Radium Wallet Upgrade, SmartChain Voting and Radium Web Wallet

  • We are very pleased to communicate that the development of the SmartChain voting functionality is going well. We expect to start beta testing this on the Radium testnet in the following week. SmartChain voting will allow businesses and users alike to conduct “elections” recorded on the Radium blockchain; increasing the integrity, immutability and effectiveness of the election results. We believe this has a wide range of applications from shareholder voting to simple opinion polling. We will have more details on all this soon.

    Preliminary screenshot of SmartChain voting

    We have also been working on the Radium wallet upgrade. At this stage we are deliberating on what exactly to include in this upcoming release and what to leave out for the next release. The new wallet upgrade will increase the sync speed and allow users to temporarily ban “misbehaving” nodes with a high orphan block count among other things. We will have more exact details on this soon but we expect to release the new wallet sometime in late May to early June. This wallet upgrade will not change any consensus rules and will therefore not require a hardfork.

    Once the new wallet upgrade has been completed we intend to start developing a client side Radium web wallet. This will provide users with another implementation of the Radium protocol and allow users to access the Radium blockchain directly from their web browsers. Managing cold storage funds will also be made easier as the web wallet will allow users to generate raw transactions offline and reliably transfer them to an online computer with which users will then be able to broadcast the transactions onto the Radium blockchain. In future we would also like to integrate SmartChain functions into our web wallet. We are very excited to start working on this!

    — The Radium Team

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