The Unity Ingot | World's First Crypto-Mining Backed Token | Ethereum Smart Contract

  • About Unity Ingot:

    There are several different uses for th  hundreds of crypto-currencies available around the world. The purpose of our tokens is to create a store of wealth and they are considered to be a legacy asset.

    What this means is that they can be passed onto your future generations of family or friends as time goes on and they continue to grow in value.

    This token is very different than any other token or cryptocurrency available globally as they are backed by physical gold bullion and Bitcoin as it’s store of value.

    This is achieved by mining other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, ZCash, Lite coin and other lucrative alt coins that become available.

    Those currencies are then either stored and held or sold and used to purchase physical bullion/Bitcoin to back our tokens. The following information explains what the purpose of each token is and the detailed information about each.

    Introducing the Unity Ingot

    The History of the Unity Ingot

    How the Financial Side of The Mining Works: 

    The Magic to This Crypto-Token Is in How the Math Works!

    - As the directors of the Unity Token issue a block of tokens into existence, they are then sold through our partnering exchanges at market value and only when there is demand. A percentage of those funds goes directly into the infrastructure to mine the top trading cryptocurrencies. This includes the servers, the software, the staffing, the accountants, the building, the insurance and hydro electricity, etc.

    -Each mining server returns 100% of it’s cost within a period between 60 days and 1 year depending upon the cryptocurrency being mined at the time.

    - For every 5,000,000 Unity Ingot tokens are issued (A Block), The directors
    will dedicate 1x mining rig towards this token. The mining server specs
    were shared above.

    - Once all tokens are issued to members, this is what they can expect: 10,000,000,000 tokens issued divided by 5,000,000 to provide us with the number of servers the Unity Ingot will have as their base number of servers.

    The Base Number Will Be 2,000.

    • We multiply that number to the average cost of our servers while factoring in inflation and rising prices of $5,400. That gives us a total base cost of $10,800,000 for all servers being placed online.

    • The way our token is issued through the Ethereum Smart Contract basis, our total issuance is 10,000,000,000 tokens fully   diluted. We release these tokens at blocks of 5,000,000. Each time a 

    block is issued, a mining server is purchased and activated online so that the value of the coin grows at the volume of issuance. It is never our desire to hurt our own market by selling the released blocks when there is not enough market support or demand. Therefore, the speed at which the token will grow is at the pace of it’s demand. Noting this, that puts a base price of the mining server assets against the tokens at $0.00108 USD per token. From this point forward the price will continue to increase daily.

    •  If the ROI on these mining servers is between 2 months and 12 months, we will take the average rate of return at 7 months. In this example let’s just say that we invested this entire amount in the beginning to make it easier to understand…
    •  This means if the mining servers gave us a full 100% ROI on the investment of the equipment in 7 months and divided that total of $10,800,000 by the total number of days, these rigs would be paying out an average of $51,428.57 USD per day. (Keep it mind this is strictly approximate estimations.)

    How Those Earnings Are Broken Down

    As you are more than well aware, no business
    or venture operates without expense capital. When developing the Unity
    Ingot crypto-tokens we kept this thought in mind so that if our main
    business ever failed to exist our crypto tokens would live on for a much
    longer period. With this in mind, the following is how the costs of
    operations and growth are broken down.

    If we look at all mining rewards as earnings they are broken down as follows, 50%
    will be used to purchase the Bitcoin and Gold bullion that will back
    the Unity Ingot, 15% will be used to buy the Unity Ingots in the
    exchanges should members decide to sell, 15% will be reinvested into
    more mining servers so that the size of mining operations continues to
    grow with the amount of bullion also being stored against the Unity
    Ingot and 20% will be used for operations, expansions and upkeep.

    This is a self-sustaining tool of growth unlike anything every developed
    before. Consider it like a compounding interest model in the way that it
    grows in both daily mining abilities and the store of wealth on reserve

    The Balance of Funds That Are Applied to Operations Explained

    20% will be used towards operations and upkeep which will cover expenses
    such as hydro costs, keeping the servers operating and current so that
    they are always mining, insurance and staffing. 15% will be used to
    expand by purchasing more servers each month.

