Radium Update #32 — Radium SmartChain & Javascript

  • We would like to share some of the things we have been working on behind the scenes.

    SmartChain Technical Update

    Justin has been recently working on integrating blockchain voting into the SmartChain software. We think this can have countless applications and we will actively be using this for consensus critical governance related issues.

    We would also like to remind the community of some of the other features we would like to add to the next SmartChain version.

    • Editable Identities: Occasionally, the information in an identity may need to be updated, be it an email, a website or perhaps an address. The option to edit some parts of an established identity and the corresponding GUI is mostly complete, but still needs testing.

    • Contracts: Multi-Party signable contracts will allow two or more individuals to sign contracts or agreements and have the evidence of such placed in the blockchain. The GUI and code for this is nearly complete, however some additional testing is required.

    • Multi-Language Support: The next version of the SmartChain will include multi-language in a variety of languages.

    • One Click Verify: The legacy implementation of One Click Verify will be overhauled and updated. One Click Verify is a windows plugin that allows a user to verify the signature of any file, from the windows right click context menu, without needing to launch the full SmartChain GUI.

    Radium Core Technical Update

    As we mentioned in our Radium Update #30, following the release of Radium Core v1.4.6 we would start working on some web services and specifically a client side web wallet. One of the core components that will allow us to do this has now been ported over from bitcoin. Specifically we converted the well known javascript library, bitcore-lib to Radium. You can see our github here. This has a wide range of web applications and we encourage developers to make full use of it. The package is registered on NPM and you can install it by adding it as a dependency in the package.json of your app or by using the command

    npm install radium-lib

    We will soon also be working on converting the insight API to Radium as well which will allow us to provide more advanced web node features. More details on this soon.

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