Darcrus (DAR) May Updates — dAppsheet Framework Complete!

  • Hey everyone! It has been a busy month with major focus on dAppsheet testing, Mercury announcements, sending Mercury to Darcrus owners, and our first company-paid burning event. I pushed an unscheduled update on April 30th as well, so this update may seem a bit short.

    The dAppsheet framework v1 is complete and will be pushed to GitHub later this weekend. This is a major milestone achievement. I am working on linking a GUI to the framework, similar to the prototype, and will be available on GitHub as well.

    While I was in New York a couple weeks ago, the event organizer made a phone call to his friend Josh Yabout so I could discuss some ideas and give him a quick overview of Jupiter. We spoke for about 15 minutes and later set up a Google Hangout meeting with Rolf, Rob, and Josh of Secure Blockchain Systems to discuss Department of Defense (DoD) contracting and marketing to the companies that support DoD activities. Good discussion and we will follow up in June.

    There have been some questions about Mercury in Slack and on Bitcointalk, so I wanted to lay out some points of emphasis on the subject. Mercury enables Sigwo Technologies to transact on Waves’ public blockchain without ever using a Waves coin. The first use case for Mercury is copying Jupiter’s block ID to Waves. With this test case and subsequent acceptance of Mercury by the Waves’ ecosystem, we now have a fully functional token that can be used to issue tokens, have our own Lite Wallet, and possibly have a Mercury-denominated DEX. The possibilities are limited to your imagination. I am very excited to see Mercury and the ideas that can come to fruition on this platform.

    To recap:

    1. dAppsheet v1 framework is complete. Major milestone for Darcrus and Sigwo Technologies
    2. Great Jupiter discussion and potential future collaboration with Secure Blockchain Systems
    3. I am hiring a content/marketing manager. Please PM me on Slack or send me an email [email protected] to apply. Social media, blogs, press releases, community curation experience a must. Building nice infographics a big plus.
    4. All the April 30th announcements
    5. Steven is still alive!

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