BlockPool (BPL) Blockchain solutions for the real world

  • What is BLOCKPOOL?

    BLOCKPOOL is a pool of blockchain based solutions for multiple business verticals. We deliver real world B2B solutions for a diverse portfolio of clients including but not limited to: Arts & Media, Fintech, Brands, Music & Sports applications

    The BLOCKPOOL Platform

    The BLOCKPOOL platform is a data agnostic, modular platform coded in Java
    and Javascript. Its core is designed to solve multiple different problems by
    utilizing plugins, blockchain sidechains and other SaaS modular solutions.
    The BPL Platform will be a data agnostic, digital router used to connect legacy
    systems and leverage the best parts of the blockchain, all while maintaining
    security and system stability. Our solution is designed to be flexible and easily
    Essentially a data-agnostic digital router or Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), the
    BLOCKPOOL Platform will utilize an API-based object-oriented coding model
    designed to pass data to the required plugins. The plugins will perform the
    heavy lifting, facilitating communications between legacy system APIs, the
    BLOCKPOOL platform and any subsequent blockchains and legacy systems.
    In some cases legacy systems have become so entrenched within an organiza
    tion that they are either unwilling or hesitant to part with them, however those
    legacy systems are unable to communicate with each other. Our platform is the
    man in the middle. Facilitating the hitherto impossible communication between
    closed source software.
    Organizations and corporations are always looking for an easily managed
    way to perform business and manage data more efficiently. The BLOCKPOOL
    platform will enable corporations to begin integrating their current systems in
    with the blockchain, without requiring extensive knowledge of how the chain

    The BLOCKPOOL Blockchains

    The blockchain has a problem: bloat. Eventually this will become far more of a problem as developers try to force every little bit into the chain that they can, causing forks and inner community fights over block sizes. Adding legacy software into the mix would just compound the issue. Not all data is required to be immutably implanted into the chain forever. Quite the opposite in fact.
    With the BLOCKPOOL Blockchain, we utilize a proven Delegated Proof of Stake consensus mechanism. This enables us to provide different kinds of chains to our customers. Not all organisations want to have their business plastered all over the blockchain for everybody to see. In fact most organizations want their information to remain completely private. While utilizing the myriad of features the blockchain provides, such as smart contracts, permanent data retention, and redundancy for core datasets. Currently many organizations are using SQL databases for their customer data retention. This can be an insecure, outdated method. The Blockchain is the perfect solution.
    The BLOCKPOOL Masterchain will be provided Open Source and with full BAPPS functionality. In cases where an organisation would benefit from a public chain, the BLOCKPOOL Masterchain will be utilized by creating sidechains and BLOCKPOOL Platform plugins to facilitate communication with existing legacy systems.
    In many cases organizations and corporations in various different sectors require private or pseduo-private chains. Utilizing side chain technology an organization or corporation is able to maintain their own private sidechain, all while maintaining a certain control over the pseudo-private masterchain. This is given that all participating organizations agree to shared control over the masterchain. This methodology is perfect for industries where cross organization communication is essential while private organizations retain complete control over their own private information. The pseudo-private

    masterchain will also provide a level of interorganisational trust that didnít exist with previous centralized systems. Our blockchain is built in the same fashion as our platform, modular. Object oriented programming allows for better distribution of resources by calling on different mini programs instead of one massive piece of hardware intensive software. Currently most blockchain solutions are all or nothing. They are unable to communicate with legacy systems and should remain that way. A blockchain should never be directly connected to any legacy corporate system unless used for finance, and even then there are cases where data simply shouldnít be placed in the blockchain to begin with. Our SaaS solution ensures only necessary data is immutably implanted into the blockchain, ensuring ease of maintenance, security, speed and stability. FIAT PEGGING In many cases companies and organizations are looking to facilitate transfers of wealth quickly, securely and easily. By using a private chain with a token pegged to the FIAT currency of their choice, they are able to retain a token reserve equal to their bank account balance. This is essential to retaining the financial peg. In these cases the tokens will never be available outside of the private blockchain. By utilizing the BLOCKPOOL Platform and plugins, we are able to develop a connection between existing financial payment systems and bank accounts. Utilizing the burn/stake method we are able to retain an exact one to one peg on all private chain tokens. While our Blockchain is more than capable of running full blockchain apps, in many cases full BAPPS are either not needed or made redundant by existing software


