ScryptWaves |Airdrop + Crowdsale | Combine the best of Waves and Scrypt Algo

  • About ScryptWaves

    Scrypt coins are the most common coins in the world of cryptocurrencies
    however Scypt coins' value is really undervaluated. The main reason is
    the ease of cloning a scrypt coin and the ourburst of unusable scrypt
    Wavesplatform appears to be the easiest place to issue
    cryptocurrencies. However, its promising features shown on its roadmap
    are still far to achieve.
    A platform that shares some features of
    Wavesplatform in issuing cryptocurrencies and built on top of Scrypt
    algorithm will be more interesting and easier to move further in
    Imagining that if creating a new scrypt coin for anyone
    is as easy as creating a new token on Wavesplatform (Example, spending 1
    ScryptWaves to create a new Scrypt coin), ton of scrypt coins will be
    produced but more valuable coins will survive.
    With that purpose, we
    are building ScryptWaves platform which inherits the best of
    Waveplatform and develops advanced features on top of Scrypt algorithm.


    1. Scypt ScryptWaves

    Name: ScryptWaves
    Abbr: SWAV
    Proof of Stake 100%
    Block time: 60 seconds
    Initial block: 100.000.000 SWAV

    2. ScryptWaves  - Wavesplatform token

    Name: ScryptWaves
    Initial amount: 100.000.000


    We will use an amount of ScryptWaves Waves token for Airdrop.
    Join Airdrop here:
    Check list of joiners:

    Airdrop is available from now till May 31.


    80% of Initial amount of Scrypt ScryptWaves will be released through crowdsale.
    Only Waves is accepted for joining crowdsale.
    Price: 1 ScryptWaves = 1 Waves
    Joining Crowdsale here:
    Check crowdsale status here:

    Crowdsale will start when we release ScryptWaves source code and Wallets next week.

    If you purchase before Crowdsale starts, you will receive 20% bonus which
    is considered pre-sale bonus. In that case, please fill the form above
    and left the ScryptWaves address blank.


    May 2017: Issuance of ScryptWaves, Airdrop and Crowdsale.
    Early 2017 - December 2017: Develop and release ScryptWaves platform.

    ScryptWaves - ScryptWaves token conversion

    At anytime, you can convert and switch between ScryptWaves and ScryptWaves
    token with the ratio 1 ScryptWaves = 1 ScryptWaves token on Wavesplatform.

    This conversion will be available on ScryptWaves platform then you can perform a


    In this early stage, we will release a form for conversion requests and do it manually.

    Social Links:


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