BitShares (BTS) Core Release 2.0.170531

  • This release contains several security fixes, as well as new features that improvement performance.

    • All Ubuntu nodes are recommended to upgrade to this release. Untested under other Operating Systems so far.
    • It's highly recommended to run a NTP daemon on the same server which will mitigate several issues.

    New features and changes

    • Added a partial-operations option to account_history plugin. RAM requirement is significantly reduced when this option is used with track-account option combined. Highly recommended for Witness nodes, seed nodes, Exchanges and other node operators which don't need to watch account history or only need to watch histories of a small set of accounts. (#289)
    • Added a get_relative_account_history command / API to CLI wallet. Very useful for accounts with large quantity of histories. (#277)
    • Added get_block_header_batch database API (#262)
    • Added get_account_history_operations node API for account_history plugin (#237)
    • Added new API sets: asset_api and block_api (#224, #225, #226)
    • Added is_public_key_registered database API and CLI command / API, added derive_owner_keys_from_brain_key CLI command / API (#235)
    • get_full_accounts API now returns force settlement orders, withdraw permissions and list of owned assets (#261, #232, #229)
    • get_market_history CLI command / API now returns the most recent data (#242)


    • Additional console log for already in use p2p port (#264)
    • Web socket now pushes less data by default. (#249)
    • Removed log of private keys in witness start (#236)

    Bug fixes

    • Fixed an issue that may cause the network to stale when a witness is misbehaving (#17)
    • Fixed an issue that may cause double spending when a witness is misbehaving
    • Fixed an issue that causes seed nodes to stop responding to new connections
    • Fixed a crash caused by DNS issues when the node is starting (#18)
    • Fixed a crash when the node is starting (#274)
    • Fixed a crash in get_ticker and get_24_volume API (#250, #255)
    • Fixed a memory leak issue (#257)
    • Fixed track-account option of account history plugin (#259)
    • Fixed several issues found in get_relative_account_history node API (#280, #281)

    Other changes

    • Updated default seed node list

    Other notes


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