New Bikercoin [BIC] with security bug fix for cryptonote base coins

  • Biker Coin [BIC] swap to New BikerCoin forknote [BIC]

    IF you currently mine [BIC] you need to know: Major bug found some time
    ago that affects all cryptonote coins currently not utilizing Forknote
    bug allows for the creation of an unlimited number of coins in a way
    that is undetectable to an observer unless they know about the fatal
    flaw and can search for it.

    The orginal Dev has moved the original bitcointalk
    but has since closed those forums down as well so creating this thread
    was the only way to get the word out to those currently mining BIC thus
    alerting them of the MAJOR BUG Found. As you may already be aware
    the exchange has halted all BIC trading until this
    issue is resolved. Only Forknote v2.0.1.1 wallet and daemon can fix and
    prevent this issue of "..reation of an unlimited number of coins in a
    way that is undetectable to an observer unless they know about the fatal
    flaw and can search for it."

    Please carefully read and follow instructions to swap corrupt wallet coins to the Forknote BIC. DO NOT DELAY or you will be stuck with worthless coins.Swap process
    1) Download New Forknote CLI wallet
    2) Next create your new Bikercoin address by double clicking simplewallet icon from the wallet you just downloaded and etracted.
    Type G and press enter to generate new address. The system will prompt
    you to name your new wallet. Next the system will prompt you to create a
    new passphrase for you new wallet and press enter.
    4) The
    system will populate your new Forknote Bikercoin wallet address along
    with a red error, this is okay because the Forknote daemon has not been
    started. Simply type exit and press enter and the simplewallet will
    close. There is now a file in your new wallet that you named and it
    contains your new Forknote Bikercoin address.

    5) launch
    the old Bikercoin wallet and send your coins to the swap address along
    with a screenshot of your balance and your New Forknote Bikercoin
    6) Exit from you old Bikercoin wallet and delete the
    AppData Roaming file for Bikercoin. (if you do not do this step you will
    get errors)
    7) Launch the New Forknoted Bikercoin Daemon by
    double clicking on the forknoted icon in the Bikercoin wallet and wait
    for the blockchain to completely sync.
    Once blockchain has sync you can now launch simplewallet again by
    double clicking on the simplewallet icon and using the (o) option to
    open your wallet that you created in step 3. You swapped coins will be
    sent here.

    send old BIC to bickjGSL82NazKdUEuj6nRGnPqm4MZLgCLM4vwCCLe2cKi1gTCJEAqx1R1hUgscqLzLLFQ5ANas9YB1 pZqg8jUAE9NkqG9Yn5J (*carefully
    sometimes when you copy the wallet addres from bitcointalk thread it
    will input a space in the address and cause an error)

    screenshot of Money sent for old BIC wallet to me in PM along with NEW
    BIC which should start with B and not BIC wallet address

    NEW FORKNOTE v2.0.1.1 wallets
    Win 64 CLI!8qw2EJJJ!SM9...

    Linux 64 CLI!0mYmWAYB!wBI...

    MasOS 64 CLI!Mzxg3DpT!Tdp...


    GITHUB Build from source
    must create config file name bikercoin.conf and place in config folder

    REMINDERS - Start forknote daemon v2.0.1.1 - REMINDERS
    1) Dble click forknoted icon.

    2) Launch simplewallet with dble click simplewallet icon.

    3) Solo mining CPU through RPC. Dble click miner icon.
    (you must edit miner.bat file with your wallet address and number of CPU core to match your machine)

    Method to send payment in simplewallet
    transfer 0 By101010101010101010101010101 25

    this will send 25 BIC to wallet By101010101010101010101010101

    Breakdown of the transaction
    0 represent mixin count. Changes to 0 (number of transactions yours is indistinguishable from)
    By101010101010101010101010101 represents destination wallet
    25 represents the number of BIC to be send from your wallet

    Method to send payment using payment id
    transfer 0 By101010101010101010101010101 25 -p Ced341010101010
    will send 5 BIC to wallet By101010101010101010101010101 with supplied
    payment ID, most commonly used to send coins to an exchange wallet.

    Transaction response
    Money successfully sent, transaction 987654321
    987654321 represents transaction hash

    transactions are sent anonimously to the blockchain shielding both the
    sending and receiving wallet address using cryptonote ring signature
    technology. Miners are awarded a fee for successfully added the block to
    the chain and the transaction is now part of the ledger.

    Solo mine now while difficulties are low following steps in "Getting Started Forknote v2.0.1.1 txt file"
    Pool ops build pool using source code from github and bikercoin.conf

    uses CPU efficient ASIC resistant proof of work mining algorithm called
    CryptoNight to secure blockchain. Users receive block rewards for
    protecting BIC network with their CPU power. There will be 25 000 000
    BIC mined in the next few years.

    **I offered my assistance
    with XCI change to NEW XCI2 and was asked if I could do the same for BIC
    by their community who does not want their coins to go to waste. I have
    helped out many other cryptonote coins and am an expert in FORKNOTE
    technology. Feel free to PM if you need help with your cryptonote coin

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