IOTA Weekly newsletter #3

  • It is time for another update and summary of the most important recent events in the IOTA realm. Since the last one there has been A LOT of new exciting developments.

    New Public Testnet & Bug Bounty

    The much anticipated new release on testnet is here, and we need you to actively participate in testing. If you discover any bugs there are iotas to be collected! Read more about this here.

    The 2 million dollar Ecosystem Fund

    If you are a developer, or know some developers that are interested in Distributed Ledger Technology or Internet of Things, then this is a great opportunity to make money while working at the bleeding edge of these fields. Apply here.

    New team members announced

    4 new core members of the IOTA Foundation has been revealed: Alon Elmaliah, Paul Handy, Alfred Keller and Sabri Goldberg. More will be announced soon.

    IOTA as the secure backbone of electronic Voting

    IOTA is being explored by researchers over at the University of Lancaster after receiving a EPSRC research grant. This effort also got Cybernetica, the company that introduced legally enforceable eVoting to the world in 2005 on board.


    We have been conducting numerous different stresstests lately to
    demonstrate and confirm the scalability capability of IOTA. So far we
    have achieved a higher throughput than any other public distributed
    ledger in history. A full report, as well as a much larger stresstest in
    collaboration with 2 large corporates will take place soon to truly
    highlight just how well IOTA scales.

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