DCORP (DRP) Democratizing Venture Capitalism Powerd By Ethereum

  • About DCORP

    DCORP is autonomous, decentralized and democratic. An organization that exists on blockchain as a series of smart-contracts. DCORP manages its own token (DRP) and the Ether it holds. Anyone can join DCORP as shareholder or talented contributer, anonymously through their Ethereum account. The shareholders are the collective owners of DCORP and decide on the business financials. The Board of Directors manage DCORP on a day-to-day basis, are elected and publicly known. All voting behavior is stored on the blockchain and thus made public. Talent is the key to successful projects and ventures. To attract and retain best talent in the market, DCORP practices competitive compensation for their efforts and periodic retainment bonuses in Ether.

    DCORP Mission

    Democratising Venture Capitalism

    - Attract talent

    Attract and retain the best and brightest talent of the crypto industry

    - Unlock potential

    Together unlock the full business potential of blockchain

    - First movers advantage

    Gain first mover advantage in a fast growing new economy

    Share holders & elected board members

    Shareholders The shareholders are the collective owners of DCORP. Anyone who owns one or more DCORP tokens is considered a shareholder (see also the section Shareholders and token acquisition).

    Board of Directors 

    The board of directors (B of D) is a group of seven elected individuals who represent the shareholders by making governance decision through a voting process (see also governance proposals B of D) and performing management tasks.

    Unlike shareholders, elected members of the B of D cannot choose to stay anonymous. Also, members of the B of D are expected to vote each time a B of D vote is called. A record of each B of D member’s voting behavior is stored in the blockchain and thus made public.
    In addition to making governance decisions on behalf of the shareholders, and in contrast with a traditional B of D, members perform management tasks. Management tasks do not require a voting round and may be performed by one board member. Management tasks include:

    Managing a fund (see also Funding proposals and funds). - Performing tasks outside of the blockchain environment, such as forum or website maintenance. B of D members are compensated in ETH. When management efforts of a B of D member result in profit, the managing member is also entitled to a share of that profit, for as long as the individual holds the position of B of D member. These agreements are recorded in the contract of a fund and are approved by the shareholders. Members of the B of D can be replaced by the shareholders through a voting process. A majority vote of the B of D can temporarily put a B of D member in a non-active state as a safety measure. While the non-active state is in force, the B of D member in question cannot perform management tasks. Also, the voting power of the non-active B of D member is temporarily forwarded to the founder.

    How it works From idea to profit

    • Submit an idea 

    A smart-contract business idea is described and discussed on the forum

    • Shareholders vote 

    Shareholders vote about the submitted proposal within a timeframe of seven days

    • Development

    A manager is assigned to the project, funds and code are released periodically

    • Proposal 

    Once sufficiant support is raised to fund the realization of an idea, a proposal is submited

    • Fund is deployed

    If the proposal was approved, a fund contract is automatically deployed on the blockchain

    • Product launch 

    The smart-contract product is released and profit is distributed as recorded in the contact

    DEP: Derivatives Exchange powered by Ethereum 

    Enabling investors and speculators with the financial tools they trust

    • Leverage 

     Revolutionary decentralized leverage solutions 

    •  Hedge 

     Decentralized smart-contract risk hedge products 

    • Options and Futures 

    Options and futures redefined for the blockchain

    More Details About DEP: Derivatives Exchange 

    The derivatives exchange exists on the Ethereum blockchain in the form of a series of smart contracts and allows participants to anonymously enter into a trustless option or future contract.
    Participants use the user-friendly interface, hosted on dcorp.it to interact with the exchange. A new derivative contract can be deployed quickly by the buying or supplying party.

    The exchange is decentralized, operates autonomous and its source is public so that anyone can review it at any time. Participants can safely send funds to a derivative contract because the contract is trusted as much as the Ethereum network is trusted. Derivative contracts are trustless and execute according to the immutable rules programmed into them. This means that the seller and buyer(s) do not need to know or trust each other and that there is no need for market makers, banks or other third parties.

    Roadmap Our milestones on a timeline June 2017 July 2017 Sept 2017 Oct 2017 Dec 2017 March 2018 April 2018 June 2018

    Roadmap :


    Release of Whitepaper

    DCORP releases it's whitepaper in English, Chinese and Russian.

    Start of crowdsale

    The DRP crowdsale starts in June, please see the periods graph above.


    End of crowdsale 

    The DRP crowdsale ends in July, please see the periods graph above.


    Sourcecode release

    In September 2017 DCORP releases the contract sourcecode for review by participants.



     In October 2017, the DCORP contract is deployed by means of a shareholders' vote.

     DRP token trade 

    The DRP token can can now be transfered and traded on exchanges for example.


    Forum release 

    In December 2017 the ASP powered forum is released so that proposals can be discussed. UI release The easy-to-use 

    UI is released 

    in order for everyone to be able to participate (submit proposals, vote, transfer tokens)


    Derivatives exchange 

    In March 2018 DCORP releases the derivatives exchanges' contract sourcecode for review by participants.


    In April 2018, the derivatives exchanges' contract is deployed.


    During the crowd sale period, DRP tokens can be acquired by transferring ETH into the creation contract (i.e. sending ETH to the address that will be published on dcorp.it along with clear instructions).
    Additionally clear instructions are provided to facilitate the use of BTC (Bitcoin) to buy DRP tokens.
    The crowd sale period will last for 29 days.

    DRP crowdsale periods

    Please follow the instructions below to join safely


    Send Ether to this address in order to directly receive DRP. This crowdsale is a smart-contract itself, your DRP tokens will automatically be linked to the Ether address you send from. Please do not send Ether from an exchange directly. Step by step instructions are provided for using Mist or Chrome to connect to the Ethereum network


    Decentralized secure crowdsale

    This crowdsale is decentralized and does not rely on any third-party. In order to guarantuee
    a safe and fair crowdsale the only accepted currency is Ether.

    Use Ether (ETH)

    Choose this unless you want to invest Bitcoin

    In order to participate safely you need to connect to the ethereum network. The safest way to connect is through Mist as described on ethereum.org

    Connect to the Ethereum network through Chrome and MetaMask without the need to download the whole blockchain. Using this option is the fastest.

    Mist logo

    Connect with Mist

    Secure option requires blockchain download

    Use Mist:

    Connect with Chrome

    Fast option relies on third party software

    Chrome logo

    Use Chrome:

    Step 1

    Once you've setup your Mist, MyEtherWallet or MetaMask environment, send the amount of Ether you want to participate with to the crowdsale smart-contract at 0xD42433A8a0A1CEB73c8ff4e432463e2ee109039d.

    Note that any wallet with support for ERC20 tokens should work, contact us if you're not sure.

    Step 2

    Check your DRP balance by entering your Ether address below (give it a couple of minutes)


    Install Mist:

    Install Chrome & MetaMask:

    Deposit Altcoin & BItcoin:

    White paper:


    Branding downloads (.zip)

    Socail Links:











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