Using MyEtherWallet with WINGS

  • How to add WINGS in MEW as a custom token

    Following a successful deployment of the WINGS smart contract recommendation to the Ethereum main-net, below is a short guide on using MyEtherWallet for accessing your WINGS tokens. Lets get started.

    1. Go to and click on ‘Send Ether & Tokens

    2. Select ‘Mnemonic Phrase’. In the ‘Paste/Type Your Mnemonic’ input field, paste in your WINGS account seed (make sure you do not copy any extra spaces or newlines, and that the account seed has only 12 words and no capital letters). Now, click ‘unlock

    Unlocking account using mnemonic passphrase (account seed)

    3. In the ‘Select HD derivation path’, choose the third option (custom) and enter the following HD derivation path: m/0'/0'/0' . Now, select the first address and click ‘Unlock

    Using the right derivation path when unlocking Wings accounts is critical

    4. Now that you are in, all you need to do is click Add Custom Token’ on the left side under ‘Token Balances’ and fill in the required information as following: Address: 0x667088b212ce3d06a1b553a7221E1fD19000d9aF Token Symbol: WINGS Decimals: 18 Lastly, click Save’.

    Adding Wings as Custom Token on MyEtherWallet

    5. You will now have your WINGS token balance shown in the MEW UI, under ‘Token Balances’. Sending WINGS tokens is as easy as selecting ‘WINGS’ from the drop-down to the right of ‘Amount to Send’.

    We have provided you account with a small amount of Ether, so you can start sending your WINGS tokens right away!

    Making a Wings Transaction on MyEtherWallet

    We hope that you found this guide useful and as always, we thank our amazing community for their continuous support.


    If your balance is still a zero, try another method to access your tokens:

    a. Go to!/home/user/recover

    b. Enter any email and password combination (remember the password!), and the seed passphrase

    c. Click on the My Account icon

    d. Click on “Show Private Key” button and enter the password you previously used e. Copy the resulting private key f. Go to MyEtherWallet, Send Ether & Tokens g. Choose the second option — Private Key

    h. Enter the private key you have copied, your tokens amount should be displayed correctly now.

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