Stellar Lumens (XLM) Release core v0.6.2

  • New Features

    • bumped the protocol version
    • added an option to turn on "invariant checks". These are conditions that if they ever occur mean there is a bug in the protocol or a widespread implementation so the network should halt until they can be fixed. This replaces PARANOID_MODE in the .cfg. It allows you to have stellar core check that the lumen balance in the system is correct and a few other things. (more info)[]. It is recommended you run stellar-core with these set to "true" until the load of the checks becomes an issue.
    • more extensive tests
    • add --base64 command line option
    • add --priv2pub command line option


    • hide database password from log
    • fixed several issues with how account data was cached for multiple operations during a single transaction
    • fix multiple merge issue that could generate lumens
    • fix issues with path payment that could destroy lumens
    • fix inflation bug that would calculate the wrong amount under rare circumstances


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