BitShares Core Pre Release 2.0.170606

  • This release is mainly for Windows full node users and public API service providers or similar businesses / users who need to track recent activities of all accounts. It's optional for witnesses, seed nodes and other users.

    NOTE: It's REQUIRED to run a NTP daemon on the same server which will mitigate several issues.

    New features and changes

    • Added a max-ops-per-account option to account_history plugin, when set, only at most that number of history entries per account will be kept in memory. Set it to 0 to store no history. Set it to a big number to keep all history. If partial-operations option is set to true at the same time, old operation_history_object data (1.11.x) will be removed from memory as well, which will save a lot of RAM. Changing of these parameters need a replay to take effect.

      This is recommended for public API service providers. Set these options in config.ini, then restart witness_node with --replay-blockchain:

      max-ops-per-account = 1000
      partial-operations = true
    • Added a removed_ops field to account_statistics_object to track number of entries removed; behavior of total_ops field didn't change.

    • Fixed Windows build.

    Known issues

    • get_relative_account_history command / API in cli_wallet may return incorrect data when limit is greater than 100 and start is too big. (see #298)
    • As of writing, the Windows binaries attached to this release are built without readline support, so cli_wallet.exe lack of some features, for example tab completion and Ctrl-D termination.

    Other notes

    • Future GUI releases will be published under only.
    • SHA256 checksum of attached binary is 0a96598b1020daca5987558bfc998f3663c7e4188cdf0a1abac779253ac33635


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