extended period of time, we will take this as evidence that holders are, by and large, happy with their investment given the new circumstances.

  • EncryptoTel audit and distribution

    Now that our crowdfund is over and we are preparing to distribute the EncryptoTel Token (ETT) to investors, we wanted to update you about what will happen next.

    The first step is to hold a thorough audit of all deposits and confirm that token balances are correct. We are aware that there is still a display issue affecting the ICO portal, and want to reassure investors that balances are calculated directly from the blockchain, using the amounts transferred and block timestamps to determine any bonuses. We are currently working on the audit with the Incent team.

    When we are satisfied that everything is in order and we have established the total supply of ETT, the token will be created. Investors will be prompted to register an address within their ICO login areas, and we will begin to process withdrawals. We will send out further instructions about this nearer the time. We hope to start enabling withdrawals within a week or so, pending the completion of the audit.

    You can find more information here: https://medium.com/incent-loyalty-blog/encryptotel-the-next-steps-bcfe5ffef9c2

  • EncryptoTel (ETT) Token balances fixed

    It’s now possible to view your final token balance within the EncryptoTel ICO portal, pending withdrawals being enabled.

    Investors will be aware that the ICO portal used for the EncryptoTel crowdsale has been affected by display issues, which have meant that it has not always been possible to know how many tokens you own. These have now been addressed, and final ETT balances should now be displayed correctly.

    Please log in to your ICO area to view your balance. (It may take a few minutes to update, because the portal needs to connect to nodes for all four blockchains — Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Waves and Bitcoin.)

    If there is still an issue with your balance, please fill in the form to let us know and we will take a look as soon as possible. Investors should remember that ETT balances are not recorded by a database in the portal: they are calculated directly from the amounts deposited on the different blockchains. The blockchain is therefore the final arbiter of token balances.

    We will shortly be enabling distribution, and will post further instructions beforehand.

  • EncryptoTel distribution in progress

    We are now distributing EncryptoTel Tokens (ETT). The process is well underway but, with over 1,300 investors, will take some time to complete. Distribution of ETT is now in progress. Many, many hundreds of withdrawals have already been requested (700 so far, of which over 300 have been processed), and each and every one of them is being double-checked before the tokens are sent to their recipients. This is a time-consuming process, but there is simply no substitute for doing it manually. Each time a new payment is requested, the total is checked once again before sending it out. We consider this vital to ensure that tokens are distributed properly, with no inaccuracies — because this is crypto, there’s no going back once a transaction has been made. We have around 1,320 investors in total, though experience suggests that many will delay in requesting their tokens. The good news is that the start of distribution unlocks our escrow balances, meaning that we now have the resources to start moving forward with the new phase of EncryptoTel’s existence. We are hiring new people and setting up our offices, and in due course we will register a company as a legal entity and carry out the other tasks that will make us a real-world business. Due to the additional money we collected at our crowdsale — and the remarkable appreciation in these funds thanks to a spectacular rally in the crypto markets — we can look forward to both accelerated and more extensive development of the core product. As agreed after we experienced a last-minute surge in funding, we will be setting a buywall using 200,000 of the additional WAVES we received, with a current market value of over $1 million. The average ICO price of ETT was 0.000047 BTC, so we plan to use a bot to set the buywall and dynamically adjust prices in WAVES. This will take place on Waves’ DEX, where tokens can be traded directly against WAVES, along with the other benefits that come with a decentralised exchange. (Because we will need to code the bot, this buywall will not be set for up to two weeks.) We are also actively exploring listings with other exchanges, though to date only Tidex has confirmed. As ever, input from the community to confirm interest in the token is welcomed. We’ll be updating the community on how distribution is going, so you will know when your withdrawal should have been processed. We’re always available in Slack to answer questions, and if you think there has been some issue with your token distribution then please drop us a line.

  • EncryptoTel: Development Update #2

    Hello everyone,

    We wanted to post a short update about our recent progress and development.

    Our team is currently working on the personal investor dashboard, where every investor will be able to track the company’s activity and vote on certain key decisions, for those instances where our team needs to resolve a controversial activity. At the same time we are working on our pre-release software, as stated in our roadmap.

