• Community bounties are now ready! If you want to help $QRZ spread around and grow, but you want also to get some coins for free, this is your time.  Every community bounty has a simple task to do for every user who wants to participate in, without restrictions; when you complete your task you must communicate to dev team through PM or email, copy your QRZ address from C-cex.com exchange wallet and include in your message, then you will be added to a community bounties spreadsheet. When coin is launched you will receive your free coins!

    Every bounty has a specified amount of allocated coins. Those coins will be divided through all the participants for that bounty.  (Example: Twitter bounty has 1000 coins allocated. 10 people apply and complete that task. Every people gets (1000/10)= 100 QRZ each. — note this is only an example — )


    Coins allocated: 100000 QRZ

    - Follow: https://twitter.com/QuartzToken

    - Retweet & favourite this tweet:

    Done. Easy money, huh?


    Coins allocated: 50000

    Go on official website and signup for QRZ newsletter. You can find a form to fill your email address in.

    Signature Campaign

    Coins allocated: 100000

    Place QRZ custom signature on your profile and earn free coins.

    Signature campaign info and thread coming soon.

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