Chronobank The dApps revolution

  • The creation of dApps (decentralised applications) is a completely new, unique and incredible experience, radically changing the traditions that have been formed in the web application development industry since the inception of the internet.

    Without a doubt, one can call this very young ecosystem, flourishing around the concept of distribution, the Internet 2.0 — which dictates much more complicated rules for those who want to conquer it and make their contribution to its development.

    But that’s not to say it isn’t already a big deal, for at least two key reasons.

    1. Talent

    Developers in this space are likely amongst the top 1% of the world’s most talented experts. Your team is a remarkable resource and pool of expertise. That’s why we are constantly engaged in developing our team further, supporting and honing our development processes to the highest level. Over the last three months we’ve improved these by almost 100% — and we’ll be repeating this over the next three months as well!

    2. Open Source

    ChronoBank is intended to be a project that benefits the entire world, so all of our source code — including the whole work history, right from the start — is available to anyone on our GitHub repository. Even more amazingly, anyone can make their own contribution to this, submitting code through so-called pull requests. If, after code review, we find this code solves a useful problem, that it has a sufficiently high quality and is correctly covered with automatic tests (guaranteeing 100% code serviceability and preventing so-called regression bugs, when something new breaks something old), then it becomes part of our repository. Otherwise, we give feedback with a list of necessary changes — although if the work done does not reach the above indicators, then it will most likely remain some way down our to-do list. The rules are exactly the same for our internal team! The serviceability of the code and even the code style are checked automatically before code review — no extra semicolons, and even an excess empty string will lead to rejection!

    One of the huge benefits of open-source code is the thousands of first-class audits it receives from the world’s top experts, who will not allow negligent work to go undetected. This also enables the continuous and lightning-fast improvement of the core of our dApps, which consists of an impressive number of projects actively supported by a no less impressive number of leading software engineers.

    Bounty system

    With this in mind, one of the coolest features we’re now preparing, and that will be launched in the near future, is an automatic bounty system!

    For the first time ever, it’s possible directly and transparently to impact development by sending a designated amount of money to the GitHub issue balance (inside of our repos) that you’d like to see addressed in the next release. A large enough amount on the issue’s balance sheet will attract developers from around the world — and if their code successfully passes quality checks, then they will automatically receive the total bounty via the Ethereum network, without any middlemen!

    It’s impossible to know in advance the optimal feature-set for customers and users. As readers might have already realised, this approach allows contribution to be decentralised as well. We’re happy to do it this way because real experts do not need constant monitoring — they need a comfortable, private work space, where they can immerse themselves in their task for many hours at a time. This is a fantastic — and perhaps the only — recipe for outstanding results.

    One implication of this is that ChronoBank is becoming the first user-friendly DAO (decentralised autonomous organization), which is no easy feat to achieve! Thanks to this development, though, ChronoBank is becoming far more than another blockchain experiment, evolving into something that will be available to everyone and accelerating the development of a new financial paradigm as well as a new reality for the web — a decentralised Internet 2.0.

    Boris Shevchenko, Lead developer for ChronoBank

    For more information visit

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