    By doing this The Unity Team provides a long-term path to growth and success without
    failure. Both the mining servers and the alt coins acts as the growing
    asset that fundamentally backs the Unity Ingot token and acts as our
    insurance model shall the cryptocurrency industry ever be shut down for
    unforeseen reasons.

    Essentially this means Unity Ingot will grow
    in a physical asset value of 35% or greater per year and never dropping
    below it’s initial value!

    We call it the
    Smart Digital Asset!

    Our Mining Rigs Specifications:

    • Ethereum mining rig – Ethereum, ZCash GPU – Ethos 230Mh/s 
    • Remote control from our main monitoring computers
    • Housed in our own buildings in Canada, the U.S. (Expanding into China and possibly Japan)
    • The Unity Team can mine different algorithms like Ethash, Equihash,  X11, X13, quark, quit, Scrypt, lyra2rev2, Blake, neoscrypt and more
    • AMD RX 54GB Video cards currently and will upgrade as necessary
    • Runs on 120V-240V AC


    • Custom 8 Slot Motherboard
    • CPU AMD
    • 4Gb of RAM DDR3
    • 64GB MSataHard Drive
    • Each Mining Rig uses a Power supply of 1600watts and uses only 1300w
    • The Uniqueness is this mining rig uses no risers!!! It plugs straight to the custom motherboard for better efficiency. 
    • 8 X AMD RX 54GB Video Cards per mining rig

    The Unity Mining Team is connected to three
    different mining pools for safety and being diversified in the mining
    sector. Watch for our videos explaining how and why we have structured
    our facilities in this manner. The rate of return at the time of writing
    this is between 60 and 250 days depending upon current crypto-currency
    prices and difficulties being mined.

    By mining these different
    alt coins we are able to acquire Bitcoin at a far cheaper conversion
    price than mining Bitcoin itself. By mining and converting to BTC on a
    daily basis we stay on top of the Bitcoin market as most popular alt
    coins fluctuate with the Bitcoin pricing changes. This allows our
    cryptocurrencies to grow in value without placing all our eggs in one
    basket per se. The locations of our mining gear and mining computer
    headquarters are kept quiet for obvious reasons but we look for the most
    cost effective locations based upon pricing, internet connectivity and
    price of electricity per KW/H so that we gain more for our investment.
    We house 500 mining servers per location so that if something happened
    to one location the entire network wouldn’t be down.

    note that when you see the conversions below we are using one of these
    completely configured rigs for each displayed ratio below.

    Named: Unity Ingot

    Created From: Ethereum Smart Contract Token

    Number of Tokens Fully Issued: 10,000,000,000

    Backed By: Bitcoin by mining Ethereum, ZCash and Alt Coins then sold to purchase the Bitcoin

    Purpose: This
    token was created to be an aggressive store of value. With the world
    economies in flux and uncertainty, we wanted to provide a token that the
    world can have confidence in and stand behind without being faint of
    heart. Thus, the name, Unity!

    Mining Ratio: For every 5 million tokens issued, The Unity Team will dedicate 1x mining rig to expand the mining operations.
    See below for details.

    How to Acquire the Unity Ingot: The Unity Ingot can be only acquired through our partnering exchanges. See below for details.

    Name: Unity Ingot

    Token Contract: Ethereum

    Token Standard: ERC20 + Custom Features

    Token Contract Address: 0x1a986F1659e11E2AE7CC6543F307bAE5cDe1C761

    Token Contract ABI:


    1. Download compatible wallet from official Ethereum Repository

    2. Open wallet, go to «Contracts» section.

    3. Scroll down, at «Custom Tokens», press «Watch Token»

    4. Copy 0x1a986F1659e11E2AE7CC6543F307bAE5cDe1C761 and paste to «Token Contract Address», everything else should fill automatically. Click «Ok».

    5. Now this wallet will support the Unity Ingot Token.








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