Wings DAO—Bancor Network Q & A

  • This is from an AMA by the wings and bancor teams

    Q. What is Bancor opinion towards WINGS? A. WINGS is doing some revolutionary work, which is why Bancor is so keen to partner with the platform. The ability for a meta community to be able to vote on and support the projects they like is another layer of added value to projects built on Bancor.

    Q. How will WINGS and Bancor exactly cooperate after launch? A. There will be an option on the WINGS platform to create either a regular ETH token or Bancor Smart Token when starting a project.

    Q. Will BNT get listed on any exchange? A. It is not a priority to be listed on any exchanges as the platform does price discovery and exchanges without a second party. However this doesn't prohibit BNT from being listed, and eventually someone will list it.

    Q. Has the ETH cap already been decided or will it be informed by the WINGS valuation. How can the public know it is not a moving target after the first hour? A. The cap has been set. It is built into the initial token contract which isn't changed once set.

    Q. Do You think bancor can be mainstream like fiat in longterm? A. The intention of BNT specifically is to provide the glue that links all of the other currencies together. Smart tokens built on top of Bancor would be what is replacing fiat (many many tokens) in the Bancor model.

    Q. Do you plan to have chat integration or other social features for users to communicate within bancor itself? A. In the first version there is a discussion board for each Smart Token that acts similarly to a forum. More functionality will be built in as indicated by the communities over time.

    Q. How will the outcome of the Wings DAO Valuation affect the actual Bancor fundraiser? To my knowledge the price (100BNT for 1ETH) is already set and the (hidden) cap is also already set. A. The cap for Bancor is already set, but the team is excited to learn how the WINGS community feels about the valuation of the project - even if it doesn't necessarily directly impact the actual token launch.



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