The World's First Ever Legal-Services Offering Platform to Fight Cryptocurrency Related Scams and Frauds

  • Key Features

    Bitcoin Scam Fighters is a simple, effective and concise service that protects traders and investors from cryptocurrency fraud. This is achieved with two distinct methods: 
    ● Prevention – By allowing every user to report their experiences of cryptocurrency fraud, investors will be well-informed of which services they need to avoid. 
    ● Active Protection – When a user does experience cryptocurrency fraud or malpractice, we connect them with some of the finest legal firms available and set the wheels in motion for a solution. 
    With this system in place our users will see vastly-reduced risks to their investment portfolio, as will the market in general as fraudulent companies are starved of traders. 
    Our Mission
    Cryptocurrency exchanges aren’t regulated and are an easy operation for scammers to run. It’s not uncommon for a well-meaning person to have their funds taken from them under the guise of them being “withheld”. This wouldn’t stand today if we were dealing with USD, EUR or GBP and we don’t think it should stand for digital currencies either. 
    The problem is that when a user runs into one of these scam websites, it’s not easy for them to warn others of their experience and it’s not as easy to find a legal firm with experience dealing with cryptocurrencies to assist them. 
    As things currently stand, it’s all-too-easy for a scammer or unethical exchange to operate freely without repercussion, thanks to the anonymous nature of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Our mission is to put an end to this and put the power back in the hands of investors, traders and well-meaning cryptocurrency users. 
    Our Solution
    We’re combining several resources to create a one-stop solution for victims and would-be victims of unethical cryptocurrency practises. Our service utilises the power of our ever-growing community to instantly identify threats and eliminate them before they can claim more victims. 
    We’re connected to law firms across the globe and provide assistance, support and information to our users if they’ve been the victim of malpractice. This eliminates the problem of users contacting law firms with little-to-no experience in cryptocurrency cases, and, indeed, allows our law firms to further their expertise in the field. 
    As our company grows, we expect that our service will become second nature to many clients who are looking to verify the credibility of a new cryptocurrency exchange. With this in mind, we’ll be able to create a cleaner, more trustworthy cryptocurrency market. 
    Reducing The Market’s Risk
    Our service will lead to a better-informed cryptocurrency market, not just for our users but for the entire industry. As greater numbers of people begin to use our service, unethical sites and scammers will be “starved” of income and will be more likely to cease operations. 
    This will also allow for new, ethical exchanges to open and creates a more competitive market with more improved security. By collaborating with our members we’re able to protect people from unsafe, unfair and unethical exchanges in a matter of minutes.
    A safer market isn’t just better for business, it’s excellent news for traders, too. As cryptocurrency gains a better reputation, the value of the currency will also increase. We don’t just have the safety of cryptocurrency in mind, but also the guaranteed future of it. 
    Our service gives the everyday users of cryptocurrency the power to make it a more profitable, trustworthy platform every single day.

    A Collaborative Effort
    We don’t just rely on a small handful of staff to keep our users safe. Every single user has the ability to report their experience with an exchange and can spread the word to thousands of people in just a matter of minutes. Because of this system, scammers can effectively be starved of targets instantaneously. 
    The community nature of our service means nobody needs to be excluded from the benefits it offers. We’re committed to protecting as many people as possible through prevention and proactive steps against untrustworthy exchanges. 
    Our service is available worldwide, and this means that the collaborative updates will apply in real time; the reliability of an exchange can be updated more quickly than the value of the currency itself. 

    Legal Services
    We’re not just here to prevent cryptocurrency scams. We help users take action when nobody else will. As things currently stand, it’s incredibly difficult to take action against bitcoin fraud because of its anonymous nature. This isn’t helped by firms either refusing to deal with the case or taking weeks to respond – which is more than enough time for all traces of the scam to be wiped. 
    We have access to legal firms across the globe who are experienced in cryptocurrency matters and who are on standby to respond quickly and effectively against fraud. Our service puts fraud victims who might not know where to turn into direct contact with qualified professionals who can handle the case. 
    This collaboration between legal firms means we’re not restricted by borders between countries and have the ability to chase cases virtually anywhere in the world. 
    High Security
    Our platform uses state-of-the-art blockchain technology which gives individual ‘blocks’ of data a timestamp. This heavily reduces instances of fraud because it’s impossible to tamper with these timestamps. 
    Due to the nature of our service we put security and users’ privacy as our number one priority. This means that in addition to our blockchain technology, we keep data secure on our encrypted server. This means our data is more resistant to being intercepted and is worthless if stolen. 
    A Wealth of Experience
    Our community is ever-growing and adds more value to our service every single day. We’re well-known on social media and – at the time of writing – are nearing 20,000 likes on Facebook alone. These people are cryptocurrency users who represent an incredibly broad section of the market.
    Because we have people reporting their experiences with sellers and exchanges that are tied to their personal interests, we’re able to maintain the safety of cryptocurrency in virtually every industry. 

    An Example
    A bitcoin fraudster sets up an exchange narrowly targeted towards self-employed website owners, under the assumption that our blacklists will only detect large-scale fraud. One person falls victim to this scam and reports the exchange to us. 
    Now, in a matter of minutes, every single one of our users is aware of this exchange’s dangers and avoids it – the fraudster now receives next-to-no traffic on their website. Meanwhile we’re now assisting the victim of the fraud by putting them in touch with the relevant legal services so that they can recover their funds with minimal issues.
    This scenario is just one example of many that demonstrates how quick and effective our service can be. Our unique balance of support, action and security means we’ll be able to keep the unregulated cryptocurrency industry safe and take away the tools used by fraudsters. 

    More resources:

    We have applied to, and are currently waiting on a response from their designated company representative. For the moment, we have had communication and are in contact with Nertila and Gavin, from the Token Market Telegram Group.

    More information will be released soon.


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