PIVX Release Wallet​ v2.2.1


    PIVX Core version 2.2.1 is now available from:


    This is a new minor version release, including various bug fixes and performance improvements, as well as updated translations.

    Please report bugs using the issue tracker at github:



    PIVX Core is extensively tested on multiple operating systems using the Linux kernel, macOS 10.8+, and Windows Vista and later.

    Microsoft ended support for Windows XP on April 8th, 2014, No attempt is made to prevent installing or running the software on Windows XP, you can still do so at your own risk but be aware that there are known instabilities and issues. Please do not report issues about Windows XP to the issue tracker.

    PIVX Core should also work on most other Unix-like systems but is not frequently tested on them.

    Notable Changes

    Block Data Corruption

    Additional startup procedures have been added to fix corrupted blockchain databases. The majority of users that are experiencing #106 (ConnectBlock() assertion on startup) that have tested the new wallet have reported that their corrupt blockchain has successfully been repaired. The new code will automatically detect and repair the blockchain if it is able to.

    If users still experience corruptions with the new wallet and it is not fixed with the new startup procedures, it is suggested that they try using the -forcestart startup flag which will bypass the new procedures altogether, and in rare cases allow the wallet to run. If the database is not fixed by either the automatic procedures or the -forcestart flag, the user should resync the blockchain.

    Additional progress has been made to prevent the wallet crashes that are causing the corrupted databases, for example removing the Trading Window (explained below) and fixing several other minor memory leaks that were inherited from the version of Bitcoin that PIVX was forked from.

    RPC Changes

    • Exporting or dumping an addresses' private key while the wallet is unlocked for anonymization and Staking only is no longer possible.

    • A new command (getstakingstatus) has been added that returns the internal conditions for staking to be activated and their status.

    • KeePass integration has been removed for the time being due to various inefficiencies with it's code.

    Trading Window Removed

    The Bittrex trading window in the GUI wallet was problematic with it's memory handling, often leaking, and was overall an inefficient use of resources in it's current implementation. A revised multi-exchange trading window may be implemented at a later date.

    2.2.1 Change log

    Detailed release notes follow. This overview includes changes that affect behavior, not code moves, refactors and string updates. For convenience in locating the code changes and accompanying discussion, both the pull request and git merge commit are mentioned.

    RPC and other APIs

    • #130 ccb1526 [RPC] Add getstakingstatus method
    • #138 4319af3 [RPC] Require password when using UnlockAnonymizeOnly
    • #142 6b5cf7f [RPC] Remove Keepass code due to Valgrind warnings

    Block and Transaction Handling

    • #146 bce67cb [Wallet] Look at last CoinsView block for corruption fix process
    • #154 1b3c0d7 [Consensus] Don't pass the genesis block through CheckWork

    P2P Protocol and Network Code

    • #168 ac912d9 [Wallet] Update checkpoints with v2.2 chain
    • #162 0c0d080 Remove legacy Dash code IsReferenceNode
    • #163 96b8b00 [P2P] Change alert key to effectively disable it


    • #131 238977b [Qt] Adds base CSS styles for various elements
    • #134 f7cabbe [Qt] Edit masternode.conf in Qt-wallet
    • #135 f8f1904 [Qt] Show path to wallet.dat in wallet-repair tab
    • #136 53705f1 [Qt] Fix false flags for MultiSend notification when sending transactions
    • #137 ad08051 [Qt] Fix Overview Page Balances when receiving
    • #141 17a9e0f [Qt] Squashed trading removal code
    • #151 0409b12 [Qt] Avoid OpenSSL certstore-related memory leak
    • #165 0dad320 [Qt] More place for long locales


    • #133 fceb421 [Docs] Add GitHub Issue template and Contributor guidelines
    • #144 e4e68bc [Wallet] Reduce usage of atoi to comply with CWE-190
    • #152 6a1de07 [Trivial] Use LogPrint for repetitive budget logs
    • #157 41fdeaa [Budget] Add log for removed budget proposals
    • #166 d37b4aa [Utils] Add ExecStop= to example systemd service
    • #167 a6becee [Utils] makeseeds script update


    Thanks to everyone who directly contributed to this release:

    • Aaron Miller
    • Fuzzbawls
    • Mrs-X
    • Spock
    • presstab

    As well as everyone that helped translating on Transifex.

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