openANX (OAX) Real World Application of Decentralized Exchanges

  • openANX How to Transfer your OAX Tokens

    A week ago I posted here with details of how to “Register to Activate your OAX Tokens” As we get closer to the 29th July, we are getting a lot of questions so I thought it would be worthwhile to post again just to remind people and answer some of the frequently asked questions about Registration.

    It’s easy to Register

    I have backed many ICO’s and this is the first one I’ve had to register for, why is that?

    As I have mentioned in other posts, we are trying to build a community. We are not simply raising funds as the end goal. We want to develop an amazing platform that is useful and of benefit to the users. To do that, we need to build a strong, active community. So, we’d like to be able to keep in contact with our backers and supporters and keep them informed of developments. We also need to be able to contact any contributor who may need to submit additional information for KYC purposes.

    Why Do I Need To Register to Activate My Tokens?

    To ensure that we can keep in touch with our backers, we’d like to collect an email address from everyone to allow us to communicate project developments, news and upcoming events. Linking an email address to the contribution address also allows us to confirm if we require any additional details from any backer in order to comply with KYC/AML requirements. If we have an email address we can contact you easily.

    Why Do You Need To Do KYC?

    At openANX, we are very committed to the long term development of the platform and its widespread adoption and use. We are trying to build something important, that is functional and changes the nature of crypto-exchanges for the better. To remain viable long term, we need to ensure we follow regulations and compliance as they are presented to us by our legal counsel.

    How Do I Register?

    It’s very simple. Just go to the website ( and CLICK the REGISTER button on the Homepage.

    Or you can go here directly;


    Register early to ensure that your tokens are ready to transfer on the 29th July.

  • How Does the Freefalling Crypto Price Impact openANX?

    With thanks to @MysticCrypto for the image

    I have been watching the current crop of stories in the media espousing “The Death of Bitcoin” or the rehash of old classics like “Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme” from 4 years ago (Google “Bitcoin is a ponzi scheme” and see that the Washington Post, FT and a host of others have all taken this tried and true path in the last couple of years) with similar predictions of doom and gloom that the current volatility has stimulated.

    It reminds me the current crypto “Talking Head” community. A bunch of people sitting around saying “Oh it’s bad”, “There’s a lot of money on the table” or my favourite “I’m making a killing” or the more honest “How do I not lose my shirt?” a lot of bloggers and journalists who are beholden to the great machine of the 24 hour news cycle, as well as people who just like shouting into the great darkness of the internet, all have column inches to fill.

    People who’ve been in the market a while are more sanguine. Crypto is volatile, and the independent nature of many traders mean that a lot of people don’t entirely know what they are doing and begin getting skittish and heading for the exit as soon as “word passed around”. In fact that one sentence “word passed around” explains the mechanism of distribution for 90% of crypto market intelligence.

    Many voices are saying “But ETH was $359 two weeks ago and now it’s $161, I have to get out!” Two of those things are true. What is also true is that on Feb 25 2017, the price was $13.10. So, it is certainly down from its exuberant highs, but if you got in in Feb your still up 13x…in 5 months.

    It’s an immature market, and the volatility attracts the types of players with a particular type of risk profile, certainly. If you got in at $359, then you are likely feeling the pain. Hopefully you got in responsibly and you can afford to sit on your coins for a while. There’s a lot going on in the market at the moment, with all that’s going on in Bitcoin around August 1st, a lot of Token Sales who’ve liquidated some of their ETH to begin working on their projects and some helpful and many unhelpful articles about possible regulation and other shenanigans all have an impact.

    There are some reasoned voices out there amidst the madness, but they are lonely. I liked this piece by Steve Kanaval over at CryptocoinsNews, who’s been in the game a while and survived the dotcom bubble and knows a thing or two;

    Ethereum Prices Trade at Support Levels after Tricky Waters
    Ethereum prices have followed the trading pattern of nearly all digital currencies making highs in early June above…

    Or you can learn more about Steve here.

    Steve Kanaval | Professional Profile | LinkedIn
    View Steve Kanaval's professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping…

    Most pundits prefer to comment at the extreme ends of the spectrum. Either “The Sky is Falling!” or the excellent “The uncertainty is being exacerbated by big players so they can capture more market share”.

