VIVACoin (VIVA) The future of finance & your financial future

  • What is VIVA?

    VIVA is a unique blockchain project with a technical design that evolves beyond Proof of Work, Proof of Stake and Distributed Proof of Stake.

    VIVA introduces a concept called Proof of Authority; a system that delivers instant transactions and seamless consensus. Our CTO, William Banks contrasts various models in his Game of Chains article published on Steemit.(1) But to summarize, Proof of Authority disposes of certain egalitarian notions involved in weaker consensus models and replaces them with cryptographic signature proofs and business contracts enforced by the network and also backed by the network.


    VIVACoin blockchain differs from run of the mill fare as well.

    Designed to be a multidimensional graph rather than linear like a traditional chain. Under this design the VIVA Network is more akin to neural networks, with linked, weighted, interconnected data and an optimizing mechanism which solves the NP hard “traveling salesman problem”, in order to reroute the network into multiple optimal configurations depending the tasks required of it.

    By drawing from information in our Content Addressable Network (CAN), the VIVA ecosystem allows for a more robust and intelligent network. Rather than reinvent the wheel, VIVA takes advantage of hundreds of millions of dollars in research and investment by starting off with a custom fork of the powerful Hyperledger Fabric, which is backed by the likes of IBM and Intel. Our version is called Ultra Ledger.

    VIVA has a three-tier cryptocurrency model consisting of VIVA Crowns, VIVA Coins and market-pegged instruments we call vX which are tied to local fiat currencies for storing value like vUSD, vMXN or vEUR, etc. VIVA Crowns are an indivisible digital asset secured by the best cryptography available. They grant the owner rights to access the network, operate a business referred to as a mint, and receive a Treasury Right (TR) every 90 days to mint a share of the total VIVA coins allotted within that quarter.

    A mint can be thought of as a hybrid between a master node and a mining pool. A mint can do any businesses activity except minting VIVA Coins to sell on the open market.

    By having funds first flow through a business activity it helps to put a breaking pressure on supply growth and thus increases the value and utility of each coin minted.

    In the VIVA world we do not mine coins, we mint them. Our VIVA Crown holders hold the key to exclusively mint new VIVA coins into the market. The supply is set by Crownholders every 90 days and is a mechanism to keep the price of VIVA Coin orbiting around a price target. Currently this target is $5.50 +-10%. Crown holders who do not operate a mint can sell their quarterly Treasury Rights to other mints who need them to cover their operational expenses.

    VIVA Crowns and ICO details


    After the ICO only 1 VIVA Crown will be created each week as part of the settlement procedure between mints. Only 42,000 will ever be created. We believe they will become treasured financial assets.


    Every quarter each VIVA Crown Holder receives a Treasury Right to mint an agreed upon number of VIVA Coins (the base currency in the VIVAconomy). These rights can be sold to a mint if you so desire.


    Every quarter an amount of VIVA Coins generated by transactions in the VIVAconomy is set aside for worthy causes. As a Crown Holder you have the right and privilege of naming a recipient.


    Each VIVA Crown Holder has one vote (regardless of the number of Crowns she may possess) in all of the important decisions that affect the VIVAconomy. No one has more influence.

    VIVA Crowns are the drivers of our economy. VIVA Crowns are extremely rare. There will only be a total of 10500 Crowns available with the ICO, with only one Crown discoverable per week after that. No more than
    42,000 Crowns will ever be issued. To date, 4000 have been issued to early investors and developers; 6500 new Crowns will be offered during our ICO beginning May 1st, 9am PST. The ICO will conclude on May 21 at
    11:59 PST or when all Crowns are sold. Crowns will begin at a price of  200 VIVA, with prices increasing by 1 VIVA for each subsequent Crown.

    Building upon our growing ecosystem we are launching several projects powered by the VIVA Network:

    TradeQwik is our crypto/fiat exchange and gateway to being a VIVA Crown owner; MedicAxess for streamlined, centrally located medical records; Cashola, a global peer-to-peer payment system using SMS technology; POETS (Proof of Educational Transcript Service), an application for higher education through open courseware initiatives, and Votabit, our solution for global election fraud through open source voting systems.

    An overarching goal of this project is that participating worker nodes have the potential to earn a living income with just a backgrounded application running on their computer.

    Powered by the VIVA Network. TradeQwik is the crypto/fiat exchange and the primary gateway in and out of the VIVAconomy. As the first operating mint on the evolving VIVA Network, it is currently live, in beta, and you can sign up at . As Team VIVA prepares for our debut and ICO on May 1st, TradeQwik is polishing the platform which will serve as the staging ground for the VIVA ICO.

    The TradeQwik exchange is the official wallet of both VIVA Crowns and VIVA Coins. Post-ICO the developers of the VIVA Network will be releasing individualized VIVA wallets in several languages including Spanish, German, and Russian.

    All transactions on TradeQwik are done using the network’s token VIVA Coin. Current exchange pairs being offered for trading are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Steem, Dash, Golos, XAU/GBG (mg. gold), USD and MXN. By the time of the ICO, TradeQwik plans to have all of the top ten marketcap coins listed on the exchange for seamless trading into and out of VIVA.

    Cashola is a peer to peer payment system that utilizes SMS text messaging instead of apps. With funding from the ICO, we will be getting money transfer licenses in place allowing our Network to take a slice of the trillion dollar remittance industry without over complicating it for new users. This solution is based on the fact that many people throughout the world do not have smart phones or reliable internet but they do have cellular service.

