Ubiq - Introducing Pyrus — Open-Source & Client-Side Ubiq Wallet

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    We are pleased to announce that Pyrus has completed its final round of community beta testing and is now being launched to all users. You can bookmark and access Pyrus at the following URL:


    Pyrus is a re-branded fork of the My Ether Wallet (MEW) code, with modifications to support the Ubiq blockchain natively.

    For those unfamiliar with MEW, it is a wallet service which is completely client-side. What this means is that the website, when run from the website itself or locally, never saves/transmits/retains a copy of the private keys being used. All usage of the keys is handled within your browser. This provides a high level of security and keeps you in control of your coins and keys at all times.

    Pyrus also offers a level of convenience that cannot be found in a full-node type wallet like the command line, Gubiq, or the graphical interface, Fusion. No chain synchronization is required, as all operations are fed to either the Pyrus node (run by the dev team) or a custom node of your choosing. The custom node can be your node, your buddy’s node, or any other node which accepts remote calls. Full nodes which fully validate blocks and smart contract execution is still a good thing, however, to keep the network decentralized and healthy overall.

    We are able to live update the web instance of Pyrus if there are necessary changes and Pyrus also comes with support for the Ubiq tokens Qwark (QWARK) and APX Ventures (APX).

    Sample wallet showing UBQ and token APX and QWARK balances

    With the development of Pyrus completed, one of the three steps to complete integration with Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue hardware wallets are complete. The steps are as follows:

    1. Complete a fork of MEW (This is Pyrus, and that’s where we are today)
    2. Complete a fork of the Ledger Nano S/Ledger Blue Google Chrome App
    3. Submit Chrome App fork and a fee to Ledger for review, verification, and integration into hardware wallets

    Once completed this will allow UBQ users, and users of any tokens currently on UBQ or on UBQ in the future, to store their coins in the highly secure hardware wallets that Ledger offers. This has been a often-requested feature from the UBQ community and we are happy to deliver on this promise in the near future.

    During the course of community beta testing multiple minor bugs were found and corrected by members of the community and the development team alike.

    We have placed a donation address at the bottom of the page. One is for the MEW team themselves for providing such a wonderful platform that was so good we decided to fork it. We would like to thank them greatly for building such a solid tool and making it open source. The other address is for the Ubiq development team themselves. Should you choose to donate, please ensure you pick the correct address by reading the label to the left of the donation address.

    Community members @angellox and @axiom along with @ubbiq-8 all worked together to re-brand the website, create a new logo, and generate new paper wallet graphics. Let us know what you think about the site in Ubiq green!

    An example paper wallet (for demonstration purposes only)

    Ubiq is a blockchain platform which allows the creation and implementation of smart contracts and decentralized applications. Built upon a modified Ethereum codebase, Ubiq adds consensus level changes in the form of new code. Ubiq acts as a large globally distributed ledger and supercomputer, which allows developers to create decentralized and automated solutions to thousands of tasks which today are carried out by third party intermediaries. The Ubiq development team is committed to providing the most stable, flexible and bug-free platform available for the development of enterprise applications.

    Ubiq carries forward 3 years of value, growth and development from the JBS network. It is Fair Launch cryptocurrency with zero premine or ICO, and is traded on Bittrex and Cryptopia.   Find out more information at Ubiqsmart.com. Sign up to Ubiq Slack to be a part of a growing community of over 2,300 crypto enthusiasts and Ubiq fans!   Follow @UbiqSmart on Twitter for all the latest news and announcements!

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