    Most of us over here at openANX are in the middle of the spectrum. We understand volatility right now is not ideal, but we’ve seen this happen before. We are just continuing doing what we are supposed to be doing, working on the project, getting stuff done. Things will settle down, and it’s best we focus on delivering the best possible platform for our users. So, the answer to the question raised in the title of this post, is “not much.”

    Good luck out there! And remember to register before the 29th July to activate your tokens! It seems that a fair number of people are waiting until the last minute, so we are now advising for people to ensure they get their details inputted to the system by July 25th to ensure they are ready to go!

    Go to


    By Liam Bussell

  • openANX (OAX) A Peek into the International Community

    By Lewis Lin

    With registrations taking place and tokens soon to be activated, we wanted to continue our Community theme of posts and talk about you guys. We saw a diverse group of participants participating in the crowd sale, with backers from more than 32 countries world wide.

    We’ve seen how vibrant and enthusiastic OAX token owners have been. To get out and meet people, the openANX team held meet-ups for cryptocurrency enthusiasts in China, Singapore, and Korea. Approximately 35% of the participation came from the Chinese community (measured in terms of bandwidth). The Chinese participants are a positive and engaging group of people.

    However, China is not the only country with active members. As we can see from the Bitcointalk forum, the Russian announcement page has also been very active. Although the Russian contributors only consist of approximately 9% of the total participants (measured in terms of bandwidth), the Russian announcement page has 20% more views compared to our English announcement page. Many blogposts and videos were created by Russian supporters and their understanding about the openANX project is outstanding. Our Russian backers believe that the openANX team is hard working and they love the idea of our decentralized exchange system where you get to hold the keys to your own crypto. They believe that openANX has a bright future.

    In conclusion, the openANX project has seen great success in terms of diversity and the vast amount of OAX token holders. The community has been really supportive and believe in the ecosystem our team is hard at work creating and we hope to attend more events in the future to establish an even better relationship with our supporters.

  • OAX Community Roundup #2 — Looking for the Crypto in Ukraine

    By Bitvoyager & Liam Bussell

    This week we return to regular programming with a view of “What’s Happening?” in a couple of the communities our supporters are in. These regular posts aim to give a snapshot view of current trends, opinions and news in different markets as a way to educate and inform. This week we will start with BV and his write up of the Ukraine. This is an absolutely killer post, with a lot of info and detail. I suggest if you like him, you find Bitvoyager on our channels and give him a “Thumbs Up”

    Nice One Bitvoyager!

    Crypto market brief

    The total capitalization of the crypto market reached $165 bn USD in the end of Aug 2017. Millions of people from different countries are involved in this market globally attracted by such advantages:  - financial freedom in sending and getting digital currency directly;

    - investment market with rapid growth;

    - brilliant startup opportunities, etc.

    This modern industry creates unique society of proactive and smart people all over the world.   Ukrainian Karbovanets, Prospectors and so on

    Ukraine with its huge number of IT specialists is the part of this technologically innovative phenomenon. A lot of Ukrainians participate in different crypto related startups all over the world now:

    • electronic cash the Ukrainian Karbovanets (Karbos) is rather young among other 800+ cryptocurrencies worldwide but is quite popular among usual customers and miners already.

    Electronic Karbovanets - Anonymous Ukrainian Cryptocurrency
    KARBO - Ukrainian anonymous cryptocurrency and digital

    • investment fund TAAS held ICO in April 2017 and have already started to pay quaterly dividends as a results of its successful activity. Founders of the project are Ruslan Gavrilyuk, Kostyantyn Pysarenko, Dmytro Chupryna and Maksym Muratov

    • Ukrainian exchange KUNA founded by one of the most well-known Ukrainian crypto enthusiasts Mikhail Chobanyan successfully finished the second ICO in August 2017

    KUNA Exchange SCO
    KUNA Secondary Coin

    — Prospectors — unique blockchain project and the first of its kind — a massive, multi-player, online, real-time economic strategy with using the game’s cryptocurrency. This team which consist from Andriy Maslievich, Nazar Chervinskiy and Max Karkachco, founders of the “Coinews”, magazine about digital assets and blockchain is running the ICO right now.

    The main peculiarity of Prospectors, which is absent in any other existing online game, will be the possibility of…

    — Liqui is one of the most popular Crypto exchanges in Ukraine, and one of the first to list OAX. Liqui is founded by Ukrainians headquartered in Kyiv.

