Siacoin 1.0 Update: June 28th Release with Graphical UI

  • We've decided as a team to delay the 1.0 release until June 28th, for two primary reasons.

    ( 1 ) We want the 1.0 release to have a GUI.

    ( 2 ) We want the 1.0 release to have a wallet that unlocks instantly instead of taking 5+ minutes.

    For this reason, 1.0 is being delayed, but will be released with both of those features in place. In addition, we should be able to get a number of wallet recovery and consolidation features polished which currently only have weak support.

    For developers waiting for a stable API, we plan on having a stable API sooner than June 28th, perhaps as early as June 14th. We appreciate your patience as we take the time to make sure things are done correctly.

    v0.6.1 is almost complete, there is a bug that needs to be fixed before we can create the RC, but the first release candidate should be available early next week. The primary feature in v0.6.1 is renter renewing, however we've also fixed a few bugs, fixed a security vulnerability, and made a small number of user experience improvements.

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