Stakers coin ( STA ).Pure POS

  • Specification:

    Name : Stakers

    Ticker : STA

    Address Letter : S

    Confirmations : 10

    Coin Supply : 100000000

    PoS Per Year : 100%

    PoS Min.Age : 1 Hour

    PoS Max Age : unlimited

    block time : 60 seconds

    Stakers is a digital crypto-commodity which pays you 100% interest per year, an innovative, secure and energy efficient PoS coin.
    Proof of Stake is far less energy intensive than Proof of Work (the standard method of generating Cryptos up until now).
    Under the correct conditions, it creates a more secure network, less prone to attack, and as it matures, provides faster confirmations of transactions.
    Knowing that many of crypto lovers are not active miners, for this reason we are giving the chance to buy some premined coin with a flash presale of 2-3 days.
    contact me by pm or twitter


    Mac :

    Windows :!9ZgFmAYI!Dw0mwIrqfVGG7-HjPTmVUNmsEWXUJVUqm0XVbA7thpE

    linux. Both 32 and 64-bit:!ToQyjJQJ!wKI19Mb0IJ7SB2t8orcVvg

    Raspberry Pi GUI wallet + daemon!ftZHzRZZ!ZTkxPTZp6eKpEYsHqxcW0w


    Stakers will have since few days after launch a wide range of wallets: web, iOS, linux,android and the normal ones.
    We want to spread Stakers as far as we can, so we care about how it's important to have the chance of sharing coins between a multiple range of devices.

    Adoption of Stakers as method of payment in online shops

    Creation of a proper payment gateway for Stakers to facilitate merchant adoption.

    Build a Stakers furnitures online shop to facilitate the use and spreading of Stakers.

    addition to best exchanges

    We are also running a forum giveaway with rewards for promoting Stakers, please pmfor more information.


    This thread is NOT self-moderated. We are fully transparent, but please do not spam as I won't be able to delete them!
    Thank you all for your support, now lets get this coin moving.

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