[ZEN] Zen cash mining pool | zenmine.pro | 0% fee | PPLNS

  • Dear friends,

    Welcome to our Zen cash Pool!


    FEE 0%, payment every 30 minutes, the minimum payment is 1 zen.

    The increased difficulty the work issued for the effective mining.
    Anonymous mining.
    DDOS protected servers.
    Real time PPLNS payout scheme.
    Ethereum miners supported (Claymore, Genoil and others.).
    Fast ping to Europe, USA, Asia.
    Stratum support.
    Efficient mining engine, low uncle rates.
    We pay all Ethereum rewards (Blocks & Fees).
    Detailed global and miner statistics.

  • The wallet can be received here: https://tradesatoshi.com

  • Geography of miners on https://zenmine.pro

  • https://zenmine.pro - Added price for calculation of profit

    Europe - eu.zenmine.pro:9009 
    Europe reserve - eu1.zenmine.pro:9009 
    Asia - asia.zenmine.pro:9009 
    Asia reserve - asia1.zenmine.pro:9009 
    USA - us.zenmine.pro:9009
    Europe - ssl://eu.zenmine.pro:9999 
    Europe reserve - ssl://eu1.zenmine.pro:9999 
    Asia - ssl://asia.zenmine.pro:9999 
    Asia reserve - ssl://asia1.zenmine.pro:9999 
    USA - ssl://us.zenmine.pro:9999

  •  Update on pool Zencash - https://zenmine.pro

    • Update nodes (EU,EU1,ASIA,ASIA1,USA) - Last stable release with fixes from developers
    • Added links to the Block Explorer Zencash for more information about transactions and blocks

  • Hello, I've been mining on this pool for about 13 hours, first payment was sent over 8 hours ago, yet it has not hit my swing wallet yet.   that should be plenty of time for all the required confirmations, so what's going on?

  • Also, the mine.pro group chat that is cited in the contacts link is non-existent.  is there a irc chat or any other means of connecting with support for this pool?

  • The dashboard is terribly sloooooow. It takes a minute plus to load the screen (I’m in Chicago and have 1GBPS connection). Every click action on screen takes a very very long time to respond.

    The telegraph / forum/ support / contact - is not available, no where to reach someone for help.

    Even when I give the miner names (wallet addr dot minername) for my rigs, all my rigs still showup as one miner. Dont know how to make it work.

    There is no notification on worker offline or slower hash rate.

    It will be nice if some of these are taken care of.

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