    MedicAxess is an application that will be a game changer in the medical industry. Our initiative is to have all medical records tied to the individual rather than scattered between medical clinics, hospitals, labs, and care providers. Individuals will be empowered to control who has access to their records when they seek medical care. The unique thing about MedicAxess is that all medical providers will be allowed to store medical records safely on the network for free. There is a small fee charged when retrieving records and this fee must be paid in VIVA, thereby setting up a way for people to offset their medical bills with VIVA earned by donating their computing resources to help others.

    POETS, an acronym for Proof of Educational Transcript System, is an exciting application for higher education. What differentiates POETS from other proposed blockchain-backed open course-ware initiatives is that all courses will be from accredited institutions. A condition of institutional participation requires that credits be considered fungible between participating institutions. In short this means that students are allowed to cherry pick courses and instructors from a myriad of institutions taking only the very best, and most rigorous courses, then banking these credits over a lifetime. The student may “cash them in” when they feel they are degree ready and the issuing institution agrees.

    This is a sea change in the way education is handled at the student level. Students become life-long learners and demonstrate this competency with a full transcript which is as mobile and fluid as the individual.

    Votabit is our solution to global election fraud and a move to more direct democracy throughout the world. Votabit will first be a platform where citizens store their electronic digital signatures for occasions which call for signing local referendums, recalling elected officials not doing their job, and direct impact on the policies shaping their communities. Plans also include offering open source voting systems that will be sold to states and government actors moving to provide time-stamped, secure, transparent elections backed by blockchain technology.

    These projects are just the tip of the iceberg that are road-mapped for just FY1. We have more in the works and just want to show you a few of the cards we’re holding right now.

    The VIVAconomy and Society

    The Why

    We believe that the VIVAconomy™ can significantly improve the lives of billions of people all around the world.

    As technological advances in automation and robotics increasingly reduce the need for unskilled labor, billions of human beings are facing the harsh reality that their position in society is slowly eroding away. In America this is producing an epidemic of despair related disease, financial loss and a heavy toll on our social safety net, while in other areas of the world the same forces are leading to poverty and malnutrition.

    Meanwhile, our financial system, based on nineteenth century paradigms and power structures, feeds off of every transaction that occurs.

    In the VIVAconomy, thanks to the streamlining of the system, these transactional costs are instead employed to provide two essential functions to every Vivo™: a stable recurring revenue stream and a participatory share in a long-term financial asset that can help guarantee a sustainable retirement.

    The How

    Each participant in the VIVAconomy (Vivo) has two VIVAcoin™ accounts provisioned inside their VIVA wallet. First they have a VIVA current account which is analogous to a checking account. Funds from your current account can be spent at businesses that accept VIVAcoin, withdrawn from a VIVA ATM or by using a connected Mastercard debit card. Second, each Vivo has a participation in the VIVA Liquidity pool. This VIVA liquidity pool account is analogous to a savings or retirement account and accrues dividends over time. Vivos can pass funds between the two accounts.

    But where do the VIVAcoins come from?

    Every transaction that occurs in the VIVAconomy generates a dividend that is partially returned to each and every Vivo based on their participation in the VIVA Liquidity pool. This means that the more you save, the greater the dividends that you will receive.

    Individual Vivos can earn VIVAcoins in several different ways. The simplest way is to install a worker program on their computer. This process cedes unused computational, storage and network resources to the VIVA network in exchange for VIVAcoins. These resources are then sold to businesses that need economical computing resources.

    Vivos will also be able to earn VIVAcoins by participating in the VIVA social network that we will be launching. By publishing content, engaging and voting for content the Vivo demonstrates his or her humanity and in exchange receives VIVAcoins.

    Over the upcoming months we will be launching a series of powerful new blockchain applications that will allow Vivos to earn VIVAcoins.

    The How Much

    How much can a Vivo earn?

    This is a complicated question to answer. Our goal is to reach the point where each Vivo is able to receive a sustainable living wage thanks to his or her participation in the VIVAconomy.

    Obviously, this will take time and effort and will depend on a number of critical factors:

    1. How many Vivos are participating in the VIVAconomy.

    2. How many transactions are occurring in the VIVAconomy.

    For this reason every participant in the system has a vested interest in seeing it flourish and prosper. The more transactions that are processed in VIVAcoin the more everyone in the economy receives.

    Similarly, as we onboard new business applications that harness the VIVAconomy infrastructure, the more influx of outside currencies we will see. This will also generate more dividends.

    The When

    When will this begin to be real? It already is!

    With the ICO of the Tier-1 VIVA Crown coins the fundamental architecture of the system will begin to operate.

    The Tradeqwik™ Exchange is already operative in beta.

    The ATM Network has been functioning successfully in two physical locations for over a year. The agreement with a reliable Mastercard provider is in place.

