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  • Ethereum Release Geth  v1.8.24 - Pointy Eightball 

    Geth v1.8.24 is a small maintenance release aiming to be the final version of the 1.8.x family before rolling out our next major milestone (v1.9.0). As the previous release too, v1.8.24 only back-ports stability fixes. A grab bag of the changes included are:

    • Add --rpc.gascap to limit the gas eth_call and eth_estimateGas may use.
    • Baked in the Rinkeby Petersburg fork block 4321234 (~4th May, 2019).
    • Updated light client CHTs for quicker sync times on all built-in networks.
    • Fixes the builders and macos file descriptors if using with Go 1.12+.
    • Fixes a log filtering issue that didn't report reorged EVM events.
    • Fixes a couple of networking issues in the DHT and eth.
    • Memory optimizations around timestamp handling.

    For a full rundown of the changes please consult the Geth 1.8.24 back-port pull request.

    Geth binaries and mobile libraries are available on the Geth download page.

    Source Code:

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