openANX (OAX) Real World Application of Decentralized Exchanges

  • openANX How to Transfer your OAX Tokens

    A week ago I posted here with details of how to “Register to Activate your OAX Tokens” As we get closer to the 29th July, we are getting a lot of questions so I thought it would be worthwhile to post again just to remind people and answer some of the frequently asked questions about Registration.

    It’s easy to Register

    I have backed many ICO’s and this is the first one I’ve had to register for, why is that?

    As I have mentioned in other posts, we are trying to build a community. We are not simply raising funds as the end goal. We want to develop an amazing platform that is useful and of benefit to the users. To do that, we need to build a strong, active community. So, we’d like to be able to keep in contact with our backers and supporters and keep them informed of developments. We also need to be able to contact any contributor who may need to submit additional information for KYC purposes.

    Why Do I Need To Register to Activate My Tokens?

    To ensure that we can keep in touch with our backers, we’d like to collect an email address from everyone to allow us to communicate project developments, news and upcoming events. Linking an email address to the contribution address also allows us to confirm if we require any additional details from any backer in order to comply with KYC/AML requirements. If we have an email address we can contact you easily.

    Why Do You Need To Do KYC?

    At openANX, we are very committed to the long term development of the platform and its widespread adoption and use. We are trying to build something important, that is functional and changes the nature of crypto-exchanges for the better. To remain viable long term, we need to ensure we follow regulations and compliance as they are presented to us by our legal counsel.

    How Do I Register?

    It’s very simple. Just go to the website ( and CLICK the REGISTER button on the Homepage.

    Or you can go here directly;


    Register early to ensure that your tokens are ready to transfer on the 29th July.

  • How Does the Freefalling Crypto Price Impact openANX?

    With thanks to @MysticCrypto for the image

    I have been watching the current crop of stories in the media espousing “The Death of Bitcoin” or the rehash of old classics like “Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme” from 4 years ago (Google “Bitcoin is a ponzi scheme” and see that the Washington Post, FT and a host of others have all taken this tried and true path in the last couple of years) with similar predictions of doom and gloom that the current volatility has stimulated.

    It reminds me the current crypto “Talking Head” community. A bunch of people sitting around saying “Oh it’s bad”, “There’s a lot of money on the table” or my favourite “I’m making a killing” or the more honest “How do I not lose my shirt?” a lot of bloggers and journalists who are beholden to the great machine of the 24 hour news cycle, as well as people who just like shouting into the great darkness of the internet, all have column inches to fill.

    People who’ve been in the market a while are more sanguine. Crypto is volatile, and the independent nature of many traders mean that a lot of people don’t entirely know what they are doing and begin getting skittish and heading for the exit as soon as “word passed around”. In fact that one sentence “word passed around” explains the mechanism of distribution for 90% of crypto market intelligence.

    Many voices are saying “But ETH was $359 two weeks ago and now it’s $161, I have to get out!” Two of those things are true. What is also true is that on Feb 25 2017, the price was $13.10. So, it is certainly down from its exuberant highs, but if you got in in Feb your still up 13x…in 5 months.

    It’s an immature market, and the volatility attracts the types of players with a particular type of risk profile, certainly. If you got in at $359, then you are likely feeling the pain. Hopefully you got in responsibly and you can afford to sit on your coins for a while. There’s a lot going on in the market at the moment, with all that’s going on in Bitcoin around August 1st, a lot of Token Sales who’ve liquidated some of their ETH to begin working on their projects and some helpful and many unhelpful articles about possible regulation and other shenanigans all have an impact.

    There are some reasoned voices out there amidst the madness, but they are lonely. I liked this piece by Steve Kanaval over at CryptocoinsNews, who’s been in the game a while and survived the dotcom bubble and knows a thing or two;

    Ethereum Prices Trade at Support Levels after Tricky Waters
    Ethereum prices have followed the trading pattern of nearly all digital currencies making highs in early June above…

    Or you can learn more about Steve here.

    Steve Kanaval | Professional Profile | LinkedIn
    View Steve Kanaval's professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping…

    Most pundits prefer to comment at the extreme ends of the spectrum. Either “The Sky is Falling!” or the excellent “The uncertainty is being exacerbated by big players so they can capture more market share”.

    Most of us over here at openANX are in the middle of the spectrum. We understand volatility right now is not ideal, but we’ve seen this happen before. We are just continuing doing what we are supposed to be doing, working on the project, getting stuff done. Things will settle down, and it’s best we focus on delivering the best possible platform for our users. So, the answer to the question raised in the title of this post, is “not much.”

    Good luck out there! And remember to register before the 29th July to activate your tokens! It seems that a fair number of people are waiting until the last minute, so we are now advising for people to ensure they get their details inputted to the system by July 25th to ensure they are ready to go!

    Go to


    By Liam Bussell

  • openANX (OAX) A Peek into the International Community

    By Lewis Lin

    With registrations taking place and tokens soon to be activated, we wanted to continue our Community theme of posts and talk about you guys. We saw a diverse group of participants participating in the crowd sale, with backers from more than 32 countries world wide.

    We’ve seen how vibrant and enthusiastic OAX token owners have been. To get out and meet people, the openANX team held meet-ups for cryptocurrency enthusiasts in China, Singapore, and Korea. Approximately 35% of the participation came from the Chinese community (measured in terms of bandwidth). The Chinese participants are a positive and engaging group of people.

    However, China is not the only country with active members. As we can see from the Bitcointalk forum, the Russian announcement page has also been very active. Although the Russian contributors only consist of approximately 9% of the total participants (measured in terms of bandwidth), the Russian announcement page has 20% more views compared to our English announcement page. Many blogposts and videos were created by Russian supporters and their understanding about the openANX project is outstanding. Our Russian backers believe that the openANX team is hard working and they love the idea of our decentralized exchange system where you get to hold the keys to your own crypto. They believe that openANX has a bright future.

    In conclusion, the openANX project has seen great success in terms of diversity and the vast amount of OAX token holders. The community has been really supportive and believe in the ecosystem our team is hard at work creating and we hope to attend more events in the future to establish an even better relationship with our supporters.

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