    VIVAconomy Technical Summary

    The VIVAconomy is an enterprise level blockchain ecosystem
    with its own unique cryptocurrency layers. We have designed
    it to be the first “open, market-driven currency.” Unlike other
    cryptocurrency projects the strength of the ecosystem
    depends on the efficiency of the entire system instead of the
    popularity of the coins.
    By combining the best ideas from the financial and
    blockchain sectors, we have been able to implement a
    streamlined economic engine that equitably returns
    dividends to all participants.
    The VIVAconomy has a custom-built exchange and
    cryptocurrency gateway called Tradeqwik. Here consumers,
    businesses, and professionals can exchange cryptocurrencies
    for traditional fiat currencies or other stores of value. Unique
    features of this blockchain powered exchange include
    lending, saving and margin. TradeQwik is already live and in
    beta. See
    The VIVAconomy also provides the infrastructure for a global
    peer-to-peer network to offer compute, storage and
    networking features. It is designed to evolve and offer
    additional services targeted to the financial, healthcare and
    manufacturing sectors as well as small business merchant
    processing services.
    The custom VIVA wallet is built with the highest levels of
    cryptography. The wallet also serves as money transfer
    remittance platform.
    The core VIVA platform will also serve as a peer-to-peer
    blockchain marketplace and social media content
    management platform. Vivos receive VIVAcoins for both their

    computer processing power on the network as well as
    creative content on the social media platform. The
    VIVAconomy has a built in retirement account for all Vivos
    that pays daily compounded dividends.
    Finally, the VIVA system includes deploying custom ATMs.
    The first two VIVA multi-coin ATMs are installed and
    operating in our Baja Mexico test region. The first one is in
    downtown Tijuana at the Imaxess medical hospital, and the
    other is in the La Fonda Hotel and Restaurant. Both ATMs
    dispense the local fiat...Mexican pesos.

    Benefits of the VIVAconomy

    Bitcoin taught us that there is great value in being able to
    move money without interference by corporate and political
    However, the VIVAconomy goes far beyond that. In fact, it is a
    whole new way of looking at money.
    At its core is a cryptocurrency that recognizes money as just
    another form of energy.
    Money is just economic energy. When it's not put to useful
    work, it rapidly loses power. Put another way, the only value
    that money really has, is what you can buy with it. Unlike
    other cryptocurrencies you may have considered investing in,
    the VIVAconomy by definition has real world uses and users,
    not just speculative “use cases”.
    If the VIVAconomy includes a global distributed network
    providing on demand, storage, compute and networking
    services, what makes it different from other projects that
    provide similar services?
    For each of the coins that provide compute, storage or
    network services, this is the ONLY thing that they do. The
    buck stops there for those coins. As the value of these
    services decline, so will these so called “currencies”. For the
    VIVAconomy, these are just the first of a series of real world
    applications that will provide a genuine influx of value into
    the VIVAconomy.
    For example, our system looks at the market completely
    differently than say Filecoin, or Golem. The VIVA ecosystem is
    already engineered to evolve far beyond those services and in
    fact, the primary end users of VIVA are not going to be your
    typical person seeking those services. Instead, businesses are
    incentivized to connect to and leverage the power of the
    VIVA network, and in most instances, function as resellers for
    specific niches. VIVA is seamless and transparent to the end user.

    More importantly, the VIVAconomy is designed to be
    appealing and useful to the general public. With an exchange,
    wallet, easy on-boarding as a worker node, savings account
    with daily dividends, social networking platform that pays
    users for content, and gateway to fiat currency, VIVA is
    positioned to make the cryptocurrency crossover to the
    general public and create a whole new economic engine
    placing the people at the center of governance.
    The VIVAconomy's economic engine is made up of five key
    components: VIVA Crowns, VIVA Coins, vX , the VIVA
    Liquidity Pool and the Tradeqwik exchange.
    Unlike other projects, we do not mine coins, instead in the
    VIVAconomy we mint coins.
    The five fundamental components within the VIVA system
    interact in a way that creates a global economic system that
    is sustainable, valuable, robust, and most importantly,
    The second tier VIVAcoin supply is directly impacted by
    price, or more precisely, by its purchasing power parity. If the
    price is too high, the supply increases in response,
    conversely if the price is too low then the supply will respond
    by contracting in order to bring the price back into range.
    This is managed by the VIVA Crown Holders.
    VIVA Crowns are the tool we use to help ensure the price
    stability of the VIVAcoin currency. Each VIVA Crown holds a
    Treasury Right to mint a set supply of VIVAcoins each week
    that is determined by the consensus of all Crown Holders. So
    by purchasing a VIVA Crown, you are purchasing the ability
    to create a Treasury Right and basically a license to print an
    allocated amount of VIVA coins each quarter.
    There is no other currency that operates in this way
    anywhere in the world.
    However, the oil market is comparable. Oil prices are partially
    driven by the collective pricing decisions of OPEC member
    nations, who execute a similar function. When the price of oil
    is too low, OPEC nations agree to cut production in order to
    to raise the price and when the price is too high, OPEC
    nations increase production in response.
    The US Federal Reserve system also functions in a similar
    manner to VIVA.

    A Three-Tiered Stabilized Digital Currency Framework

    Until now all digital cryptocurrencies have suffered from extreme volatility. Since they operate on the fringe of the financial system, they have traditionally been subject to very strong speculative forces

    This volatility has contributed significantly to their reputations as “risky investments.”

    To solve this problem, the VIVAconomy™ is scaffolded around three digital currencies: VIVA Crowns™, vX and VIVAcoins™.

    Like the heavy counterweight at the foot of a tall crane, VIVA Crowns provide the VIVAconomy with the stability needed to be perceived as a reliable, safe place for Vivos™ to store value.

    vX are integrated financial instruments that allow any Vivo to store value pegged to a specific amount of external currency. For example 1 vUSD is the number of VIVAcoins equivalent to $1 USD. The vX are redeemable at their face value in the specified currency at any time regardless of the fluctuations of the value of VIVAcoins

    VIVAcoins, the third tier currency in the VIVAconomy, is the primary operating currency within the system. All transactions are settled in VIVAcoin which means that these are the coins that businesses and people will use in their daily lives.