    • Communication Plugins 

    Currently existing corporate legacy systems in many cases are unable to communicate with each other and require a bespoke solution. However APIs are sometimes included or able to be developed for these already existing systems. By utilizing the plugin methodology provided by the BLOCKPOOL Platform we are able to provide intersystem communication, where there previously was none. With our plugins legacy systems, will finally be able to share datasets. In doing so rapidly speeding up business transactions, verifications as well as facilitating data storage whenever necessary and in the best way possible

    • Blockchain Plugin

    Coded as a BAPP these plugins will communicate with the other BLOCKPOOL Communication Plugins. The BLOCKPOOL platform is facilitating a method of communication between existing closed source software with existing or custom coded software hooks and APIs.

    • File Storage Plugin

    In some cases large amounts of data storage is required, while requiring immutable data retention. While many have tried to force the Blockchain to adapt to these massive datasets, we take a far more novel approach. One of our plugins will utilize the severely under appreciated IPFS (Interplanetary File System) protocol.

    This plugin will communicate with the BLOCKPOOL blockchain BAPP to store the hashed magnetic links securely within the blockchain. The plugin will encrypt any file needing safe secure storage. This will allow companies to distribute files to storage servers running the BLOCKPOOL Platform, while refraining from storing the same files on all servers within the organisation. Utilizing this plugin we are able to maintain a specified amount of files, in a Raid 5 fashion. Providing the redundancy that many companies require without the unnecessary storage bloat, in doing so we provide fast file transfer and avoiding costly bottlenecks. This has huge implications for cloud storage hosts, medical, art, music, gaming and film industries, just to name a few. BLOCKPOOL file storage plugins would also be able to leverage consumer PCs for file storage in a novel, secure, and easily maintained and managed fashion. In doing so facilitating a more active community base within the organisation.


    •  201 delegates

    • 15 second block times

    • 25 million tokens + forging rewards of 5% Annual decreasing

    • 1% per year until 1% Annual then switching to a fixed block

    • reward of 0.1 BPL/Block thereafter.

    • 50.25 minute rounds

    • Consensus System: DPoS (Delegated Proof Of Stake)


    What is DPoS?

    Delegated Proof of Stake is a method for securing a digital token network, processing transactions and achieving a distributed consensus regarding the ownership of funds without the need for a central authority.
    It evolved from the Proof of Stake system, which itself was developed in order to reduce the cost and inefficient electricity usage associated with Proof of Work systems such as the one used by Bitcoin.
    The DPoS method was first implemented as Bitshares by the developer Daniel Larimer. The main difference between PoS and DPoS is in the validation of transactions. Regular PoS networks require full consensus to validate whereas in a DPoS system a limited number of delegated nodes can be assigned to validate consensus.
    This system is attractive to the private Blockchain requirements of medium to large businesses who may be part of a large network but have no requirement for full (public) decentralisation.
    We have found that this pseudo decentralised solution is both effective and preferable to traditional decentralised digital currency systems.
    Blockpool has taken inspiration from the pioneering work of Bitshares, Crypti Lisk and latterly ARK to construct a pure B2B data and transaction system that can power and revolutionise the way medium and large scale businesses evolve and improve. The BLOCKPOOL system provides a myriad improvements in the way businesses operate and communicate. It promises a quantum shift that will change the way we live and work not unlike the Industrial Revolution did at the turn on the last century.

    Blockpool Token Exchange Campaign

    ADC can be used to obtain tokens at a discount rate depending on current value. For ADC please use Coinpayments at checkout (discounts are built into the conversion system)

    As a rough guide and depending on market price, the ADC needed to exchange for 1 TEC unit is around 7000 ADC

    Use the above button for all currencies except Ark & other DPoS coins For these currencies you should use the button below (these exchange methods will be available very soon)

    Units Exchanged = 17,371.11 - USD equivalent = $173,711.11

    totals updated every few hours (last update 19/5/17 12:46 GMT)

    More Info & QA Blockpool TEC

    What is a BPL Unit?

