Quartz Blockchain ICO PRESALE UPDATE


    Dear Supporters,

    thanks for your interest in Quartz Blockchain project.

    We opened o the 22 May 2017 the pre-sale of $QRZ tokens, which will serve as the currency of Quartz Blockchain environment.

    We are happy to announce that QRZ ICO is almost sold out with only 99 BTC left for sale at the moment of writing this email. The link for the official presale is: https://c-cex.com/?p=qrz-btc

    Feel free to contact us back if you have any other doubt or question.

    You are also invited to join our slack channel here: https://quartzblockchain.slack.com/

    We hope to see you as one of our first supporters!

    Jacob, CEO of Quartz Blockchain Foundation

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