    To accomplish this in the VIVAconomy, the owners of VIVA Crowns collectively play a very significant role. Their duty is to regulate the supply of VIVAcoins so that the market price stays within an agreed upon range. If demand is high, Crown Holders will mint new VIVAcoins to assure that the price does not skyrocket. Similarly, if the price is falling below the desired range, Crown Holders will collectively reduce the supply of VIVAcoins in the market, thus bringing the price back up.

    This vital regulating process, which is controlled by an open, democratic and transparent VIVA Crown Holders is the key to providing longterm financial stability to the entire universe of Vivos.

     As mentioned in the introduction, VIVA currency is an “open market driven coin”. This means that it trades against numerous crypto and fiat pairs in an open and free market. This allows easy transitioning into and out of the currency

    As long as the price is +-10% of the current target, the currency trades freely and the network will not interfere. However, if the price rises above 10% of the target or falls below 10% of the target, then and only then does the network take corrective action.

    In the event the price is too high, the network will implement a negative interest rate. This negative interest can be thought of as a bonus, allowing more VIVAcoins to be minted as is needed in order to drive the price of VIVAcoin within the target range.

    If the price is too low, then the network will implement a positive interest which could even go above 100% in order to mint a reduced, or in some limited cases, even a negative amount of VIVAcoin and mop up the excess liquidity.

    The VIVAconomy also has other mechanisms in place to contract supplies and keep the price within targets. One of these is a “fee burning” mechanism wherein the network fees are burned. Freshly minted VIVAcoins which do not move, and sit unused for over a year are deleted.

    Similarly, formerly active VIVAcoins which have sat inactive and unused for over five years are removed from the system. This does not occur if the VIVAcoins have been put to work as vX or staked into the Liquidity Pool.

    VIVAcoins are money that must be spent, must be used, because money is only worth whatever you can buy with it.

    Crown Holders collectively determine how much VIVAcoin will circulate by setting a target price and a target market cap. This happens once a week and once it is set, the Crown Holder can issue Treasury Rights (TRs) and sell or even rent them. TRs can only be “called” or “executed” by mints, which

    then use them to pay worker nodes and other expenses. These expenses are settled directly in VIVAcoin.

    You’ll notice that at no time do we allow the coin to dump recklessly into the market. If a Crown Holder chooses not to issue a Treasury, then an amount of VIVAcoin equivalent to a Treasury right allotment is credited to their liquidity pool account, thus building a buffer or reserve of currency. This is important because there may be times where all TRs are minting negative amounts of coin in order to meet pricing targets and a negative minting Treasury deducts coins from the liquidity pool balance of the Crown Holder.

    If VIVAcoin were a typical cryptocurrency with regular mining pools, this would be financially devastating. But in the VIVAconomy, each mint must be attached to a business activity. As a business activity, this negative minting period is just a cost of doing business. The buffer that the Crown Holder builds up from not exercising or selling their TRs, helps to offset these periods. In truth negative minting is the most expensive way for a business to acquire coin. It has limited utility, i.e. it can only be used to cover existing miners on existing contracts. The fee is significant and this fee is being burned in order to pull excess coins off the market. It is wiser for someone who is currently negative minting, to purchase the coins it needs on the open market rather than try to mint them. This is because the only time negative minting occurs, is during times when the price has been below targets for an extended period of time, meaning that the coins are under priced in the first place. This can be enforced with smart contracts which can be attached to TRs, causing the business to buy VIVAcoin on the open market automatically during periods of negative minting, thereby preserving crown holder reserves. In this way, we ensure that the people contributing resources to the VIVAconomy, are always able to cash out their earnings without fear of being caught in a slide. In other words, we ensure price stability for the people who need it most. Likewise, all of this is a HUGE boon for speculators. We fully expect VIVAcoin to become the world’s most actively traded currency by speculators and have built the TradeQwik exchange specifically for speculators and market makers

    The VIVA Liquidity Pool:

    As explained earlier, when a Vivo signs up to be a member of the VIVAconomy, he or she will be provisioned with two accounts - a VIVA current account and a VIVA liquidity pool


    The VIVA current account is used for immediate spending while the VIVA liquidity pool account is for longterm savings. The sum of all the VIVA liquidity accounts of all Vivos comprises the global VIVA Liquidity Pool.

    For an economic engine to be successful it must be strong, robust and sustainable over the long haul. The VIVAconomy is designed with four distinct components that work together to achieve this stability and dependability: VIVAcoins, vX, the VIVA Liquidity Pool and VIVA Crowns.

    The liquidity pool is funded entirely by individual Vivos and acts as the people's voice in the VIVAconomy. 

    All VIVAcoins that are minted in the VIVAconomy are first borrowed from the global liquidity pool.

    The liquidity pool charges the mints interest for this and maintains a spread between what it charges in interest and what it pays in dividends. 

    This spread is split into three parts:

    50% to liquidity pool participants as a dividend

    25% to the VIVA Awards Committee 

    25% to the VIVA Social Media Platform.