    The BPL unit is active for our TEC so that participants can obtain tokens to exchange for our actual BPL tokens once the blockchain begins forging.

    How much is a BPL TEC Unit worth?

    Once the ICO is completed we will total up all the units ($10 nominal value each unit) and divide them by the total initial supply of BPL tokens. (Price Discovery).

    So how does this price discovery work?

    If during the TEC we issue e.g 1 Million units they would then hold the total nominal value of $10,000,000 Divide this by the total number of initial tokens (25,000,000) So each actual token would be valued at $0.40 If you had bought 10 units then you would receive 10 x 2.5 BPL = 25 BPL

    What about ADC discounts?

    We have an agreement with one of our clients (Aurovine) for blockchain development. To bolster this partnership we have agreed to exchange ADC for BPL units at a discount at ADC values under 100 sats. What this means is that if you have ADC that you want to exchange for BPL units you can do so by selecting ‘Coinpayments’ on the checkout page.

    We will attempt to align the discounts with the market rates but can not guarantee that the price will be exactly 100 sats. We reserve the right to cancel this at any point during the TEC and revert to a standard 5% discount on ADC exchanges. In any case once the ADC rate averages over 100 sats the standard 5% discount will apply.

    Why are there so many currency options at checkout?

    We have tried to help the cryptocurrency community by including as many established coins as possible

    So what coins/tokens can I use at checkout?


    Supported coins BTC, BCY, BLK, BTS, CLAM, DASH, DGB, DGD, DOGE, ETH, ETC, ICN, GNT, LBRY, LTC, MAID, MLN, MONA, NMC, NVC, OMC, NXT, POT, PPC, REP, RDD, SDC, SJCX, SNGLS, SIA, START, STEEM, USDT, VOX, VRC, VTC, XCP, XMR, XRP, ZEC If coin is not displayed at checkout then it is not supported or wallet is in maintenance.


    Supported coins BTC, LTC, ADC, BITB, BLK, BRK, BSD, CLOAK, CURE, DASH, DCR, DOGE, ETC, ETH, FTC, GAME, GLD, GRC, LSK, MUE, NAV, NMC, NVC, NXS, PIVX, POT, PPC, RBY, START, STEEM, SYS, VRC, VTC, XMR, XZC, ZEC If coin is not displayed at checkout then it is not supported or wallet is in maintenance.

    Where can i see my exchanged TEC units?

    Just login to your account at and click on view/edit profile to see your units.

    I have another question, who do i contact?

    Just use our Contact formHere

    Where can i find more information on the TEC?

    Our full prospectus can be found in PDF form here


    Useful Links:

    Business Plan:

    White Paper:


    Social Links:





  • Blockpool TEC approaches $0.25 million and introduces Lisk/Shift exchange

    Blockpool Token Exchange Campaign

    B2B Blockchain Solutions startup Blockpool entered the 2nd month of it’s Token Exchange Campaign with almost a quarter of a million dollars exchanged.

    They also upgraded their TEC exchange page with a clearer interface after feedback from users. Now there are separate sections for ADC, DPoS and ofcourse BTC, Stripe, Shapeshift processing.

    The company are already in discussions with several substantial clients and the BPL DPoS chain is entering initial testnet phase tomorrow. The BPL tokens will be distributed to all participants once the mainnet commences.

    To find out more and particpate visit the TEC page at

  • BlockPool - SEC statement on ICO/DAO etc

    It is welcome news that the SEC in the US has declared an intention to impose regulation on Token crowd sales and variations thereof.

    Although some may see it as heavy handed bureacracy, there is a clear and real reason to regulate this activity to safeguard consumers and it is potentially a turning point to sort out the ‘wheat from the chaff’.

    Companies with a clear and transparent business plan and structure will now benefit because of this potential regulation. What is needed, however, are clear guidelines that are not so onerous that they will dampen the ability for start-ups to take advantage of technology that is so clearly an improvement on legacy systems.

    In this regard we may need to wait and see what kind of regulation is forthcoming. In the current climate there is a need to encourage, rather than suppress, this new dawn in immutability and transparency.

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