Chronobank Dev Update #8

  • ChronoMint

    A lot of work has been done since we first released the beta app. We have received many questions, issues and recommendations and are working hard to address all of them. The main innovation is provider-engine integration (just as MetaMask uses). Including this feature means that MetaMask, Mist browser or a local Ethereum node (geth or parity) are not needed to test out the beta. It is enough simply to provide a wallet file — as for MyEtherWallet, for example — and a password or mnemonic phrase. Any browser can be used, even on a mobile device or tablet.

    We have also significantly improved transaction processing logic, including the active transaction counter, automatic gas calculation and many more elements. Our design layout for ChronoMint is almost complete, and will be presented with the next release, which will be considered Release Candidate #1.

    We are still inviting everyone to play with the beta and provide as much feedback on outstanding issues, recommendations and use cases as possible. The most active contributors will be rewarded with TIME tokens.


    The platform architecture for LaborX is almost finished (see diagram). LaborX smart contract development is active, and the latest changes can be found in the GitHub repository. We have also taken the first steps for LaborX frontend design and development. The initial results will be announced shortly.

    Development tools

    We decided to move our smart contracts repository from git submodule to npm package. We have also set up and tested all the Truffle deployment operations using INFURA public nodes. We have found and fixed a raft of issues in Truffle and provider-engine repositories while testing.

    As a result we now have a Travis build pipeline which is automatically testing our smart contracts, deploying on Ropsten and Kovan testnets if master branch merge has been made, and automatically releasing npm package to npm repository. The next step will be frontend pipeline automation to automatically test and release build to IPFS with all the side procedures.

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