    The first 50% of the spread is immediately paid
    proportionally as a dividend to each Vivo

    in the liquidity pool. If your account is in compounding mode,
    this is used to acquire more stake in the pool, otherwise it's
    credited directly to your current account in your wallet to spend
    as you wish.
    The Fundamental Purpose of the VIVA Liquidity Pool
    It is important to note that the principle purpose of the VIVA
    Liquidity Pool is to provide each and every Vivo a longterm
    financial asset that can guarantee them a sustainable living wage.
    A Vivo's liquidity pool account can be set to one of two modes:
    compounding mode and withdrawal mode.
    When in compounding mode all dividends and awards are used
    to increase the Vivo's stake in the global liquidity pool. Like a
    traditional retirement account, this balance is compounded daily
    and with time will convert itself into a sizable asset.
    When in withdrawal mode dividends are directly deposited into
    the Vivo's current account along with a target daily income. This
    money can and should be spent.
    For example, our present target is $5.30 per hr. Or 24 VIVAcoins
    per day.
    Dividends in retirement mode are paid first and then your
    account is drawn by the remainder.
    In this way you always have an income you can rely on and
    basically everyone sees about the same amount daily for life
    if they've been compounding for 10 years or more.
    If the dividends exceed the target then they are used to buy
    back into the LP to offset future dry spells.
    This target amount is set once a week by Crown Holders.
    This works out to about $127.20 per day and you get this so long
    as you are active in the system and it pays daily until your
    liquidity pool balance is too low to support you anymore.
    The reason for using this system is to give Vivos a useful amount
    of money daily without making anyone uber rich. Also it
    dramatically reduces any incentive for hoarding since 10 years of
    daily compounding on a couple of dollars daily should net about
    a 30 year draw down.
    This works out to $3862/mo or $46.3k annually.
    It is important to note that no one can instantly cash out their
    stake in the liquidity pool. This rule makes sure that the overall
    stability of the VIVAconomy is secure and that no single player or
    group of players can undermine the viability of the entire system.

    VIVA Crowns, Treasury Rights and Crown Holders

    VIVA Crowns™ are the tool we use to help ensure the price
    stability of the VIVAcoin currency.
    Crowns are extremely scarce, only a limited supply will be
    sold during the ICO. After the ICO, only one Crown is
    created per week.
    The total number of Crowns that will ever be minted is
    This scarcity serves two fundamental purposes. First, given
    that VIVA Crowns are very hard to come by, Crown Holders
    will be very reluctant to sell them. This is a secondary
    stability guarantee for the VIVAconomy as a whole. Second,
    this assures that the Crown Holders will not become
    unwieldy and ungovernable.
    Treasury Rights, TRs or simply Treasuries, are a literal
    license to print money in the VIVAconomy. Each VIVA
    Crown holds a Treasury Right to mint a set supply of
    VIVAcoins each week that is determined by the consensus
    of all Crown Holders.
    By purchasing a VIVA Crown in our ICO, you are purchasing
    the ability to create a Treasury Right and thus a license to
    print an allocated amount of VIVAcoins each week. This
    Treasury Right can be assigned, rented or sold to a mint.
    TRs are time limited, over a span of 90 days. During that 90
    days owners are entitled to mint one Crown’s worth of
    VIVAcoins which can be used for any business purpose.
    For example, if there are 100 TRs in action and you owned
    10 of them, you would have the authority to mint 10% of all
    the VIVAcoins during that time period.

    VIVA Coins and Mints

    VIVAcoins™ are the primary currency within the VIVAconomy.
    They are also the settlement layer for the VIVA blockchain
    In the VIVAconomy, VIVAcoins are not mined. Instead, they are
    minted by an authorized VIVA mint. A mint is the VIVAconomy's
    equivalent of a mining pool. In our system we don’t use proof of
    stake, or proof of work. Instead, we utilize “proof of authority” to
    generate new currency. This authority comes from ownership of
    a Treasury Right, aka TR.
    Every Mint must have a Treasury Right to operate and is
    required to be connected to a business activity to operate. This
    business will leverage the VIVA network by using and paying for
    it’s competitively priced infrastructure. The Treasury Right can
    also be leased out to businesses for an interest payment if the
    Crown Holder chooses not to run their own business.
    The reasoning behind this structure is to assure that the
    VIVAcoin is relatively price stable. It isn’t pegged per se, but it
    does orbit a value. This value is set by the Crown Holders, and is
    presently set at $5.30 USD per VIVAcoin.
    Why $5.30?
    This figure was selected as a starting value because it is the
    average amount of money earned per hour by an average person
    living in a first world economy. It was derived by dividing the
    average annual household family income by the annual
    household size and then dividing it by 24 hrs in a day, 7 days a
    week and 52 weeks in a year.
    We expect it to stay around this value, but Crown Holders are
    welcome to change this value to whatever they believe is fair
    market utilizing their votes.

