Swarm City Dev Update May 2, 2017

  • With the announcement yesterday that Swarm City will release Boardwalk on June 15, 2017, for the first time the Dev Team is committing to a hard deadline. Last week marked a major update to terminal, and now that everything appears to be functioning as intended, the Dev Team can put almost one hundred percent of their focus on Boardwalk, with one caveat:

    As mentioned last week, the Terminal testers offered excellent feedback. Kiki was able to go through it all and organize it. She dismissed any feedback that has already been dealt with, and created tasks for feedback that will be incorporated into a future update.

    Dev Team Working together

    Both STΞFAAN and @faff_dee have been working on different elements of Boardwalk separately; application logic and frontend respectively. @Faffy_dee has been designing each screen and object users will encounter as they engage Boardwalk, while @sponnet has been writing the hashtag contracts. The contracts are what users will be able to “do” in a hashtag, like make a deal, and approve a service.

    But now, both devs are at the point where they are merging the design and the code together into a normal user story. What that means is there are certain actions and flows that a large percentage of users will normally do. It’s important to make sure these are functioning as expected. Once this is working and tested, they will begin to look at less likely, but still important user flows.

    Connect With The Dev Team

    As the world becomes more aware of Swarm City, people are naturally drawn to the project. These last few weeks developers are beginning to inquire about lending a hand. The Dev Team would like to encourage anyone interested in helping to just jump right in!

    They are always on the lookout for other developers who want to get involved. If you have Polymer or Solidity experience feel free to reach out to #devhive on the Swarm City Slack. You can get a peek at the project by reviewing Github, here, or if you’d like to be involved in testing new releases, please join #testersignup on Slack and read the pinned post for instructions.

    More to come next week. Cheers!

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