    Blockchain in Ukraine

    Ukraine is one of the first countries that has started to use blockchain technologies on the government level.    — Ukraine has entered into a partnership with the BitFury in April, 2017. Under the terms of the deal, the country will transfer all digital government information to the blockchain platform.

    Украина в партнерстве с BitFury переведет государственную информацию на блокчейн-платформу
    Украина заключила партнерство со стартапом BitFury. По словам его генерального директора Валерия Вавилова, сделка пред…

    — Land Cadastre and digitize auctions for leases of state land to start on October 2017

    Ukrainian Government to Start Blockchain Land Registry Trial in October - CoinDesk
    The government of Ukraine has revealed plans to trial a land registry system underpinned by blockchain. In a government…

    — “SETAP” (The System of Electronic Trades by Arrested Property) will be the first state electronic auction at the blockchain. “This innovative technology provides for decentralized storage and protection of information can ensure full transparency of state registers and services, Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman said.

    — cyber attack protection (blockchain-startup REMME and Ukrinmash signed the agreement)

    Блокчейн-стартап REMME и Укринмаш подписали соглашение о защите от кибератак
    7 августа в Киеве государственное предприятие Укринмаш, входящее в состав Укроборонпрома, и блокчейн-стартап Remme под…

    — foreign investors could buy real estate property in Ukraine by means of blockchain-platform Propy

    Иностранные инвесторы смогут покупать недвижимость в Украине при помощи блокчейн-платформы Propy
    Децентрализованный маркетплейс недвижимости и регистрации прав на землю Propy объявил о партнерстве с правительством У…

    De facto => De jure

    Despite of the wide implementation of the blockchain technology on state level in Ukraine and big citizens’ interest to the bitcoin and altcoins the question of crypto currency is still not legally regulated. But the National Bank of Ukraine will consider the legal status of cryptocurrencies for the next Financial Stability Board meeting.

    Коментар заступника Голови НБУ Олега Чурія щодо статусу Bitcoin в Україні
    Коментар заступника Голови НБУ Олега Чурія щодо статусу Bitcoin в Україні
    Ukraine's Central Bank Moves Closer to Cryptocurrency Regulation - CoinDesk
    The National Bank of Ukraine, the country's central bank, has indicated it may soon seek to regulate the use of…


    Ukraine to decide legal status of cryptocurrencies in 3 weeks. According to the parliament’s People’s Deputy, Olexandr Danchenko, the ministers will cooperate with the Ministry of Finance, the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), the Verkhovna Rada and the Blockchain community to resolve the issue.

    Ukraine to Decide Legal Status of Cryptocurrencies in 3 Weeks
    The Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers on the Financial Stability Board conducted a meeting in late August 2017 to tackle…

    Crypto Ukrainians

    The growing interest to cryptocurrency in Ukraine creates the community and unites people. Leaders and experts provide different activities such as information centres, online discussions, offline meetups etc. to promote innovative technologies and new digital thinking.    — An official opening of the fourth bitcoin embassy in the world took place on the Lvivska Square in Kyiv in 2014. The initiator of the project was the crypto exchange Kuna. There are three such embassies: in Montreal (Canada), Tel Aviv (Israel) and Warsaw (Poland).

    Embassy of Bitcoin (Ukraine)
    Посольство Bitcoin - это информационно-просветительский центр, где можно задать вопросы по биткоину, узнать больше о м…

    — Bitcoin Ukraine discussion platform and information centre about usage of blockchain technology (bitcoin) and other open protocol in Ukraine.

    Біткоїн Україна
    Майданчик для спілкування та інформаційний центр щодо розвитку, просування і підтримки Біткоїн в Україні

    — “Usual meetups in the second largest Ukrainian city, Kharkiv, have 1,000–1,200 visitors in attendance — more than Bitcoin meetups in SF/Valley. Odesa during one week in July will hold several meetups and conferences with industry top leaders. Kyiv is home to tens of Bitcoin startups and has been hosting region-leading conferences since 2013”, said Alex Momot, CEO of Remme.