    Worker Nodes & The VIVA Computational Network

    We all know money is power, and power is money.
    With Airbnb, we were able to monetize our houses.
    With Uber, we were able to monetize our cars.
    Now with VIVA you can monetize your computer!
    When you agree to cede unused computing resources from your
    computer to the VIVA network, you are converting your computer
    into a worker node. You can think of it as using your computer as an
    employee that you put to work. All worker nodes receive their pay
    directly into their VIVA liquidity pool account.
    The VIVAconomy is a new economic engine that has been designed
    to put power back into the hands of the people worldwide. Power
    over their money, power over their economy, and most importantly
    power over their lives and destinies.
    All of this power is easily harvested by utilizing the collective power
    of our computers.
    By simply adding a lightweight, backgrounded, and isolated
    application to your computer, you have just turned it into an
    employee in the VIVAconomy that constantly earns you money. The
    application is isolated in its own container (separated away from
    your personal data) and only utilizes unused computing resources
    to solve complex calculations on the VIVA network, paying you for
    your contributions.
    When your computer is idle (or mostly idle from normal use), there
    is a lot of wasted processing power that never gets used. The VIVA
    network takes advantage of the unused resources on your computer
    and puts it to work solving complex calculations, processing
    transactions, and providing services to the VIVAconomy.
    As easy and simple as this may sound, at the same time you become a

    hero. You are now part of creating the very thing that will give
    power back to the people - their own economic engine.
    This is the simplest way for you to become a part of VIVA.
    For most people to earn and spend a dollar, knowledge of the
    entire Federal Reserve and central banking system is
    unnecessary, and the fact that they can earn and spend the
    money is all that matters.
    When you register your computer into the VIVAconomy, you
    will be given an electronic wallet with two accounts: one for
    immediate spending, and another account linked to the VIVA
    liquidity pool. (The liquidity pool is a lifetime retirement
    account that pays daily dividends.)
    Once you are setup in VIVA, your computer will signal to the
    network that it is available to complete tasks. These tasks
    include retrieving data, storing data, and networking between
    computers. (Remember, this is all done in the background with
    no effort on your part.)
    On the VIVA network, “Mints” will announce a task that needs
    to be processed. If your computer is available to complete
    tasks on the network, those mints can utilize your spare
    computing resources and will automatically deposit VIVAcoins
    into your wallet for each task completed.
    To simplify and keep things streamlined, all transactions within
    the system are done in VIVAcoins.
    When you are ready to spend your money, the VIVA ecosystem
    makes it easy.
    By allowing you to send money, purchase goods and services,
    etc. instantly from your VIVA wallet, transitioning your
    VIVAcoins into the traditional economy is fast and easy.
    First of all, VIVAcoins can be transferred to any individual or
    business on the VIVA network. Need to send or receive
    payments in another currency? You can easily convert
    VIVAcoins to almost any other form of currency right within
    your wallet via a built in exchange feature called TradeQwik.
    From there, you can also load a VIVA issued Mastercard debit
    card and spend your money anywhere Mastercards are
    You can also access your electronic wallet directly at VIVA
    enabled ATM’s worldwide!

    VIVA Blockchain Technology

    The technological underpinnings of the VIVAconomy are, by
    necessity, far more complex than those of a traditional
    Not only does the ecosystem include three interrelated
    currencies, “VIVA Crowns” (VC), vX (vUSD, vEUR, etc) and “VIVA
    Coins” (VIVA).
    The economy's prime mover is TradeQwik - a fully functional
    multi-currency online exchange. An entire software suite
    engineered to provide seamless functioning of the VIVAconomy
    via effortless on/off ramping, and exchanging between the
    ecash world and the “real world”.
    To accomplish this the VIVA team has built our base from a
    foundation utilizing some of the world's most innovative
    blockchain technologies, then raising the bar by an entire order
    of magnitude.
    Core functionality of the VIVAconomy is derived from the open
    source “Hyperledger Fabric”, we have innovated significantly
    over their architecture to the point where it is effectively it's
    own project.
    UltraLedger, began with a fork of the Hyperledger Fabric
    codebase, and incorporates the ability to perform seamless ndimensional,
    on-chain graphing. In fact, using the term
    blockchain doesn't accurately reflect the VIVA architecture at
    this point. It's more akin to an infinitely expandable graph
    database with the same cryptographic guarantees provided by
    more traditional blockchains, we just got rid of the drawbacks,
    by rethinking problems such as Byzantine Fault Tolerance.
    With UltraLedger, there isn't a single canonical blockchain.
    Instead, there is a mutual agreement of summaries. Simply put,

    the order of transactions isn't held in as high a regard as the fact
    that all balances work out correctly in the end.
    Unlike every other blockchain technology out there, so called
    forking isn't considered a bad thing. In fact, forks under
    UltraLedger are not only normal, but expected. Forks are just
    the blockchain evolving in different places at different times.
    UltraLedger is actually a data graph of immutable timestamped
    records. This is important to keep in mind. It's an ndimensional
    graph, not a chain and not a directed acyclical
    graph (DAG).
    Our graph is capable of efficiently searching across an arbitrary
    number of dimensions, because each data point is considered an
    atom of information in and of itself located within an n
    dimensional matrix. Attributes can be added and removed
    arbitrarily according to business needs, thereby providing
    arbitrary soft links between datapoints.
    In this regard a complete blockchain can be thought of as a
    large molecule like DNA or RNA whereas UltraLedger itself may
    be thought of as a complex organism made up of many different
    cells each with their own DNA.
    To better understand this we first need to establish some
    1. Channel: an isolated channel of communications. Each
    channel has its own rules and and can form its own
    2. Stream: a stream of data generated by the mixing of
    3. Fault Tolerance: the ability for the network to compensate
    when there is a lack of consensus. In the VIVAconomy the
    penalty for polluting the primary VIVA consensus stream
    with non-consensus data is severe enough to prevent it, but
    it's always majority consensus and the only players in that
    stream are the mints themselves.
    For all other streams, consensus is a by product of business
    logic of the stream creator and it is up to the players in those
    channels to determine for themselves if consensus is important
    and even what constitutes consensus on a given stream.
    The default block rate is 1 second per block and all messages are
    valid if signed by someone who has submitted a public key to
    the PKI stream. To compress this, only non-empty blocks are
    ever stored in a channel.
    Within the VIVAconomy there is a single channel "per coin", and
    a complementary channel "per pair". Orders are placed in the "per

