VOISE [VSM] A fair platform for musicians Ethereum Smart Contract

  • About Voise:

    VOISE think the creation of a decentralized platform that gives 100% of the revenue to the creator of the content is the solution to this problem. How we will accomplish to build this platform will be explained in detail further do wn in this document.

    Voise build an anonymous an d decentralized platform using blockchain technology and a person alized token based on ethereum ’s smart contract ecosystem for the transactions of the platform. W e acknowledge that a high consu mer base of the music industry doesn't know about cryptocurrency or blockchain, t hat's why we plan to accept fiat currencies in the future , to attract more users and get them to care about cryptocurrency by being tolerant towards fiat currency but giving p rivileges to those users and artists that accept cryptocurrency as payment method we will promote i t s usage. At current state the platform itself works like a wallet, you can either transfer your funds to accelerate the purchase of content at the expense of paying double the amount of gas since it needs two transactions instead of one or sending the required amount directly to the artist, this will require you to access your wallet and manually make the transaction. This system may be improved in the futur e and we are open to user suggestions, we expect the technical aspects of the platform to get better and better as the number of users, content and transactions grows and we get more feedback.

    Token and monetization 

    “Voisiums” [VSM] are the currency of the VOISE platform, they are used to purchase content.

    Built around ethereum's smart contract technology, the user is free to store the tokens on his personal desktop wallet or the VOISE platform to speed up the process of purchasing content like explained above in the platform section.

    You can trade the Voisiums like you would with any other cryptocurrency.

    The price of the content is decided by the original artist, we can’t make any predictions until the crowdsale is over and artists start using the platform.

    Artists can offer a free sample of their songs so possible buyers can listen at least a part of it before making the decision of purchasing it.

    A 30 second sample should be enough.

    Artists could also offer their content for free and ask for donations.

    We will be happy to introduce new ways of monetizing content for artists as soon as the platform grows.


    Detailed Roadmap:

    α phase 

    The alpha phase is the beginning of the VOISE platform, aimed at cryptocurrency users that will help us build the best decentralized music platform.

    It includes the crowdsale itself (which will be explained in detail later), the exchange acceptance that will enable our users to trade their tokens and the development of the platform clients.

    All our clients will be opensourced once the development has progressed enough. Users are free and encouraged to create clients for their favorite platforms and we will reward those users that contribute to the VOISE project.

    The website will start being centralized for convenience but the source code will be published on our github under GPL so everyone is free to host the web client on their domain.

    β phase

    The beta phase includes different measures that aim to open the VOISE platform to users that are not very familiar with cryptocurrency and attract them to its usage.

    This includes but it’s not limited to: 

    Translations. We will encourage and reward users for their contributions translating our platform to the greatest amount of languages possible. This will open VOISE to everyone in the whole world both artists and users and get them to know what is VOISE about.

    At the moment, our bitcointalk announcement has been translated into ten different languages. By checking other similar projects, we estimate that our platform will be available in nearly twenty different languages during the first year and will grow progressively.

    There won’t be a lot of text to translate, just the simple interface of the different clients of the platform.

    Fiat currency acceptance. In order to promote the VOISE platform between artists and users that are not very familiar with cryptocurrency we would like to make it easier for them to pay and get paid with their country's currency if they want to. 

    We plan to give benefits to artists and users who use VOISE tokens to promote the usage of cryptocurrency but both artists and users  will be free to use their currency.

     We will achieve this once we have a big enough user base by partnering with some cryptoexchange service that is happy to set a deal with us.

    Publicity campaign. Once the platform is translated to many languages and we can accept different currencies we will start promoting the platform to non-cryptocurrency users, we will achieve this by contacting many news channels and people from the music industry, all our deals will be explained and publicly available in the VOISE development blog.

    We want to maintain a public relation with our community, users will be informed and maybe asked to vote for some decisions regarding the future of the platform and its business.

    VOISE musical events. If the fund are enough and users support it, we will organize concerts and events for the most voted artist that wishes to participate in a convenient yet to be known place for all VOISE users to enjoy.

    Customization options. Customization option for artist profiles will be added, everyone will be able to create their own theme for their own profile for free or donate to VOISE development to access an existing list of themes.

