How to be part in Beth ICO

    1. In order to invest in Beth ICO, please register using the link:

    1.5 In “Account Address” section you need to add your ETH wallet for receive the tokens. We recommend using

    2. After the registration, choose “Participate” in your personal account, and in the appeared window you’ll find instructions for investing with Bitcoin or Ethereum.

    3. Send bitcoins/ethereum to the specified address.

    3.5 You can only send one transaction per order. If you want to do a new investment, you need to generate a new order.

    4. Everyone who invests during the first day (June 5) will get 30% bonus. On the second day the bonus will decline to 25%. After that 10% from Day 3-7.

    5. At the end of the ICO, you’ll be able to transfer your Beth Tokens to your wallet or list them on the exchange.

    We are selling the total supply (20,000,000 Beth Tokens -BTH- at 0,50 USD each one). So, the maximum amount of fund raising is limited to 10M, after reaching the value, Beth ICO will be stopped.

    For participation in the ICO, please register using a link: When the ICO starts you will be able to invest here:

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