    pair" channel, and gateways (such as the TradeQwik
    Exchange) deal in the "per coin" channels.
    Each of these channels is its own blockchain with its own
    rules. Gateways make the interaction between channels
    simple and seamless.
    TradeQwik is the first gateway, and its exchange logic is
    being ported to UltraLedger and will thus be utilizable by
    anyone wishing to develop a new gateway into the
    One of the primary handicaps that other cryptocurrencies
    like bitcoin have suffered under is the enormous computing
    resources necessary to maintain themselves.
    The multi-dimensional architecture of the VIVAconomy
    together with the power of a true graph database, resolve
    this fundamental problem. Worker nodes are able to
    assume small atomic work transactions that don't require
    knowledge of the entire universe of work.
    This allows us to offload these atomic units of work into
    partitioned workspaces of individual computers / miners.
    Thus, everyone in the economy benefits without the need
    to purchase, manage and administer huge server farms and
    complex installations.
    Our technological architecture is an engine that provides
    the power for our primary goals in society - providing a
    stable economy to all, a solid infrastructure for businesses
    to build on and a lifetime “living income” to all Vivos (people
    who utilize VIVA in their daily lives).
    If you are interested in a more in depth look into the
    technological underpinnings of the VIVAconomy, direct
    access to our team of developers is open to all VIVA Crown

    How we will use the funds

    VIVA is a lifetime project for all of us. We genuinely believe that
    we can have a significant positive impact on millions of lives
    around the globe. This is how we commit ourselves to using the
    funds we raise.
    Core VIVAconomy Development
    Obviously the first order of business is to bring to bear the
    necessary resources for building out the remaining infrastructure
    that is needed to make the VIVAconomy fully functional.
    Outreach and Mainstreaming
    In parallel as we release new functionalities, we will be launching
    ongoing outreach campaigns to help drive the on-boarding of
    Vivos and businesses that will accept VIVAcoin.
    VIVA Business Application Development Grants
    With over half a century of real-world experience under our belts,
    we fully understand the danger of becoming overextended.
    For this reason, we have decided to implement a series of VIVA
    Business Application Grants that will help finance talented groups
    of blockchain developers all over the world to develop
    commercially viable business applications that extend the reach
    of the VIVAconomy.
    These independent teams of engineers will not only gain direct
    access to the experience and wisdom of the core VIVA architects,
    but we will also collaborate in their promotion and rollout as the
    applications go live.
    These grants are one way that we wish to show gratitude to the
    amazing cryptocurrency community that we are so proud to be a
    part of.

    join the VIVAconomy?

    VIVA Crowns Starting at 1 BTC (approx.)

    For the Crypto Savvy...








  • Vivacoin (ViVa) #1 Goal Achieved

    The VIVAconomy has achieved its first viability goal!!

    We now have the funds to bring in the key resources needed to fulfill our phase-one roadmap.

    In fact, rumors have it that those strange rumblings heard from behind the palace gardens are actually the sounds of the giant VIVA turbines beginning to spin.

    There is no looking back.

    The price of VIVA Crowns continues to rise and with each new VIVA Crown Holder more initiatives for growing the VIVAconomy come flooding in.

    There are currently more than half a dozen groups who've expressed interest in opening VIVA mints in the near future.

    It's truly beautiful to see this all coming together.
    So, if you believe that an economy that works for all of us is possible, now is the time to come aboard.

    Visit for more information.


    @storyteller in chief
    Listen. Think. Do.

  • Current VIVACOIN  Situation - Next Steps

    To the VIVA and TradeQwik community:


    It is obvious that the hope and expectations we all have in VIVA have not yet been met by any stretch of the imagination.

    This reality has caused a slew of rumors and accusations to fly.

    However, in situations like this, opinions, rumors and accusations do not help.

    We need answers, we need truth and we need to know where our money is.

    So, straight to the point.

    Loughran, Sherry Dunham and myself have been asked to roll up our
    sleeves to attempt to get the answers (and money) that we all deserve.

    has an Accounting degree with over 20 years experience in the field.
    Her dedication to the VIVA project has been proven since she joined it
    over a year ago.

    Meredith is a social media and community
    advocate, as well as an active VIVA and Steemit member. Many of you have
    come to know her as a voice of reason and fair counsel for the health
    of the communities she serves.

    Most of you know me as the VIVA
    Storyteller. I have extensive business experience and have successfully
    led technical teams for many years.

    Our Goals

    Here are our primary objectives in this process:

    1. Run the numbers and obtain answers to the hard questions we all have.
    2. Request and then secure any and all assets.
    3. Communicate our findings with complete transparency via email, Basecamp, Steemit and the forum.

    founders, Dawn, Alec, and Steve have significant personal financial
    stakes invested in this project, as do Joe and Rick, who partnered with
    Steve in TradeQwik. Craig, the acting CEO of VIVA for several weeks also
    has invested a considerable amount into this project.

    All of them have a vested interest in seeing VIVA and TradeQwik survive and thrive through these difficult times.

