Aragon- Public Product Roadmap and Issue Reporting

  • Enhancing transparency in product development

    Often, product and software development is secretive and confidential until the official product launch. While this has the effect of building excitement, it can lead to unrealistic user expectations, development of products that are missing key features, and ultimately products that miss end-user needs.

    As a result, we believe it’s important to engage the community throughout the product development process — and this is what we’ve done while developing Aragon. The community has consistently provided valuable feedback and unique perspectives. From user interface design to our token model, feedback from the Aragon community has guided Aragon Core and Network development.

    However, the feedback received has been relatively unstructured, coming from a variety of sources (mostly our Slack channel and emails). We realized there’s a need for an easy, structured way for the community to contribute to the project.

    So today, we’re introducing the Aragon issues and idea boards on GitHub. These boards will help us efficiently collect and incorporate technical feedback into our Aragon development.

    See below for links to our GitHub boards, and post new issues using this link.

    Currently, we recommend using these boards for technical, code related feedback. For non-product related feedback (like our token model), we are still considering the most effective communication channel. Right now, the #feedback channel of our Slack community is the best place.

    Board with issues to be solved:

    Board with ideas:


    Luis Cuende Project Lead @AragonProject. Cofounded & Advisory Board @StamperyCo. @Forbes 30under30. HackNow Winner. Former Advisor to the VP of the EU. Freedom lover

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