    γ phase

    The gamma phase will be inaugurated with a public meet up, we'll invite developers, journalists, artists, users and investors to guarantee a bright future for VOISE and its users.

    Meet up (γ phase inauguration). Once we have a high number of users we would enjoy meeting our users, artists and possible investors at a VOISE conference to discuss about the future of the platform.

    We think it would be fun to invite our most popular artists to a party and hear their opinions about the development and business of VOISE as well as their music.

    Support. At this point the platform has a pretty big user base so we will employ people as dedicated support for the platform to answer any questions and solve any problems our users might experience. This includes the next point:

    Anti-piracy moderation. We will employ moderators to complement our automatic piracy detection system.


    The crowdsale is the process of raising funds for the development of the platform by selling Voisiums (for more information on Voisiums refer to “the token & monetization” point).
    Everyone can check how and when this funds are spent on the Ethereum blockchain. We will release a weekly report on the current state of development on our blog.
    The start date of the crowdsale is the 6th of May 2017 at 2:00 AM (GMT). It ends the 6th of June 2017 at 2:00 PM (GMT).
    During the first 16 hours since the publication of the contract, tokens will be 25% cheaper.

    Crowdsale summary

    Expectations of funding for the realization of the roadmap

    Some points of the roadmap, especially the publicity campaign and the physical events require a lot of funding. The following explanation tries to estimate the amount of funding the crowdsale would need to reach to complete each step of the roadmap.

    • 7500 ETH RAISED

    We will develop all the clients for the platform.

    • 20000 ETH RAISED

    We will have enough funds to finance publicity campaigns to promote the usage of the platform within people that don’t have a lot of knowledge about cryptocurrency. We will be able stablish a way of accepting fiat currencies as explained above in this document.

    • 60000 ETH RAISED

    We will be able to employ fulltime support and moderators. We will implement a DAO like platform so our users can decide on the future of VOISE.

    • 130000 ETH RAISED

    With this amount of funds we will be able to organize meetups, concerts and other physical events.

    • +200000 ETH RAISED

    There are enough funds to complete everything on the roadmap and invest in the promotion of the platform with important artists and much more, maybe proposals by our own users.


    Estimations on what will the crowdfund funds be used for.

    • Field

    Portion of the budget

    • Maintenance


    • Development


    • Marketing


    • Moderation & support



    Our crowdsale is based on the Ethereum smart contract system, to learn more about smart contracts refer to the ethereum’s github documentation.
    The smart contract will be published on github, every statement below can be verified by yourself by check the smart contract code once it’s published or before purchasing any tokens.
    Our crowdsale requires a minimum of 1.2M tokens sold (7500 ETH). If this amount is not reached, funds are returned to the investors.
    This can be seen in the following section of the code:

    /* if the funding goal is not reached, investors may withdraw their funds */
    uint public fundingGoal = 1200000; //minimum number of tokens to be sold
    /* maximum amount of tokens to be sold,(investors) */
    uint public maxGoal = 92000000; //maximum number of tokens to be sold
    This function allows the fun funders to withdraw their funds if the goal has not been reached.
    function safeWithdrawal() afterDeadline {
    uint amount = balanceOf[msg.sender];
    if(address(this).balance >= amount){
    balanceOf[msg.sender] = 0;
    if (amount > 0) {
    if (msg.sender.send(amount)) {
    FundTransfer(msg.sender, amount, false, amountRaised);
    } else {
    balanceOf[msg.sender] = amount;} } }
    During the first 16 hours since the publication of the contract, tokens will be 25% cheaper. This means 200VSM per Ether. This can be verified in the following section of the code:
    /* there are different prices in different time intervals */
    uint[2] public deadlines = [1494093600,1496757600]; //unix timestamps
    uint[2] public prices = [5000000000000000 ,6250000000000000 ];
    Tokens are sent automatically by the contract once the purchasing transaction has been verified. The received funds are stored in a multisignature wallet.
    function invest(address receiver) payable{
    uint amount = msg.value;
    uint price = getPrice();
    if(price > amount) throw;
    uint numTokens = amount / price;
    if (crowdsaleClosed||now<start||safeAdd(tokensSold,numTokens)>maxGoal) throw;
    if(!msWallet.send(amount)) throw;
    balanceOf[receiver] = safeAdd(balanceOf[receiver],amount);
    amountRaised = safeAdd(amountRaised, amount);
    if(!tokenReward.transferFrom(beneficiary, receiver, numTokens)) throw;
    FundTransfer(receiver, amount, true, amountRaised); }
    The tokens that don’t get sold will be burned using the following function. We will also burn the VOISE TEAM dedicated funds to be proportional to the 5% of the total supply.
    /* checks if the goal or time limit has been reached and ends the campaign */
    function checkGoalReached() afterDeadline {
    if (tokensSold >= fundingGoal){
    fundingGoalReached = true;
    tokenReward.burn(); //unsold tokens are burnt.
    GoalReached(beneficiary, amountRaised); }
    crowdsaleClosed = true; }