    Let's not forget you, the VIVA and TradeQwik community, who have invested your time, money, and faith in the project.

    We all deserve better.

    Here is a list of exactly what we propose to do:

    1. Dennis will be the leader of this effort and will have ZERO access to any funds.
    2. Sherry and Meredith will act as custodians for all funds and other assets. Funds will not be released for any reason without a consensus approval between the three of us. Additionally, ledgers of these accounts will be published on a regular basis, to ensure transparency and honesty.
    3. Steve has agreed to answer all questions and make himself available to us and the community.
    4. A request will be presented to Joe and Rick to transfer exclusive access of all VIVA and TQ funds to Sherry and Meredith until our audit is complete. To ensure transparency, all funds recovered and held by us will be accounted for and published with weekly updates. Crypto tokens will be searchable on their respective block explorers.
    5. A request will be presented to Alec for the paperwork with regards to Galaxy Vault.
    6. A request will be presented to Alec to account for the VIVA ICO funds which he had possession of and managed.
    7. A request will be presented to Dawn to account for any VIVA funds which were in her possession and managed.
    8. A request will be presented to Steve to account for any VIVA funds which were in his possession and managed.
    9. A request will be presented to Joe and Rick to account for any TQ funds which were in their possession and mananged.
    10. We will build a database that will allow people to check their stated and audited balances by using their VIVA IDs. No names or emails will be published publicly. This database will include all transactions occurred up until the 4th of January.
    11. We will audit all Tradeqwik accounts. We have identified an initial number of 1257 accounts.
    12. Our discoveries and accomplishments through this process will be posted weekly through our official channels: email, Basecamp, and Steemit @vivacoin. Links will be provided on Facebook and Twitter in order to reach the broadest audience.

    PLEASE NOTE: Though we have requested the recuperation of funds and information regarding funds, we cannot force
    anyone to comply, nor will any of the three of us. This is not within
    our power, nor the scope of this audit. We can only hope that all
    concerned parties will collaborate. Rest assured that we will openly
    disclose any lack of cooperation.

    Here are some of the questions we plan on answering (not necessarily in this order):

    1. How much money has been and can be recovered?
    2. Were company (and/or) customer funds (combined with) personal funds?
    3. Who were receiving salaries, how much were they, and how were they paid?
    4. What were VIVA's legitimate business expenses?
    5. What were TradeQwik's legitimate business expenses?
    6. Were customer funds mismanaged?
    7. Were company funds mismanaged?
    8. Was there a bug that was causing Tradeqwik to lose money? If so, how much was lost and who benefitted?
    9. Did anyone erroneously take or receive funds?

    Please understand that this is going to take time and effort, but we have already begun to make progress.

    During this process we have decided to separate all accounts into 4 groups:

    1. PARTNERS - all those who have had, at some point in time, an equity stake in VIVA or TQ or considered themselves to have had one. This group includes Dawn, Steve, Alec, Joe, Rick, Dr. Padilla, Craig, Emmanuel. If we can identify direct family members of these people, they will also be included in this group.
    2. EMPLOYEES - everyone who has at some time received a salary from VIVA or TQ.
    3. CUSTOMERS - everyone else
    4. SPECIAL - test accounts, internal accounts, market bot, etc.

    We have also decided to separate all assets on TradeQwik into the following groups:

    1. Gateway currencies (gVX) - BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, STEEM, SBD, GOLOS, USD, MXN
    2. Non-Gateway currencies (iVX) - All the BITCOIN, ETHEREUM....
    3. Viva Assets - VIVA, Crowns, TREASURYRIGHTS,...

    Here is the data that we've been able to discover up till this point:

    Total Number of Accounts by Type:

    1. PARTNERS - 9
    2. EMPLOYEES - 14
    3. CUSTOMERS - 1228
    4. SPECIAL - 6

    we review accounts some may be reclassified, but this is the initial
    data and gives you a pretty good idea of the scope of this endeavor.

    Of the total CUSTOMER accounts here is how they break down by STATED balance in total gateway currencies:

    Over $50K:          1
    $10K to $50K:    3
    $5K to $10K:       4
    $1K to $5K:        14
    $1 to $1K:         737
    less than $1:    469

    understand, these are the stated balances on Tradeqwik - they have not
    been audited yet (and may be slightly or grossly understated or

    Here is how the total stated balances of gateway currencies break down by account type:

    CUSTOMER        196,094.6717352558877600 USD
    EMPLOYEE            48,401.4792901158107400 USD
    PARTNER             765,817.7769339847429400 USD
    SPECIAL               330,359.7383111150321800 USD

    These amounts have been calculated using the last market prices in the database, so take them with a grain of salt, please.

    initial review leads us to feel optimistic in stating that when this
    whole mess blew up there were sufficient funds in TradeQwik and VIVA
    accounts to cover all customer funds.

    We have also begun
    to put into place a clear process for auditing accounts. Fortunately,
    all trades are in the database and we now understand how to account for
    them. However, deposits and withdrawals in gateway currencies MUST be confirmed manually on the

    That will be our next effort in this process.

    In this effort, as a team, we do not work for VIVA or TradeQwik or any of their respective owners. We are doing this for the community.

    believe that right now we need clarity before anything else can or
    should be discussed and we promise to let the numbers speak for

    Hopefully, you agree.

    Best Regards,

    Sherry Dunham - [email protected]
    Meredith Loughran - [email protected]
    Dennis Lewis - [email protected]

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