New Battlestars coin ( BATL )

  • Battlestars Coin (BATL) is an experiment in public/commercial blockchain ventures.

    It was distributed earlier this year by the burning of Bitstarcoins as a way to create a vested interest for participants without resorting to an initial public sale or 'ICO'.

    While still a public network, based on a fork of Blackcoin's PoSV3 codebase, its primary purpose will be to provide the basis for the digital-token component of a commercial app in development by a private group headed by forum member, 'T3CLtd'.

    With a number of the team members from existing public/commercial collaboration, Bitstarcoin (BITS), working together on this project, the goal is to successfully develop and manage a viable working relationship which aims to release the finished app as a functional product incorporating Battlestars coin tokens.

    Due to the exclusively commercial nature of the app development, additional information concerning its details will not be released until ready for beta testing.

    The dev team for BATL has committed to work alongside the app's commercial team where blockchain-dependent practical and technical issues may need to be addressed as the project progresses. Rather than being contractually tied to the commercial project, however, they will be operating by way of community consensus through the implementation of modifications and/or forks which might be necessary for providing a stable and functional basis for this coin-network's ongoing inclusion as a key component of the app.

    The coin will be put on suitable exchanges by its development team in order for a market-led public price to be established and set. Due to the experimental nature of this project, however, it must be considered an extremely speculative cryptocurrency market, with no guarantees being given either that the app will be successfully released as a fully-developed commercial product, nor that the coin will automatically be included in a released app should the technical or practical conditions not be suitable.



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