    Eastern Europe Makes Its Mark In Crypto Space: Ukraine's Insider
    Identifying with cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain technology has improved in the eastern part of Europe as lots of…

    Ukraine with its prospective human potential is open to innovative technology and new stage of digital era. According to the experts’ conclusions and forecasts Ukrainian impact is big now and will be growing up in the future.     World Media Review    Forbes — Ukraine Is Silently Leading A Digital Currency Revolution

    Ukraine Is Silently Leading A Digital Currency Revolution
    There's a witticism sometimes used among Ukrainians: "may you be forced to survive only on your official salary." The…

    Ciklum — Ukraine Becomes the World’s Leader by the Number of Certified Master- Level IT Specialists

    Ukraine Becomes the World's Leader by the Number of Certified Master-Level IT Specialists
    Ciklum reviews the results of the 2012 Bench Games, an international intellectual competition conducted by Brainbench…

    Adoriasoft — 101 Reasons Why Ukraine is the Leading IT Outsourcing Destination

    101 Reasons Why Ukraine is the Leading IT Outsourcing Destination
    Which country is the best for hiring your nearshore or offshore IT team? The answer is simple. It's Ukraine! Despite…

    Ukraine is #3 in Google Trends — Cryptocurrency Topic — Interest by region

    Google Тренди
    Переглядайте в Google Трендах пошуки термінів "Криптовалюта" за часом, місцем і популярністю

    GLOBAL CRYPTOCURRENCY BENCHMARKING STUDY   by Dr Garrick Hileman & Michel Rauchs, 2017

    Links  150 Bitcoin ATMs Coming to Ukraine

    150 Bitcoin ATMs Coming to Ukraine - Bitcoin News
    150 Bitcoin ATMs will be installed in Ukraine this year, including 20-30 machines set to be installed on the streets of…

    Buy Bitcoin in Ukraine. 10 Bitcoin exchanges

    11 Exchanges to Buy Bitcoin in Ukraine
    20+ best ways to buy bitcoin in Ukraine. Complete directory of exchanges, brokers, and

    The Foundation of the Development of Social Innovations Crypto Rous (FCR)

    CryptoRous - KUNA Bitcoin Agency
    The Foundation of the Development of Social Innovations Crypto Rouse (FCR) is an independent scientific and…


  • openANX - OAX Foundation launches digital asset industry Working Group in Hong Kong

    By Liam Bussell

    HONG KONG, Nov. 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The OAX Foundation, the not-for-profit entity that supports the development of the OAX decentralized exchange platform, held its first working group for industry participants this week. The aim of the working group is to develop a series of industry “best practices” in the areas of compliance, KYC, holding and security of funds and other key areas that will be integrated into the ongoing development of the OAX platform.

    The OAX project aims to develop and launch a decentralized exchange with collateral supported asset gateways acting as the “on-ramps” to the ecosystem. By increasing transparency (including posting collateral to a smart contract for digital assets and/or depositing fiat into segregated accounts), asset gateways allow users to properly evaluate the risk of any trade. By doing so, OAX enhances consumer protection to the sometimes opaque cryptocurrency space. OAX plans to launch the first phase of its rollout for institutional participants in the first quarter of 2018, with retail access coming at a later date.

    The OAX Foundation’s development team, led by Enuma Technologies, also demonstrated early UX/UI screens and features to the working group, including the minting and burning of collateral backed tokens, transactions and other key features.

    The attendees of the Working Group were from key industry stakeholders, related to key milestones in the roadmap for the OAX project. Participants included Blockbonds, a technology start-up that utilizes blockchain technology with the aim of helping to “bank the unbanked”; Trusted Key and Netki, two of the KYC industry leaders; Octagon Strategy, Asia’slargest digital asset OTC trading desk; PwC Hong Kong, adviser to the Foundation with respect to governance, risk management and internal control matters; EY, adviser to the Foundation in relation to taxation and accountancy matters; alongside one of Hong Kong’s top digital asset legal firms, King & Wood Mallesons.

    Speaking about the inaugural meeting, William Barkshire, Senior Advisor to the Foundation and Working Group chair said. “It was an extremely productive first meeting — the aim of the OAX project is to enhance consumer protection and transparency for digital asset users and a safe, compliant avenue for bringing fiat currencies onto and off the blockchain. As such, KYC and regulatory compliance are two fundamental areas of focus. The group was very receptive, and engaged in a frank and honest dialogue about the challenges and opportunities they foresee. We will take that input and use it to further refine the project.”

    The Working Group will meet monthly to discuss various topics, such as asset gateway protocols, KYC/AML, compliance and effective banking integration. The next meeting will focus on KYC interoperability and best practice.

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