Radium Update #33 — Radium Retail Partnership

  • We are very happy to announce a new retail partnership! Through our listing on LiteBit.eu we are now accepted at the House of Blue Jeans in the Netherlands. They are one of the leaders in advanced retail management with a full beta of the Omnichannel retail system. There is also a webshop available for you to purchase high quality clothing using Radium. We hope to continue expanding the uses of Radium beyond that of the Radium SmartChain and allow users to purchase goods in exchange for Radium.

    The House of Blue Jeans has kindly offered us a discount code for users that want to purchase clothing with Radium.

    The discount code (15% off) is: Rads

    We will be updating our developer timetable in our next blog post due to
    unforeseen (positive) developments. Stay tuned to find out more in our
    next blog post!

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