    Technology entrepreneur

    Ivan Rossetti ( [email protected] )


    Backend developer

    Isaac Rodríguez ( [email protected] )


    UI & graphic designer

    Ying Hao Chen ( [email protected] )


    Useful Links:


    Whitepaper (English):

    Whitepaper (Russian):

    Whitepaper (Indonesian):

    Whitepaper ( Chinese):

    Social Links:






  • VOISE - The value of VSM tokens

    To determine the value of the VSM tokens we first have to look what are they useful for, and that’s buying content on the VOISE platform.

    What gives VSM tokens its value?

    The supply of tokens

    There’s a maximum supply of 100M tokens but chances are most tokens won’t be sold in the crowdsale, if the tokens left are burnt that will make a lower supply of tokens, increasing its value.

    The supply of content in the platform

    With a limited supply of tokens artists will have to adjust the price of their content.

    Let’s say the average music album is sold at 10$. At the current price of 1VSM = 0,00625 ether and 1ether = 93$ each token has a value of 0,58125$. That means a 10$ album would cost around 17VSM but if artists decide to start selling their content cheaper, with the same amount of tokens you are able to get more content thus increasing the value of the tokens. If the value of the tokens increases, artists lower the price of their content, increasing the value even more.

    While the supply of tokens is static and limited (won´t change after the crowdsale ends) the supply of content is not, making it very difficult for VSM to get a stable price, most likely will get a big boost once the platform is full of content.

    Inclusion of fiat currency and internal exchange

    As we have explained many times one of our main focuses is to attract people who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency and get them to know about it through music. We want users to be able to pay and get paid with fiat currencies while they learn more about crypto so they can jump into it in the future. This is one of the main points that differentiate us from other similar projects and one of the most important in relation to the VSM value. We have yet to know how will this affect the price but hopefully in a positive manner, more details about the exchange and fiat currency will be released once we set a final deal with our partners that are helping us setting this up.

    Trading & speculation

    During the stage of development, every change could attract more users and increase the VSM value as stated in the point above, since every token holder is free to sell their tokens and getting VSM listed on some big exchanges will be our priority during this month is possible that traders will increase and decrease the price by speculating about the popularity of the platform until it reaches a more stable stage.

    +30,000$ RAISED IN 14 hours

    How to get VSM tokens?

    Current crowdsale stats

    16:48 GMT STATS


  • Contribute with BTC to the VOISE  crowdsale

    Crowdsale starts 6th May 02:00 GMT and finishes 6th June 14:00 GMT.

    To hold VSM tokens you will need a wallet that supports usage of smart contracts like: Parity, Mist, MyEtherWallet, etc.

    To send the bitcoin amount you can use any wallet.


    BTC CROWDSALE ADDRESS: 1EZsyRxUpvNjMm1iujz4vfvYve1qnTuYjT

    Step1: Access ico.voise.it

    Step2: Fill the form.

    Step3: Send the amount of btc you wish and we’ll send the tokens to your ether wallet.


    VSM token contract address(No crowdsale): 0x82665764ea0b58157E1e5E9bab32F68c76Ec0CdF


    Step 1: Click on “Send Ether & Tokens” and access your wallet.

    Step 2: Click on “Add Custom Token”

    Step 3: Fill the required information.


    Step 1: Open your wallet and click on contracts.

    Step 2: Click on watch token.

    Step 3: Add the required information.

    Click OK and you should be able to see your VSM balance.

    Thanks a lot for support VOISE .


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