​ New Pool for Karbowanec (KRB) Карбованець - Cryptonote


    Our new Karbowanec (KRB) mining pool is now live!


    Karbovanets — is electronic cash, Ukrainian national cryptocurrency, just like Bitcoin but anonymous thanks to Cryptonote technology. The karbovanets has been a distinct unit of currency in Ukraine during three separate periods. Nowadays it is obsolete and replaced by Ukrainian Hryvnia. It is resurrected in digital form of cryptocurrency as people's electronic cash not connected to government or officials. No one owns or controls Karbovanets. Only you control your funds and are responsible for their security. You can send and receive Karbos without any intermediaries and authorities — everything works in decentralized and distributed computer network. You can earn Karbos as a reward for securing network providing your PC's recources.


    Get the offcial wallet here:

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