    Additionally, we are continuing to hire talented developers from around the world. We have hired one senior and one middle (UI, UX) designer, who have already started working on a new version of our main website and other interfaces, including mobile applications. These are joined by two front-end developers. We will soon post some pictures from our development office, and will put the new team members on our website, along with other updates.

    Token and bounty distribution

    As of this moment we are pleased to inform the community that we have already distributed ETT to >80% of our investors. We are aware of the issues that some of our investors are having. Incent have promised us they will resolve most or all of these this month. We and Incent apologise for this inconvenience. After all issues with investors have been resolved, we can start distribution to those who took part in our bounty campaign. We plan to do this at the beginning of next month.


    We are in contact with a number of exchanges and hope to see ETT listed on them soon. At this point, we know that ETT will trade on the Waves DEX and Tidex.com. If you would like to show your support for ETT, please tweet to other exchanges with the hashtags #ETT and #EncryptoTel. The process of being added to new exchanges is slightly more complex than usual due to the dual blockchain nature of the token.

  • EncryptoTel (ETT) An Important Update #3

    Dear EncryptoTel community,

    We have been glad to see how our community has supported us throughout this difficult situation, as the investigation into the hack remains ongoing, and I would like to thank you all once again for doing so. Our community is a critical part of EncryptoTel, right from the start, and so we are hugely appreciative of your continued patience.

    As CEO, however, I understand just a ‘thank you’ is not enough, and so would like to reassure you that there will be a bonus for every investor who still holds our tokens. We are naturally keen to resolve all these problems as soon as possible.

    Development Our long-term investors do not need to worry about our product timeline. Everything is going according to plan in our roadmap. Very soon you will be able to see the look and feel of our new Investor dashboard, as well as various other exciting updates.

    Starting from 10 July many of our new developers will start in our office, at which point we will make a video for our investors to see where we are working.

    Waves tokens Since the majority of Waves assets are safe, and the loss will not be borne by investors, you do not need to do anything.

    Ethereum tokens Holders who have the Ethereum asset should simply wait and hold their ETT. We will post further instructions shortly.


    Roman Nekrasov, CEO of EncryptoTel

  • EncryptoTel (ETT) An Important Update #4


    Our investigation has come to a conclusion. We are 100% certain the fault lies with Incent.

    We have enclosed the report of our colleagues from the laboratory of Zerion, who helped to conduct the investigation. We expect Incent to publicly apologize to the EncryptoTel community, and accept full responsibility including financial damages.

    Here is the report on the investigation into the hacking incident: >>>

    ETH token

    The hacker has returned the 38 million stolen ETH ETT tokens, likely as a result of our statement of intent to re-issue the ETH ETT token. All tokens are now accounted for and secure as you can see here. Trading will be re-enabled on Tidex soon.

    Waves token

    As a reminder to Waves ETT token holders, you do not need do anything. Trading will be re-enabled on Waves-DEX and Tidex soon.


    We will be resuming distribution in the next few days. We will be doing it personally, and not relying on a third party. The bounty distribution process will begin right after that.

    Aleksey Kuznetsov, CTO and co-founder

  • EncryptoTel (ETT) Weekly update

    We want to thank all of our investors for their continued support and patience. Development is going very well and soon your ETT tokens will be getting used as the fuel for our entire EncryptoTel PBX ecosystem. We want to touch on some key points below:

    Distribution Distribution is currently 93% complete. We have 7% of tokens still not distributed. A lot of these cases have not yet set a withdraw address. If you have submitted a withdrawal request and still have not received your ETT tokens, contact support ([email protected]) and we will resolve it ASAP.

    Buywall As promised by our CEO Roman, we will set a buy-wall of 200k Waves (~1m$ at this moment) between Waves DEX and Tidex ETH ETT market. Investors who want to sell their tokens will able do so at the static ICO price (0.00004700 BTC). This buy-wall will be active for 2 weeks, or until it is depleted, whichever happens first. This should be happening sometime in the middle of the next week. We will notify all one day before that date.

    Bonus The bonus promised to the EncryptoTel community will be distributed after the buy-wall has run it’s course. We are still finalizing the mechanics of it. We plan to distribute 1% extra from our team reserves as our apology for the long distribution. Full details will be released in the next two weeks.

    Bounty We really appreciate the efforts of all our Bounty Campaign Members who supported us throughout the ICO and beyond. We plan start bounty distribution at the end of this week. You will receive your rewards right on your addresses that you gave us during registration.

    Regards The EncryptoTel team

  • EncryptoTel (ETT) weekly update #2: roadmap and buywall/exchanges

    Dear EncryptoTel investors,

    Thank you for your patience as we finish distribution of our token and prepare arrangements for the next steps. We have three pieces of news that we think will be of interest to the community: a detailed roadmap, an update about the promised buywall and preliminary news about exchange listings.

    Roadmap We have created an infographic of a detailed timeline for EncryptoTel’s development. It is our intention to meet these milestones at the times stated, although of course, it is never possible to guarantee deadlines in advance. Nonetheless, we think these steps are manageable and realistic. You can see the full development outline in the image below.

    Buywall Secondly, many of you have been asking about the buywall that we said would be set to allow investors to sell their tokens if they were unhappy about the overfunding we received in our crowdsale. This buywall will be placed on the Waves DEX and on Tidex.com tomorrow at 13pm Moscow time. 200,000 WAVES will be used to buy back ETT tokens, which will then be burned to reduce supply. Waves token users can sell wETT on DEX, whilst Ethereum token holders will be able to sell their eETT tokens for WAVES on Tidex. The bid price for the wall in WAVES will be calculated automatically at the equivalent of 0.000047 BTC per ETT.

    Exchange listing Lastly, we are in contact with a number of exchanges, and our managers are trying to stay in touch with every exchange that might want to add us. We are also working on our side with exchange integrations from the technical point of view.

    Today, C-CEX added our Ethereum token eETT — see https://twitter.com/CryptoCurrEncyX/status/885823860414828545

    Trading, deposits and withdrawals are all operational. You can trade ETT on C-CEX here:  https://c-cex.com/?p=ett-btc. We hope to have more exchange announcements in the future.

    Kind regards,

    The EncryptoTel team

  • EncryptoTel appoints Head of Product Design and BA

    EncryptoTel has appointed Antonina Muradeli, former Head of UX & Design Department at UCS Original Software, as its Head of Product Design and BA.

    Roman Nekrasov, CEO of EncryptoTel:

    “We are very happy to welcome Antonina, who joined our constantly growing team. Her long-term experience in UX-design and market implications of B2C/B2B products are very important for us and our developing products.”

    Antonina Muradeli has a long-term experience designing for various projects in different industry branches. For the last 5 years she worked at HoReCa sector for UCS Original Software (their software works in 47 countries all over the world).

    Having a deep experience from concepts developing to full implementation of UI design, projecting user scenarios of interaction on different platforms, Antonina blends process of product design with broad research of future users experience.

    EncryptoTel team believe that this unique combination of skills and mindset will help develop an ambitious product, capable of conquering international market.

    “One of the key advantages of Encryptotel is our team — young and dynamic, united by progressive ideas and modern approach to telecommunications”- she says.
    “Our team is set to create bright and living products of the future, capable of pushing the evolution of VoIP technology. Today, when security and total anonymity are the main criteria of successful business, our product is demanded. Finding the right balance between functionality, logic and emotional design is a key for memorable and positive experience, and we are on the right track.”

    As a passionate leader, Antonina looks forward to work closely with development, sales, marketing and support departments to determine the distinct path for Encryptotel products.

  • EncryptoTel (ETT) - Version 0.1.3: Change log

    Hello, we are progressing on making our product better…

    1. Fixed a page redirection after a session timeout. 2. Fixed a shopping cart request confirmation and animation. 3. Fixed a bug in the shopping cart, allowing the shipping cart to reset after canceling any item. 4. External number can be deleted now.  5. Implemented validation after adding an extension. 6. Fixed a bug not allowing phone numbers to appear in the marketplace after being put in the shopping cart. 7. Integrated the EncryptoTel account creation on the main page. 8. Fixed a refill page issues not allowing to make a payment or change payment amount. 9. Fixed a bug allowing to create a duplicate of a department in the company section after deleting the original. 10. Minor bug fixes.

    Thank you all for support and bug reports. Keep them coming!

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